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Communicate what discipline is...what being disciplined means. Discipline, which is one of our fivePillars of Successis communicated to our players as the following: Doing the right things both on and off the field (the first time) Ability to consistently avoid distractions Ability to make sacrifices necessary for success Paying attention to detail Becoming recognized as a class act

Once discipline is communicated, the message must be communicated consistently and reinforced daily. As far as discipline goes on-the-field, we emphasize details constantly. Remembering cloth each week for practice when they take it home to get washed, getting out of the locker room on time for practice (a couple of our guys struggle with this one), getting off the ball on correct snap count on offense or on movement on defense, executing assignments correctly and consistently, toes behind the line to start each sprint of our conditioning segments We emphasize discipline even down to the way the players line up their helmets when they go to get a drink of water. Attention to detail must be emphasized if that is what discipline means to your program. As a coach, it's important that you evaluate the level of discipline of each of the players, coaches, teams, and the program as a whole both on and off the field. Instituting some incentives for your players to be disciplined, I believe, is also important. At the end of the off-season/start of the season and after each week's game we award a paddle to one player. This player has "rowed the boat" which is a saying we have in our program. We talk about our program being a boat that if each of our players all row to their full potential together, we'll accomplish our mission for the year. This player, among other things, has exemplified one of our program values which is discipline. He has demonstrated this trait by doing the right things, avoiding distractions, making sacrifices, and paying attention to detail both on and off the field.

Bob Knight's definition of discipline as it relates to athletics: 1. 2. 3. 4. Know what to do Know when to do it Do it as hard as you can (effort) Every time (consistency)

Also Lou Holtz's "Do Right" rule: Will what you are going to do make you a better person, athlete, student, son? If so, go ahead. If not, don't.

We have a motto. stopped them four times on 4th Down and turned them over twice in Red Zone. Nothing is too small. If kids have unexcused absences there are severe consequences.. We don't let things slide. If they are late they make it up after practice. We do not accept excuses. effort.There is a right way and a wrong way to do everything. Two biggest things: I'm very demanding on attendance-punctuality ("If you're not early. We stress controlling those things that we can control . etc. executing fundamentals and techniques. reward the behaviors you want. knowing assignment.. let alone ourselves as well. we don't assume kids know when they make mistakes . the kids don't learn to discipline themselves because there is not always a consequence for not doing it. We defeated a team that was heavily favored over us and our school had not beaten since 1989. If you remove one or the other. We do a "Perfect Play" Drill for conditioning on Mondays and I mean everything from the huddle to alignment. you're late") and effort. Pavlov's dog.it is our job as coaches to correct them. If it becomes a habit they get demoted. They do things they get rewarded for. Probably best example of how these maifest themselves on the field came last Fall. And also like Bob Knight. had only one penalty (illegal procedure on a PAT)." We maintain high expectations of everyone involved in our program. and won't do the things they get punished for.. .effort. As head coach. there is no consistency and you loose the training. We did not turn the ball over. punish the ones you don't. attitude. Just Results. conditioning. We are going to choose to do it the right way every time. line calls. If they loaf they make it up after practice. however. It's tough enough trying to compete against the opponents we have. You start to chip away at the very foundation of your program when you allow that to occur. Converted a 4th and 5 that led to winning FG with :52 left. I'm not about to allow us to destroy our program from within.. must be perfect or they repeat play from same yard line. Not quite in the same manner as Coach Knight was known for. If you allow something to slide. Setting expectations high and not accepting excuses and not meeting those expectations. Humans are the same way."No Excuses.

severe consequences for unexcused absences. not won. I do not compromise on rules and expectations. But we set the expectation and our players have met every year since. .ha. disciplined teams win because they don't lose.NO CHECK (we do not do this with this name) We've done this in the past but as a periodic challenge as opposed to doing it consistently. Four out of five Football games are lost. Kids at this level should learn more than how to block the Off-Tackle play or pursue a ball carrier.CHECK . . and our kids are held accountable regardless of their status on the team.CHECK .Perfect Play Drill.. Actually we call it "Beat (opponent's name)" Drill (kids must yell "Beat (opponents)" as they come off line during drill.. how do you adjust or do you just pick up wherever the time has you on the practice schedule? Thanks in advance blb. .On their field. We need to do this consistently. Thanks for the reminder .. You are correct about consistency.. On Senior Night. How often do you do it? How many plays do you do it for? Does it end up eating up practice time on those days that your guys don't have their heads screwed on straight? If so...consistently address a lack of effort.. We start on +30 yard line with as many huddles as we can muster one behind the other. and we do it every Monday in-season at the end of practice.. Always enlightening conversation.demanding on attendance and punctuality. or else why have interscholastic Football? Plus.CHECK Our players are held accountable to an absence policy that has the following consequences for unexcused absences: 1) 2) 3) 4) Do not start & miss a quarter Do not start & miss a half Do not start & miss a game Obviously an unreliable teammate = DISMISSAL from the team I'm sure it seemed harsh to our players the first year.

