The Alcane Set - An exploration of the tensions and synergies of the rational and the emotional.

Intricately detailed geometric structures sit, shining and reflecting the worlds they create, but within these worlds exists another entity; fluid, organic, unpredictable, exploding through the structures then wrapping, encompassing… The Alcane Set appears to explore the juxtaposition of two distinct elements; one of seemingly premeditated design, the other an uncontrollable fluid accident. But which came first, which is superior, is this conflict or a dependency, a dichotomy or a union, or a more complex attempt at interpreting the embodied tensions and synergies between the rational and the emotional? The Alcane Set is situated in the Disciple Studio on Grosvenor Way, East London. The show is open from the 2nd of September 2011 through to the 5th, 10am – 5pm. Private view Friday the 2nd of September at 6pm.

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