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Logical Reasoning Directions : Each questions contains six statements followed by four sets of combinations of three. Choose the set related. in which the combinations are logically


A. All vegetarians eat meat. carnivorous.

B. All those who eat meat are not vegetarians. D. All vegetarians are are

C. All those who eat meat are herbivorous. E. All those who eat meat are carnivorous. herbivorous. (a) BCE (b) ABE (c) ACD B.

F. Vegetarians (d) ACF All roses have nectar.


A. All roses have thorns. E. (a) BEF

C. All plants with nectar have thorns. D. All shrubs have roses All shrubs have nectar. (b) BCF (c) BDE B. (d) ACF Some seasons are springs.


A. No spring is a season. C. Some seasons are autumns. E. Some springs are not autumns. (a) DFA (b) BEF

D. No seasons are autumns. (c) CEB D. (c) DEF B. D. (c) BEF B. D. (c) ABD (d) DEB All birds are yellow. (d) BCA Some springs are hooks. Some hooks are not wires (d) AEF all abra are cabra All dabra are not abra (d) BCE


A. All falcons fly high. C. All falcons are birds. E. All birds are thirsty (a) ABC (b) BCF

B. All falcons are blind.


A. No wires are hooks. C. All springs are wires. E. No hook is a spring (a) AED (b) BCF


A. Some abra are dabra. C. All dabra are abra D. E. Some cabra are abra (a) AEF (b) BCF


A. No plane is a chain C. No mane is a plane E. Some planes are manes (a) ACD (b) ADF

B. All manes are chains D. Some manes are plane (c) ACD (d) BEF


A. Some building are not skyscrapers B. Some skyscrapers are not buildings. C. No structure is a sky scrapper E. Some skyscrapers are building (a) ACE (b) BDF D. All skyscrapers are structure F. Some structure are not building (c) FDA (d) ACF


All bad things are men. All witches are devils. Some jingoes are not tingoes. (c) ABF D. (d) BDA B. Some devils are nasty. (a) ABC (b) CEF B. 10. E. Some pins are used for tin. B. An ostrich is a bird. No witch is nasty. All wood is paper. Some men are bad. Some dubbles are bubbles. E. D. No jingo is a tingo. (a) ABC (b) ACB F. (c) BDA B. C. E. E. C. Some who are rubbles are not bubbles. All birds lay eggs. (c) DEC B. (d) BCE No bright Toms are Dicks. F. All copper is used for pins. (c) CDA D. C. A. Some sad things are men. (a) BCD (b) CDA 13. (a) AFE (b) BCF 11. None who is rubbles is dubbles. A. Some bingoes are not tingoes. (c) ABC (d) BDF B. Some copper is used for tin. A. No Tom is a Dick. All wood is good. F. A. 12. C. A. An ostrich cannot swim. (d) ECB B. Some tingoes are jingoes. All witches are nasty. Some Dicks are bright. No Dick is a Tom. Some pins are made of tin. Some nasty are devils. D. You are to mark the option in which the statements are most logically related. (a) BED (b) BDF -2- . All bad things are sad. All Toms are bright. (c) DEC (d) ABE An ostrich cannot fly. All tin is made of copper. (a) ACF (b) DEF B. Some Toms are Dicks. Directions : Given below are six statements followed by sets of three. Some paper is wood. F. E. 14. All dubbles are rubbles. A. All paper is good. C. E. Some tin is copper. C. Some D. D. Some sad things are bad. You have to choose that set in which the statements are logically related. (a) ABC (b) BEF D. An ostrich lays eggs. Some birds can fly. D. A. All that is good is wood. Some bubbles are not dubbles. (c) FAB (d) FBA 15.Syllogisms Directions : Each of the questions contains six statements followed by four sets of combinations of three. F. No tingo is a bingo. bubbles. 9. F. E. (c) DFA (d) CDA All devils are nasty. (d) FEC All jingoes are bingoes. C. E. Some paper is good. dubbles are not F. All men are sad. A. C. F. (a) BEA (b) ABE 16.