calls play. there are ways you can reward players for coming and punish those who don't. We station a coach on goal line side line and he gives me thumbs up or down.Sweatshirt & Sweatpants which all teams are required to wear on/off bus for away games 4) $10 . splits. Another example is the fact that we take attendance at every single offseason weightroom session and conditioning session. baseball. Each player must sell their minumum amount of cards or they do not get their game-cleats unless they pay the difference. Knowing that I cannot make it "mandatory" for making the team. cadence. OV right and left. Players who do not meet the requirements are not allowed to participate in the dinners/banquet unless they pay the difference themselves. basketball.As soon as first team goes. they move up five yards. WR communicating to "Linesman" (the coach). If not. We use all our formations. My coaches are expected to fundraise $1000 each in order to get their coaching gear. If they did everything perfectly. Each player must also meet the minimum requirements in order to get everything. and goes from same spot. I take care of them with about $750 worth of gear and the rest goes to pay the extra coaches I have on top of the 5 that the district pays. Team must do everything perfect including sprinting into End Zone.Green Practice Jersey (serves as home jersey for JV/Soph teams 2) 2nd $40 . snap counts. concentration) is lacking.Game Socks 5) $30 . Or they can do more if their discipline (focus. they return to same yard line. and each play is an option so Backs are working on pitches IV right and left.. By setting the number at .. backfield execution. study sessions. We have minimum requirements for their fundraisers and those requirements correspond to specific things the players can earn. Lead Option right and left. Each player is required to raise $300 to earn their "spirit pack" which gets them: 1) 1st $40 . This fundraiser earns them their game-cleats. sprinting to LOS. track. So they can do a minimum of six plays and sprints of decreasing distance if they do them all completely correctly. The offseason training program is M-F 5:30-7:00 AM. dentists. There is no entitlement in our program. Another coach checks alignment. line calls.White Practice Jersey (serves as away jersey for JV/Soph teams 3) Next $80 .Mesh Shorts (must have to participate in summer 7on7 6) $20 . second one huddles.Dry-Fit Tshirt (must have to participate in summer 7on7 7) Remaining $80 goes to pay for helmet & shoulderpad reconditioning & replacement costs (I will explain this further in the next example I give about attendance) The 2nd fundraiser that the players do is the $20 discount cards that we do in August. at that time in the morning. etc. Our major fundraiser is coming up on May 21st. I check huddle. We set the requirement at 75%. They then jog back down sideline to reform next huddle. The overhead from the cards goes to pay for team dinners and the banquet at the end of the season. TTO and yelling "Beat (whomever)". There is absolutely no conflict with doctors.

Any player with an F is removed from the depth chard and does not get placed back on until the next grading period. Plus it is a nightmare getting enough coaches to go to all of the sessions.. The players who don't contribute that money get what is left over. Nobody is guaranteed their number from last year. disrespect.. both rewarding the ones with the discipline to get to workouts and punishing the ones who don't.. I don't run them or scream at them. the workouts move to 7:00-9:00 AM. that allows them to procrastinate and miss the one they definitely could make it to. we list a new Depth Chart.. shoulderpads. detentions. 9). Again. As far as tardies in school. and all other gear while the senior will get to choose from the leftovers after the 4 groups go ahead of him (Seniors >75. Spectators don't play. 2) When we issue gear in the fall for 2-a-days. These are just a few of the things we do. so he won't play for me if he misses practice. then the sophomore will get his 1st choice of helmet.75% that allows the players to not have to lift on game-days or track meets during other sport seasons. Sophs >75. etc.. This works as both a reward for those with discipline enough to come to workouts and punish those who don't. They spend a lot of their weekend picking splinters out of their butt because they ride the pine all game.. drills. Those few kids that don't respond just quit. You have to break some eggs in order to make an omlette. 10. which is fine with me. but this thread could be pretty long if I tried to cover everything that we try to do. group work. Juniors >75. which keeps me in good-graces with the other coaches on campus. making it accountable for the coaches and the players. making the entire team run because of a couple of knuckleheads usually fixes that because the players either fix it or run the kid off the team.. They get it figured out when they are no longer mentioned as the starter during any meetings. They only get the left over numbers. All players that are above the 75% mark will choose their numbers in order of grade (12. so they get their 1st choice at it. Only 1 a day. If you give kids multiple options. Frosh >75). . 11. I could give more examples. Players are rewarded/punished in the following ways for the offseason workouts: 1) About 1 month prior to our 1st 7on7 passing tournament we give out numbers for the upcoming season. You would be amazed how motivating the number on their jersey motivates them. Once all of those players have chosen their numbers the players who have not met the 75% requirement pick in the same order. Each time a midterm or term report card goes out. the same thing happens. During the Summer.The kids who raise the $300 get first choice on gear because they have that $80 left over after their spirit pack that pays for the newer helmets and shoulderpads. . Any arguments over numbers automatically go to the player who has the highest % of attendance. If an incoming senior is at 70% attendance and a sophomore is at 90% attendance.. This has always been the quickest way for us to fix poor behavior. Unexcused absences are completely unacceptable as they will probably miss practice too. Again. I let them know that if they want to be a player they'd better act like one. then something comes up and they don't attend at all.

all hell will break loose. make sure the kids know that if you wanna see the field. you will fall in line...Couldn't agree more. If you let the inmates run the prison. .

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