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You Were the One

You Were the One

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Published by: api-3742553 on Oct 15, 2008
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Forget all we’ve ever said Sometimes I wished I was dead And tomorrow wouldn’t hurt so bad I wouldn’t

be all alone and sad I know there’s nothing left to say But it doesn’t mean you can’t call me anyway I know I seem so helpless and needy I just want all of you so bad even if it seems greedy You were the one who said I love you first You were the one who said forever first You were the one who fell first You were the one who left first But I was the one who gave you it all I know money doesn’t matter Even when I was told it was all you were after I guess I finally knew the truth But giving you up was so much worse It feels like a knife carving into my heart And you were the one who tore it all apart We can never go back to the way it use to be You have no more game that will work on me I know you for who you are And trust me that won’t get you very far

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