To Whom it May Concern, The Everett School Board Project was formed after the August 23, 2011 physical scuffle during an executive session of the Everett School Board. It was the last straw after a series of events that started to take shape earlier in the year when the Everett School Board tried to secretly push through a real estate deal to purchase a large building in the district to house both their district offices AND a branch of a state university. The public is frustrated with the secretiveness of the school board – from videotaping a teacher in their classroom to not allowing the public to be part of the superintendent selection process to holding important votes during holiday weeks to fighting against any recordings of their meetings – they have lost the public trust and embarrassed themselves and the school district while listening to the minority voices of their own insiders and ignoring the complaints of the tax-paying families of the district. The most important thing we can do now, since many of the board members have determined to not listen to the public, is to make sure we elect a new Director who has the public’s best interest in mind and is willing to listen and embrace openness. Recently, the Everett School Board Project sent a list of questions to both Pam LeSesne and Mary Ann Elbert. Both kindly replied and we shared their answers with our members. After giving our members time to read through them and compare the two, we took a vote. The candidate who won with over 90% was Mary Ann Elbert. We, therefore, endorse Mary Ann Elbert in the general election for Everett School Board, Position 5. We base our endorsement on both what was said and unsaid in the answers to our questions. While both candidates answered most questions, Mary Ann was more willing to take a position and explain her reasoning on the issues concerning the public right now. Her position was, more often, one that involved keeping the tax payers and families of the district informed through open communication. We also based our decision on endorsements. While some may see Mary Ann’s lack of endorsements as a negative, when compared with those of her opponent, it actually speaks to the fact that Mary Ann is more likely to worry about the tax payers, students and public over the unions, politicians and friends/family of the board members who have endorsed and donated to her opponent. The Everett School Board Project encourages the voters to support Mary Ann Elbert for Everett School Board Director, Position 5 in the November General Election. She is the level-headed, independent voice of the people that we need. Sincerely,

Kim Guymon
Kim Guymon Founder, Everett School Board Project;

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