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Halloween Parade

Halloween Parade

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Published by: Kathryn Davis on Oct 05, 2011
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Halloween Parade

Objective: Students will logical reasoning to determine the correct order of participants in a Halloween parade. TEKS: •solve problems with guidance that incorporates the processes of understanding the problem, making a plan, carrying out the plan, and evaluating the solution for reasonableness •select or develop an appropriate problem-solving plan or strategy including drawing a picture, looking for a pattern, systematic guessing and checking, or acting it out in order to solve a problem •use tools such as real objects, manipulatives, and technology to solve problems Materials: •Halloween Paraders •Clue card •Pocket Chart for displaying (optional) •Book about a Halloween Parade (optional): Yoko & Friends School Days: The Halloween Parade - Book #3 (Yoko and Friends School Days) by Rosemary Wells Pooh's Halloween Parade by Isabel Gaines Clifford And The Halloween Parade by Norman Bridwell Preparations: !Copy and cut out the Halloween Paraders (Option: Reduce the size and make 1 copy for each student to use independently) Procedure: 1. Read a book about a Halloween Parade, if desired. Allow students to share background knowledge and experiences of Halloween parades. 2. Announce that you need the students’ help in getting the trick-or-treaters in order for a Halloween parade. Display the paraders on a pocket chart or on the board.

Explain that you have clues that will help determine the order of the parade. reread the clues to verify accuracy. 4. Pilgrim. Allow them the opportunity to rearrange the order as necessary and explain their reasoning. Mouse. Clues • Ghost is after Pumpkin but before Pilgrim. Pumpkin.3. Farmer. Bunny. and allow student volunteers to place the paraders in order. • Bunny is ninth. one at a time. Challenge: Instruct students to create a different parade order and write clues that will help others determine the new order. • Pumpkin is second in line behind Witch. Correct Parade Order: Witch. When all paraders have been placed. Encourage them to readjust their thinking as more information from the clues is divulged. Cat . Cheerleader. • Farmer is fifth in line. Scarecrow. 5. Differentiating for younger students: Use a smaller number of paraders and adjust clues accordingly. between Cheerleader and Cat. Ghost. • Scarecrow is right before Cheerleader but just after Mouse. Read each clue.

Halloween Paraders .

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