B. F. All mostquitoes are flies. F. Some ten is four. 18. All sandal is band. C. E. A. Some sand is band. C. 24. Oranges are sweet. Some five is ten. (d) CEA All life is strife. Some tricks are not bricks. D. D. Six is five. (b) FCB (c) ABF (d) BDE B. No woman is a prude. Some sweets are apples. Some twelve is five. (a) ADE (b) ABC 22. Some that are shrieks are bricks. All wife is strife. All owls are mosquitoes. boys. (d) EDC Rich girls want to marry rich Some band is sandal. E. A.Syllogisms 17. All tricks are shrieks. F. Some crows are flies. D. E. Rich boys want to marry poor girls. Poor girls want to marry rich boys. Bats are viviparous. (c) AEF B. No mother is a nurse. No band is sand. (c) FBA No bat is a bird. D. (a) BCA (b) AFE 19. A. No tricks are shrieks. A. Some mosquitoes are not owls (c) ADE B. Rich boys want to marry rich girls. C. E. C. (a) ADC (b) ABE B. D. A. (d) AFC F. (a) EAC (b) BCD B. All band is sand. You have to choose that set in which the third statement logically follows from the first two. Poor girls want to marry rich girls. Some nurse are women. C. Some oranges are apples. Some nurses like to work. (a) ADE (b) ABC (c) BCD (d) DEF Directions : Each of the following questions contains six statements followed by four sets of combinations of three. (d) BEF All oranges are apples. C. A. E. C. (c) DEC B. All mammals are viviparous. All that is wife is life. D. E. Some owls are flies. A. All women like to work. F. Some six is twelve. A. (a) ABE (b) CED 25. Some tricks are shrieks. F. Some prude are nurses. No bird is a mammal. All bricks are tricks. No wife is a life. -3- . All bats are mammals. No sand is sandal. Some flies are mosquitoes. Poor girls want to marry poor girls. C. C. No bird is viviparous. No wife is strife. Some wife is strife. D. E. F. (d) EDB Five is not four. (c) FEB B. E. 20. A. 23. (a) BEF D. (c) ABC (d) EDC B. (a) ABC (b) CEF 21. F. D.

Some fat are elongated. C. No Z is Y. No teeth are yellow. (a) A only (b) B only (c) C only (c) D only 31. No X is Y. Water is good for health. All Americans bombard. A. (a) ACB (b) FED B. Sheep sleep in doors. Both. Something are weak. No faith is strong. 27. Some Sonas are crazy. Dogs sleep in the open. Health food are rare. (a) A and D (b) C only (c) D only (d) None of these 29. No faith has biceps. F. Idiots are bumblers. All windows are open. No German can fire. Some dogs are not sheep. Every man has a wife. (d) None of these B. C. A. D. C. Only strong have biceps. Some feet are heads. Zens are Marutis. All cycles are men. 28. No X is Z. Marutis are Opels. All Ts are squares. E. (c) BCA (d) EFC 26. Opels are stable. Some Xs are Ys. Some elongated things are huge. Some weak are strong. All sweets are sour. Choose the set in which the third statement is a logically conclusion of the first two. All moon is white. Some Ps are Ys. All girls have teeth. Some bright crazy. B and C 30. All squares are rectangular. Some icicles are cycles. A. No. sun is not white. D. A. (a) DAC F. E. All moon is sun. Some fat are huge. C. B. (a) AFE (b) DCA Directions : Each question contains four arguments of three sentences each. No hand is foot. (a) A. B. D. Idiots fumble. D. A. No girls are yellow. Water is rare. All wives are devoted. Marutis are fragile. Some open are not sheep. All Sonas are bright. Dogs are like sheep. B. A. Germans are Americans can fight. Bumblers fumble. F. Zens are fragile. All men are weak. (a) D only All of these (b) C only (c) Both A and C (c) -4- . (b) CDA Some apples are sour. All window is closed space. Some Xs are Ps. Opels are fragile. No open space is allocated. C. Some hands are heads. Some icicles are men. B and C and D (b) A and B (c) C and B (d) A.Syllogisms E. C. (c) CEA D. All Ts are rectangular. D. No devoted has a husband. (c) ABE (d) ABC All indoors are sheep. B.

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