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Dr. Willy Holmes-Spoelder 's GOOGLE PROFILE,, Updated 5th October 2011

Dr. Willy Holmes-Spoelder 's GOOGLE PROFILE,, Updated 5th October 2011

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My updated GOOGLE profile, now, 5th October, 2011 with the most recent developments professionally (99%), personally (1%) = ELEA my youngest granddaughter, born 13.9.2010
My updated GOOGLE profile, now, 5th October, 2011 with the most recent developments professionally (99%), personally (1%) = ELEA my youngest granddaughter, born 13.9.2010

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Published by: Dr.Willy Holmes-Spoelder on Oct 05, 2011
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Willy Holmes-Spoelder - Google Profile

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Willy Holmes-Spoelder
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Willy Holmes-Spoelder
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As a Dutch National I am residing in Southern Turkey since 1996 in the ancient valley Kaya Köyü, 12 km away from the nearest small town Fethiye. Prior to my arrival from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where I was born, raised and educated I had a career in the International Marketplace, representing Hong Kong, responsible for its external Trade Promotion in the Benelux. In 1988 I exchanged that stressful existence for a completely different occupation and lifestyle, and began studying several Alternative Medicine Systems and Techniques AVAILABLE in those earlier days of my career. As soon as I had received my certifications (1991-2-3) I registered myself as an Antiaging-Health-Lifestyle Practitioner, and opened my own clinic in Amsterdam,The Netherlands. I never looked back and have continued on this chosen track with great happiness and gratitude. With these skills, techniques and testing materials I am able to test bodily functions, diagnose, correct dysfunctions and give sound advise. They remain the core of my professional approach as a Health Practitioner with 1 one-on-one session lasting about 90 minutes. Note. A client is *live* material responding to light, tones, vibrations and not 1 day in 1 individual's life can be considered equal to one or more previous days. The challenge remains: how can I assist one or more clients best to IMPROVE their OWN personal wellness, give them the maximum WITHOUT the least bother for the client to continue with for a certain period of time. I have just celebrated my 20th Anniversary (1991-2011) as such a Health Practitioner. My own personal development, also as *life material* enables

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Willy Holmes-Spoelder - Google Profile

me to achieve better, faster results, i.e. I am busy REJUVENATING myself, my own cells, LEARNING, observing how that works (and FEELS). It works, it is happening within me. In addition to actually *looking* much younger than I am: only !! what I myself consider REAL antiaging (in my cells) is for me THE PROOF that what I am doing WORKS. My most recent *pets* to work with are: autogenics balancing, meditation, hypnotherapy and BWE (Brain Wave Entrainment). These together with what I already do work with, such as: *Orthomolecular Medicine & Nutrition - Nobel Laureate Prof. Dr. Linus Pauling. *Micro Elementary Medicine - Prof. Dr. Charles Beijns, radioactive contamination expert. * Herbs & Spices, our planet's most basic, purest, most up-todate medicine. * T*H*E* essential oils, GOD's gift to mankind * BACH (mind-body) balancing essences, created by Dr.Edward Bach. *Music, Scents. Great tools to assist the Nervous Systems to do better work * Homeopathy, classical according to founder Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. * Ayurvedic Medicine, the 5000 year Indian expertise and 2nd to none. * Reflexology (Hands & Feet). an amazing method with fast, great DETOXING results *The Bio-chemical Cellsalts according to founder Dr. Wilhelm Schuessler FOOD, easily digestable reaching cellular tissues therefore very quickly. are my 24/7 JOY. The skills and techniques to diagnose, correct and balance clients are: * Applied & ADVANCED Applied Kinesiology. Dr. George Goodheart and Dr. Sheldon Deal respectively. *Touch-for-Health*, Dr. John Thie. *Behavioral Kinesiology, Dr. John Diamond. I have been using these since 1987 as a student, trainee, and from 1991 onwards as a certified, licensed therapist. They actually saved my life during a freak accident when I did not get the normal *911* emergency aid I should have had. I am the mother of two wonderful children: Nicole and Alexander, a grandmother of 4 very special grandchildren: Ruby, Saana, Joshua and the newest addition Elea. They are my present and future priority to take care of METAPHYSICALLY. From 2-2006 onwards with Wi-fi Internet finally available where I live, life has become so much more fun and interesting through the 24/7 access to the latest, best global news and information enabling me to do, achieve and continue learning, studying, researching. I enrolled and continue to enroll in online courses and educational programmes, which is a lot of fun. I qualified myself as a Metaphysician, as a Numerologist, a Usui

https://profiles.google.com/emofree.ws#emofree.ws/about/edit/d[05.10.2011 16:34:42]

Willy Holmes-Spoelder - Google Profile

Reiki Master, an NLP practitioner, and obtained a Master Life Coach certification. Lastly, I familiarized myself - in depth - with the more recent available *energy therapies* such as TFT, EFT, TAT and many more cousins, nieces & nephews that came into existence since I was trained, educated and certified over 20 years ago in my field. Then I decided: not for me as a client myself nor as a therapist. I prefer my methods which take the entire person into consideration and in great detail. Years and years of PRACTICAL experience and being 100% up-to-date with NEW scientific research I automatically share with clients free-ofcharge as an added value. My web-residence is: www.twitter.com/emofreeze There www.bit.ly/nEebL takes the reader to this, my Google profile, and other links with more and different information. I *share* and I try to write some words myself about issues, current affairs and topics I feel enthousistic about. BIO update : Wednesday 5th October, 2011 - midday. Done by Dr. Willy Holmes-Spoelder

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not applicable present *Normal* post-WW2 compulsory education, Amsterdam,The Netherlands

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Turkey Amsterdam, The N… I have been a prof…


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Willy Holmes-Spoelder - Google Profile

48301 Fethiye - MUĞLA - Turkey
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