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ANOTHER DAY by Poetic Tee (Here, take a sip) Another day, divinely is given My eyes I open, light to register

So awake again, witness to bear My sojourn in making, still on rolls Whatever in time, broken and lost Slumber to dreams, so unreal chills At moment to true passing, blink To a world within, recall I not no! Had I a key used or auto-let in was Who by, what by, or was just or not I Its a mystery, beyond a grasp much Many have tried, fewer even harder Compounding it remains, forever on Another day, heavenly is given The gift of life, celebrate I All To breath in take, air fresh dew If mankind would, it be so let For a light only, the eye can see Yet in wonder, feel what it can't To say that, which change a might For good lives, next door is evil To choose between them, case often How be can I, right to guide given When to wrong, my soul monotony Precious a second, lost to eternal Purified intention, execution, elation! Another day, spiritually is given Allow why then, time erodes away To be or not, will again another be Each chance, opportunes a feat unequal Yet procrastinate, many an I done do Neither give, nor help nor excavate Sadness alone, lonely, relief to bargain Purchase I not unhappy, not I am

So grace and a shower, blessing abound Each a day each a breath, one less O me Yet slow laze, my covetousness careless But Hayatad dunya? Strive most earnest If only my soul, understand it it could Another day, indeed yet is given, rejoice! Tijjani M. M. 15th Ramadhan 1432AH/15th Aug. 2011