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Melchizedek Initiation LightWorker™ Series

Channelling by Dr. Joshua David Stone Manual by Joshua David Stone & Jens Søeborg

Melchizedek Initiation (LightWorker™ Series)
This initiation is one of the many, channelled by Dr. Joshua David Stone, shown on the picture to the right. They are from a numbered list of 303 initiations. We have sorted them differently, but we have kept the number as well, but skipped the "The" in front of all names. Dr. Stone was giving them free as true gifts from our eternal and infinite Spirit, coming directly from the Absolute Source of Divine Light and Divine Love. We will do simple manuals to them when we have time, mainly with material from Wikipedia. And remember they are all free of any charge and obligation. You are free to copy and pass on. If you translate, then please pass a copy to: LightWorker™ Ascended Masters Initiations 1 (AM Links prerequisites) Buddha Initiation + Buddha Blessing Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 71+208) (LW™ Series) Buddha & Kamamara Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 219) (LightWorker™ Series) Djwhal Khul Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 77) (LightWorker™ Series) El Morya Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 87) (LightWorker™ Series) Hilarion Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 92) (LightWorker™ Series) Jesus Initiations 1-2 (Dr. Joshua David Stone 70+138) (LightWorker™ Series) Kuthumi Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 90) (LightWorker™ Series) Lady Nada Initiation (Jens Söeborg) (LightWorker™ Series) Lady Portia Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 126) (LightWorker™ Series) Maitreya Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 88) (LightWorker™ Series) Melchizedek Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 127) (LightWorker™ Series) Paul the Venetian Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 89) (LightWorker™ Series) Quan Yin Initiations 1-2 (Dr. Joshua David Stone 122+227) (LightWorker™ Series) Saint Germain Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 75) (LightWorker™ Series) Sanat Kumara Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 94) (LightWorker™ Series) Serapis Bey Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 91) (LightWorker™ Series) LightWorker™ Ascended Masters Initiations 2 (other Ascended Masters) Ahknaton Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 74) (LightWorker™ Series) Baba Muktananda Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 79) (LightWorker™ Series) Babaji Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 86) (LightWorker™ Series) Babaji Cave Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 156) (LightWorker™ Series) Hermes/Thoth Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 82) (LightWorker™ Series) I AM and Integrated Ascended Master Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 199) (LW™ Series) Krishna Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 72) (LightWorker™ Series) Lao-Tzu Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 83) (LightWorker™ Series) Mahatma Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 130) (LightWorker™ Series) Mohammed Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 84) (LightWorker™ Series) Pallas Athena Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 95) (LightWorker™ Series) Paramahansa Yogananda Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 44) (LightWorker™ Series) Spiritual/Christ/Buddha/Melchizedek/God Initiation (Dr. Joshua D. Stone 35) (LW™ Series) Sri Ramakrishna Initiation (Dr. Joshua David Stone 76) (LightWorker™ Series)

Reciving the Initiation
Start with Gassho (prayer posture). Meditate on the light and love energies around you, above you and inside of you. Ask the help of your higher self and others of your helpers such as the mighty I AM Presence, the angels and archangels, masters and mahatma guides of meditation, ascension and initiation. Accept receiving the initiation from your teacher. Sense the energies! Enjoy! Expand! Relax... If you receive more than one initiation, then please remember to take deep breaths in-between initiations.

Passing on the Initiation
To Pass the Initiations to others do the same process as above. Just intend to pass them and read them out loud waiting for a few moments in-between initiations sensing the energies running and the spiritual shifts. Trust in the Higher Wisdom and Power. Enjoy! Expand! Relax...

Melchizedek is the the name of our Universal Logos. This could be likened to the spiritual president of our local universe. He is one of the 4 Masters that gives you the Rods of Initiation. He is a Wonderful Teacher and Beloved Master for all who seek the light and love of God. Logos in Greek means "The Word". Thus, Melchizedek is The Word. He is the ultimate guardian and ultimate architect of our universe. Melchizedek was the Messenger of God described in Hebrews as being "without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days nor end of life but made like unto the Son of God." In this sense all religions and spiritual teachings stem from this one source. Many take on his name, but there is only one true Melchizedek who is the Universal Logos. There is an inner plane spiritual government and Melchizedek is one of the premiere leaders in this government since he is president of our universe.

Melchizedek, king of Salem
Melchizedek - ‫ - מל ִי־צ ֶק‬is a figure mentioned by both ‫ַ ְ ֶד‬ Christian and Judaic traditions. In the Bible, Melchizedek is called the “King of Righteousness” and “The King of Salem,” the ancient name for Jerusalem. In Genesis Melchizedek is referred to as “Priest of the most High God.” Dionysius calls Melchizedek “the hierarchy most beloved of God.” Tertullian says that Melchizedek is a “celestial virtue of great grace who does for heavenly angels and virtues what Christ does for man.” In certain esoteric groups Melchizedek is identified with the Holy Spirit. Some churchmen believed Melchizedek was the Son of God in human form and some Jews saw Melchizedek as the Messiah. The name Melchizedek translates to “King of Rightness” in Hebrew. Melchizedek's name can be translated (from Hebrew) either as Zedek is my king or as My king is righteous. The former, which treats Zedek as a proper noun, is the translation favoured by most biblical scholars, and refers to a Canaanite deity with that name. In Genesis, Melchizedek is also referred to as king of Salem, generally believed to be ancient Jerusalem, and priest of El Elyon. Traditionally El-Elyon is translated as most high God, and interpreted as a reference to Yahweh, who's name you did not say. Other scholars believe that it refers to Zedek - regarding El Elyon as referring to the most high god, and using Melchizedek's name as the indicator of who the deity was. The king of Salem (Jerusalem) and priest of the Most High God, Melchizedek's appearance and disappearance in the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) are somewhat mysterious. In the Book of Genesis Melchizedek brought bread and wine to Abraham after Abraham's victory over the four kings led by Chedorlaomer, who had besieged Sodom and Gomorrah and had taken Abraham's nephew Lot prisoner. Melchizedek is also described as blessing Abraham in the name of El Elyon, and in return for these favours, Abraham gave Melchizedek a tithe, from the spoils gained in the battle.

