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Biology Laboratory Safety Procedures

1. Do not eat, drink, smoke, chew gum, handle contact lenses, or apply cosmetics or lip balm in the lab. Do not bring open food and drink containers into the lab. 2. Closed toed shoes must be worn in the lab. Bare feet and sandals are not allowed. 3. It is recommended that you tie back long hair to prevent it from getting in the way of lab experiment. 4. Safety glasses, aprons, and gloves must be worn when working with harmful chemicals. All personal protective equipment should be removed upon leaving the lab. 5. Do not smell or taste chemicals. 6. Do not mouth pipette. 7. Report any accidents or spills immediately to your lab instructor. 8. Properly dispose of chemicals, stains and any waste according to your lab instructors directions. 9. Do not begin any experiments until you have reviewed the procedures and special safety precautions with your instructor. 10. Wash your hands at the beginning and the end of lab. 11. Inform your lab instructor of any personal medical condition that may necessitate extra precautions for you.