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Presentation Ron Water Meyer

Presentation Ron Water Meyer

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Published by: Gordon Rudman on Oct 05, 2011
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New SANS 10400 – impact on industry and professionals

Ron Watermeyer
Soderlund and Schutte


National Building Regulations
• • first published in 1988 revised in 1990

last amended 1993 (very minor amendment)

SABS 0400: The application of National Building Regulations (deemed to satisfy provisions) • first published in 1988

second edition published in 1990

South Africa regulates currently buildings in 2008 using 1970 / early 1980 thinking ! Has there been no Floppy disk progress in the building (mid 1970s) industry during the last 18 years? Stiffie disk Have the regulations been effective? Pretoria shopping mall collapses -1996 CD Memory stick -2001 16 October 2008 -2004 .

Building regulations and the interpretation thereof have not been significantly amended since 1990 Cant use 1980 thinking in 2008! What has changed? • • • • Apartheid system abandoned Local authorities completely restructured NHBRC has come into being Population has doubled • • Building control and systems more complex Innovative and new building systems have been introduced Societal expectations have also changed .

CONSTITUTIONAL PROVISIONS Section 24 of the Bill of Rights contained in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa states that “everyone has the right to an environment that is not harmful to their health or well-being”. the buildings in which we live. is an integral part our environment and. needs to be safe. .e. Our modern habitat i. as such.

Recent amendments to National Building Regulations • • Text cleaned up and updated Greater clarity and efficacy regarding the performance based regulatory framework • • • • Procedures surrounding appointment of competent persons improved Transitional measures New issues addressed: contaminated land dolomite land • geotechnical site investigations Amended regulations published in Government Gazette on 30 May 2008 .don’t address universal accessibility or environmental sustainability .

and continue with the current regulations and version of SANS 10400 provided that the application is made within 12 months of the local authority accepting that work has commenced Note: New regulations are effective from 1 October 2008 Third edition of SANS 10400 still to be published .Amendments to National Building Regulations and SANS 10400 Regulation A2(6) Where design work has commenced before an amendment in regulation or an amendment to SANS 10400 and an application has not been made an owner may within 6 months • • notify the local authority accordingly.

PERFORMANCE BASED REGULATIONS Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 GOAL FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS EVALUATION By application of Level 4 deemed-to-satisfy design and construction rules By testing By application of and / or well established assessment engineering principles By expert opinion and judgment .

or predicting with certainty. and new (b) satisfying all functional regulations by: (i) adopting building solutions that comply with the requirements of the relevant part of SANS 10400. .4 Complying with the requirements of the National Building Regulations The requirements of the National Building Regulations shall be complied with by: (a) adhering to the requirements of all the prescriptive regulations. or (ii) reliably demonstrating.AZ. that an adopted building solution has an equivalent or superior performance to a solution that complies with the requirements of the relevant part of SANS 10400. to the satisfaction of the appropriate local authority.

3rd edition By expert opinion and judgment By application of Level 4 deemed-to-satisfy design and construction rules SANS 10400.Level 1 Level 2 GOAL Act NBRs FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS Level 3 PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS EVALUATION SANS 10400.3rd edition plus SANS 2001 By testing By application of and / or well established assessment engineering principles Competent person Note: SABS 0400 focused on deemed-to-satisfy design rules .

Building Control Officers or Proof Engineers review the work of professionals for compliance with building ordinances or codes e. and USA entry level admission to a profession is insufficient to deem a person competent to perform structural design . Hong Kong. in the UK. training. A “competent persons” is encountered where professionals self certify their work for compliance with requirements A scan of international practice is that the Canada. experience and contextual knowledge to make a determination regarding the performance of a building or part thereof in relation to a functional regulation In many jurisdictions.g.Competent person a person who is qualified by virtue of his education. Scotland.

Competent person Amended regulations require competent person to • • have PI unless an employee of the owner be professionally registered in terms of the Engineering Professions Act. the Architectural Professions Act or the Natural Scientific Professions Act be adequtately qualified and have sufficient contextual experience to perform assigned tasks not be under investigation by a disciplinary tribunal of a statutory council • • NBRs look to SANS 10400 to further define a competent person The safety of South Africa’s buildings hinge on the competence and integrity of those entrusted to self certify compliance with the national building regulations .

medium or high) - Site sensitivity in environmental or heritage terms (low. Agrément certification.Applications to local authorities (Regulation A2): Applications must be accompanied by a declaration by a person registered in terms of a built environment professions council as to how the applicable functional regulations are to be satisfied Declaration Indicates Complexity of the project (low. competent person. medium. high) The precise manner in which each and every applicable functional regulation will be satisfied (rules. alternative design) Lists all appointments of competent persons that are to be made .

New structure of SANS 10400 Part A Pages Part General principles 87 and requirements M Stairways Pages 13 B C D F G H J K L Structural design Dimensions Public safety Site operations Excavations Foundations Floors Walls Roofs 37 13 9 15 12 58 16 95 49 N O P Q R S T V W Glazing Lighting and ventilation Drainage Non-water-born means of sanitary disposal Stormwater disposal Facilities for persons with disabilities Fire protection Space heating Fire installation 18 24 63 20 13 52 89 9 16 Updated Fundamentally rewritten Substantial new content .

SANS 2001: Construction standards (construction rules) SANS 2001-CG1 Installation of glazing in window and door frames SANS 2001-CC1 Concrete works (structural) SANS 2001-CC2 Concrete works (minor works) SANS 2001-CM1 Masonry walling SANS 2001-CM2 Strip footings. pad footings and slab-on-the ground foundations for masonry walling SANS 2001-CT1 Structural timberwork (flooring) SANS 2001-CT2 Structural timberwork (roofing) SANS 2001-DP2 Medium Pressure Pipelines SANS 2001-DP6 Below Ground Water Installations for Buildings SANS 2001-DP7 Sewers for Buildings SANS 2001-EM1 Cement plaster .

Bracing details Wall column fixing Standard details Shelf anchor details .

Two performance levels category 1 building building which a) is designated as being of class A3 (Place of instruction) A4 Worship). F2 (Small shop). or H4 (Dwelling house) occupancy b) c) has no basements. and has a floor area that does not exceed 80 m² d) Category 1 buildings may perform differently . H3 (Domestic residence). H2 (Dormitory).0 m between intersecting walls or members providing lateral support. has a maximum length of 6. G1 (Offices).

Tensions associated with standards development Owners / developers don’t want to pay anything more standard Academics wish to get things technically correct Practioners want something simple and quick to apply .

Impact on industry Amended NBRs and revised SANS 10400 provide • construction standards and standard details around which curricula. qualifications and training courses may be developed • a more flexible approach which facilitates innovation and the introduction of new technologies • greater certainty regarding the acceptability of products .

consistent and equitable approach to the interpretation of NBRS provide safer buildings which are likely to have improved performance in use • • • provide more affordable basic buildings (category 1 buildings) require the appointment of a registered person to prepare applications to local authority provide a better idea regarding the profile of competent persons that are appointed and recourse to their professional indemnity insurance provide a more effective recourse against a registered person • .Impact on owners and users Amended NBRs and revised SANS 10400 • • provide a more transparent.

Impact on professionals Amended NBRs and revised SANS 10400 • provide a clear framework within which professionals may practice their profession • • provides a level playing field provides construction standards or requires professionals to specify construction requirements • allows professionals to market themselves as competent persons capable of providing specific services Professionals will need to invest time in becoming familiar with new standards .

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