By this act Abraham indicated that he recognized Melchizedek as a fellow-worshiper of the one true God as well as a priest who ranked higher spiritually than himself. Melchizedek's existence shows that there were people other than Abraham and his family who served the true God. In Psalm 110, a messianic psalm written by David, Melchizedek is seen as a type of Christ. This theme is repeated in the Book of Hebrews, where both Melchizedek and Christ are considered kings of righteousness and peace. By citing Melchizedek and his unique priesthood as a type, the writer shows that Christ's new priesthood is superior to the old Levitical order and the priesthood of Aaron. Attempts have been made to identify Melchizedek as an angel, the Holy Spirit, Christ, and others. All are the products of speculation, not historical fact; and it is impossible to reconcile them with theological arguments. Melchizedek was a real, historical king-priest who served as a type for the greater King-Priest who was to come, Jesus who himself represented Christ.

Melchizedek, the Ascended Master
Melchizedek is High Priest of the cosmic Order of Melchizedek, which includes all who serve from divine guidance. Though he has lived on earth, he was not born and did not die. Melchizedek gifts mankind with freedom, forgiveness, creativity, the science of alchemy and transmutation, and sacred ritual. Here he tends the Holy Grail and its Flame of Life. Many Ascended Masters belong to both the 'White Brotherhood' and the 'Order of Melchizedek'. Many of the 'Order of Melchizedek' are currently in embodiment today to assist in the development of humanity. The Order of Melchizedek includes all who elect to serve as guided by the divine within them. Lord Melchizedek is the overseeing consciousness of the Order of Melchizedek. The Melchizedek energy strives to bring higher wisdom to humankind by influencing the arts and sciences, education and technology. Melchizedek represents one of the triune of consciousness - that of Wisdom - which make up the fundamental human life force. The Master Melchizedek causes His vibratory impetus to be felt within the hearts and minds of Humankind that they may partake in the transformation resulting in the long recognized need for an even balance between Physical and Spiritual realities. This Ascended Master brings forth great power for change both in individuals and the planet itself. Melchizedek encourages those of you who may feel reticent regarding change, that faith be strengthened to meet the inevitable challenges of higher patterning in one's lifestyle. Materialism is gradually being replaced through the everyday connectedness with Spiritual energies and it is this Master who offers upliftment to all who are in attunement to the vigorous Spirit of the Divine Source. Melchiezedek loves you and encourages you to develop your own power to express Love.

Melchizedek carries the dispensation of the Golden Chamber of Melchizedek. This Golden Chamber is a Universal Chamber of Healing and Light that you can call forth to increase your Light Quotient in your 4 body systems.

Prayer for Dispensation
I call forth Melchizedek and under the Grace of God will you bring forth the Golden Chamber of Melchizedek and anchor it in, through and around my entire energy matrix. SO IT IS DONE - 3 times.

Melchizedek’s Aquarian Age Prayer
Adonai Melchizedek in the Light of Our Most Radiant One! Initiate me in Your Sacred Order! Anoint me with Your Holy Oil! Let me be your Cherished Prophet! Announcing Your Glory and Holiness to all! Amen. Amen. Amen.

Appendix - Dr. Joshua David Stone & the I AM University

The well known author of many books of spiritual nature Dr Joshua David Stone had a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology and was a Licensed Marriage, Family and Child Counselor in California. In November 2004 Dr Stone officially launched the "I AM University", which is an actual university that Dr Stone runs on the inner plane and has been guided by Spirit and the Ascended Masters to anchor and externalize on Earth. The "I AM University" is the fast path to becoming a fully realized "Integrated Ascended Master" on Earth in this lifetime! In 2005 Dr Stone passed on to the Spirit world where he continues to run the inner plane I AM University and Spiritually supports the continued expansion of his work through the platform and vehicle of the earthly/outer plane I AM University! He is now in training with Lord Maitreya and the Spiritual Hierarchy in preparation of serving as the future head of the Spiritual Hierarchy for Planet Earth when his training to do so is complete. Dr Stone will still be the leader of the I AM University on the spiritual plane, and on the earthly plane his job is taken over by his helper Rev. Gloria Excelsias. Gloria Excelsias is a Minister, Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Author, who served as long-term personal assistant to Dr Joshua David Stone. When Dr Stone passed on to the Spirit world, he made Gloria Excelsias the new President and Director of the Earthly plane I AM University which she now runs in co-creation with and being overlighted by Spirit, the Ascended Masters, Archangels and Angels, Elohim and Dr Stone! As part of this whole transition and process, Gloria has been guided by Spirit, the Masters and Joshua to relocate the I AM University to Salzburg - the Heart of Europe! Having been born in Austria, this location has crystallized itself as the perfect place on Planet Earth to serve as new home for the I AM University Headquarters that allows Gloria best to run and expand the I AM University according to Spirit and the Masters’ Plan. Do you want to know more about Joshua David Stone, Gloria Excelsias and the I AM University, then you can look at Web Site: Adress: I AM University , Dr Joshua David Stone & Gloria Excelsias Postfach 13, 4866 Unterach am Attersee, Austria - Europe