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HELI-SUPPORT MANUAL GEOPHYSICAL EXPLORATION John Samp 28058 Hooyer Road, Apt. 5 ‘Warren, Michigan 48093 ne WS AL Gram Geophysical do Brasil Lida. DarciMatos Av. Rio Branco, 122-5 Andar Rio de Janeiro - RJ CEP: 20041-001-Brazil Tel: $5-21-215-0626 Fax: 55-21-852-6943 Table of Contents: i Table of Contents ii, Heli-Base Support Web Site Categories (Note: Suppliers cam be located/accessed at: www ) 1. Outline of steps involved in setting up Helicopter seismic operations 2. Fuel systems 3. Refucling information 4. Problem areas 5. S.A.R. (Search and Rescue), Flight Following procedures, Night Medivac 6. — Helipads (Guidelines for Heli-Base Construction) 7. Various Helicopter dimensions, weights, and performance characteristics 8. Cargo carriage internal/external 9. . Helicopter Contract Samples: Operator/Company Responsibilities, Aircraft and Equipment description; Crew requirements and limitations 10. Checklist for Spot Inspection of Heli-Base by Management 11. Helicopter Safety, Long-Line Seismic Operations Reference Publications E & P Forum, Aviation Management Guide ICAO ANNEXES FAA FAR’S Manual by John Samp, Heli-Base, Heli-Support Manual 16 October 2000