Braden Bestor Section 2 16 May 2011 Insight Paper #7 1. Mormon referred to “the man of Christ”.

What do you think characterizes a man of Christ? What are two or three goals you can set that would lead you toward becoming a man or woman of Christ? What do you need to do to achieve these goals? I believe that a man of Christ would be something that would sincerely strive to become exactly like Christ. We know that we cannot be perfect like Christ was but we can come close. A man of Christ would be a sacrificing and honorable person. It requires much effort and endurance. A would set smalls goals that would be obtainable and that would help me achieve the title of “man of Christ”. I would start by perfecting my scripture studying and personal prayers. There is always room to improve and especially in this area. I would also love to learn all I could about the gospel. Knowledge and understanding would definitely help one become a “man of Christ”. The more we learn, the closer we are to becoming like Christ. The last goal that I would apply for myself would be to serve others. Christ was only here to serve and to help. I have many opportunities to serve and help others, but I need to be more willing to accept these opportunities. To achieve these goals, I would need to be constant in my efforts and true to my desire of becoming a man of Christ. 2. Under the title “prosperity”, list as many blessings as you can think of that you have recently received from the Lord. A beautiful fiance Good education Answers to my prayers Spiritual guidance in church More respect for others Patience with family/friends Financial help/job offers

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