Dear Sir, It is an iron cage, not having any ventilation and people are living in the state of suffocation

, virtually on the verge of their death point. There is a complete apathy of the custodian of the power towards their welfare and in our country "We, the people " who are regarded to be the sovereign of the nation are living a life full of abrogation and subjugation. I seldom consider that whether it is worthwhile to shout a voice and thereby invite some lighter sleeper to suffer the agony of the death and this purpose achieved through my writing may serve some purpose. Since the daylight shallow the darkness, I have written articles to take the intellectual from apathetically approach towards rectification of prevailing maladies as to wake up. I am sending herewith my some articles for being displayed by your good self. Yogesh Kumar Saxena, Advocate, High Court Allahabad (India) e mail Address or Phone:- 91/ 0532/637720/2436451, Mobile:- 9415284843

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