If the subject is singular, the verb should be singular. If the subject is

Singul ar

Mang Ato is a clown.
Singu lar

Plur Plur al al The students are sitting outside the building.

RULE # 1.

An intervening phrase or clause does not affect

Singul ar The actor most

admired by the students is on stage.

RULE # 2.

Two or more singular subjects joined by or



A car or a bus is the only means of travel there.

Only the fathers or the mothers are to be invited. The teachers or the parents go with the students.
Plural subjects joined by or / nor

RULE # 3.

Two or more plural subjects joined by or or nor must

RULE # 4.

If one or more singular subjects are joined to one or more plural subjects by or or

Singu lar

• Neither David nor my parents are going with us.
plural plura l

RULE # 5. A

compound subject joined by and is generally plural and

Compound subjects

One boy and one girl are the finalists. plural

If the parts of a compound subject add up to one thing, the compoundup subject is Compound subject add singular, it should take a to one thing singular singular verb.

nd eggs is a hearty brea

Compound subject

If the compound subject is preceded by every or each , a singular verb is required.

y dog and cat was inocul

1.Both my boss and her partner (collect, collects) old coins.

2. Tina or Kathy (plan, plans) to represent us.

3. Neither Jack nor Tim (want, wants) to make the delivery.

4. The old books in the attic (was, were) thrown away.

5. The climate of both countries ( is , are) very good.

1. Dark c lo uds a nd rain (h as, h ave ) been fo recast today. 2. Fruit s a nd vegeta ble s (pro vid e,

3. Sp agh et ti an d mea tb all s (i s, are ) her f avo ri te dis h. 4. A tra in or se ver al bu ses ( is, a re ) a va ila ble on Su nd ays .

5. Bo th th e t wi ns and N ida ( is , are ) vis it in g Gr and mo the r. 6. Ei the r my un cle or my p are nt s (ph on e, ph on es) eac h

7. A car to n o f gr ape s fro m Ceb u (wa s, we re) d eli ve red . 8. Th e v eg eta bl es in th e ste w ( i s, ar e ) ta st y.

9. Th e p re sid ent and o wn er of th e com pa ny (ta lk ,ta lk s) ab out the p rob le m. a s 10. M y u nc le, we ll as my cou si ns (i s,a re ) com in g

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