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Water Soluble 2

Water Soluble 2

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Precursor Properties

Potent Form Storage form Other forms Absorption Transportation Stable in/@ Food sources Functions

FOLATE (B9) Pteridine + PABA = PGA 1. “yellow crystalline” in PTERIN (in butterflies) 2. FREE ACID;nsol. In COLD H20 4. FOLIC ACID + NAD = THFA FORMYL THF and CITROVORUM FACTOR - THFA + Carbon unit METHYL THF FOLIC ACID FOLACIN PTEROYL MONOGLUTAMATE Only MONOGLUTAMATES In DISODIUM SALT form Supplemented!!! 1 mo before pregnancy and 1st trimester A. CARRIER 1. single carbon formyl 2. hydroxymethyl 3. methyl groups B. synth. of PURINES and PYRIMIDINES C. Metab. Of AA (Met, His, Gly, Ser) D. Form and Maturation of RBC and WBC in Bone marrow E. Carbon Carrier in fom’tn of heme

COBALAMIN (B12) 1. red crystalline d/t presence of COBALT (Co3+) w/c is chelated in “tetrapyrrole ring” CYANO Cobalamin – most stable HYDROXY Cobalamin In LIVER and KIDNEYS

PANTOTHENIC ACID (B5) 1. white crystalline 2. bitter

BIOTIN (B7) 1. Mono Carboxylic acid 2. sol. In H20 and R-OH

ASCORBIC ACID (Vit. C) Anti – SCORBUTIC acid 1. white crystalline 2. synth. Glu and Gal 3. Dehydro-ascorbic acid (rev) 4. Gulonic acid ( irrev) In reduced form

*** 1. HCl facilitate rel. from peptide bonds 2. reqs: Castles IF – ILEUM Bound to serum proteins In SOLUTION> DRY Found in most fods A. Normal fxn in metab of cells (GI, BM) B. Nuclei Acid sythesis 1. transfer of methyl groups C. Myelin Formation A. CONSTITUENT of CoA B. Degredation of FA – part of Acetyl CoA C. Accept acetate groups (AA and Vitamins) D. Synthesis of CHOLESTEROL, PL, steroids and porphyrins 1. PERNICIOUS ANEMIA 2. NEUROLOGIC Symptoms *unique No deficiencies 1. Scaly dermatitis 2. Nausea and Vomiting 3. Anorexia Inhibited by AVIDIN in raw eggwhites Heat A. COENZYME 1. addition or removal of CO2 2. synth. and oxidation of FA 3. Deamination of AA (Ser, Asp and Thr) DRY (oxidized in heat)

A. Absp. of IRON (Fe3+ Fe2+) B. Blocks degn of FERRITIN C. COENZYME and COFACTOR (lose abndtake H+) 1. Hyp and Hyl 2. Phe  Tyr 3. Folacin  THFA 4. 5-OH  Serotonin/NE/E 5. Sterols D. Resistance to Infection E. Maintain Integrity of memb. SCURVY “follicular hyperkertatosis” etc. HEMOLYTIC ANEMIA (hndout)



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