N. Salamander and St. Clarks. Florsheim .FOOTWEAR INDUSTRY  India ranks second among the footwear producing countries next to China. Micheal’s.). Gabor. Ranipet . Kanpur.  Shoes manufactured in India wear brand names like. Ambur (T.  Major production centers in India Chennai. Jalandhar .  India produces more of gents’ footwear while the world’s major production is in ladies footwear. . Noida & Delhi.

3.Agra. . Council for Leather Exports (CLE). Germany.K.Central Footwear Training Institute (CFTI)  The major markets for Indian footwear components are the U..FOOTWEAR INDUSTRY  Institutes in India engaged in imparting training to personnel in the footwear manufacturing as per the requirement of the trade & industry1.Footwear Design & Development Institute (FDDI).Chennai. 2.

and accessories. is a global manufacturer of athletic shoes.INTRODUCTION TO REEBOK  Reebok (NYSE:RBK). apparel. Bigger fishes such as Cisco and Nike did not have as much a percentage gain as Reebok did Parent Company: Adidas . also known as     Reebok International Limited. Reebok International became one of the greatest earners on the market for the fiscal year ending 2000. Reebok Shoes are built upon a strong heritage and authenticity in sports.

JW Foster and Sons in 1894. .  Reebok USA purchased Reebok Britain and formed a single company we know today.  Shoe company.HISTORY  A famous English runner named Joseph Foster had such a passion for running that he created his own shoe with spikes in them in 1894.  Foster’s grandsons formed the company Reebok that took over JW Foster and Sons.

and Weebok brand made for kids. Greg Norman Division – produces products under the Greg Norman brand. non-athletes. Rockport company – primarily responsible for producing the Rockport brand of shoes.which is responsible for producing Reebok shoe and apparel used by athletes. Ralph Lauren Footwear company – responsible for producing products sold under the Ralph Lauren logo. and Polo logo as can be seen everywhere.COMPANY OVERVIEW     Reebok division . .

from professional athletes to recreational runners to kids on the playground . it has the unique opportunity to help consumers.  REEBOK'S VISION Fulfilling Potential Reebok is dedicated to providing each & every athlete . partners and employees fulfil their true potential & reach heights they may have thought un-reachable. As a brand.with the opportunity. they see the world a little differently and throughout their history have made their mark when they've had the courage to challenge convention. Reebok creates products and marketing programs that reflect the brand's unlimited creative potential. Punch line: am” “I am what i . athletes & artists. & the inspiration to achieve what they are capable of. the products.   REEBOK'S MISSION Always Challenge and Lead through Creativity At Reebok. Everyone has the potential to do great things.

(New York)  McGarry Bowen was provided creative solutions: Advertising(“Two People in Everyone”) Design Relationship marketing Digital arm  2009 : Reebok appointed DDB Worldwide .Advertising agencies of “Reebok” 2004: Reebok hired McGarry Bowen advertising agency.

DDB Worldwide Communications Group  most awarded agency network in the world more than 200 offices in over 90 countries DDB Worldwide provides creative solutions:Brand advertising (create awareness) Creative service(warm up to a fun run) Print and broadcast service Coordination of media Developing a sales promotion scheme .


 New technology makes the firm to be able to make better shoes. & it may cause company to loss its market in the long run.  The company's non-Reebok brand footwear may be potential competitor for itself.STRENGTHS Strong positive results from its good operation performance.  Good acquisition to make the company to be more profitable.  Can make shoe in both in stylish and comfortable.  Go for too many segments. WEAKNESSES  Reebok's current position in the apparel industry is not strong. so company can't handle all of them well. .  Ability to built its own distribution network.  Strong positive financial status with long term debt. The new product able to gain consumer’s attention.

THREATS  Product must be unique and competitive distinction.  Newer Technology development or innovations can help company to get more profit.  Produce oversea will help company to cut down its cost on labor.  Extend its distribution network via its own subsidiaries or individual distributors will increase Reebok 's future sales. and the increasing demand is expected.  Reebok facing strong competitors in the footwear market.OPPORTUNITIES  The market is big. The Company's other product lines also continue to confront strong competition. .

Advertising Strategy of Reebok Media Vehicle: Any specific media like Print or Electronic media which is used for an advertising campaign.  .  Print ads  Billboards  Online advertising  Sponsorship events .  Reebok uses…  Television commercials.

NBA Basketball games. TNT basketball games.  . ESPN basketball games and ESPN’s Sports Center Several tie-ups were made with different television channels for its advertising.Electronic Media Advertising  Television     Commercials Reebok International During …. .

 It also includes outdoor Billboards. Times of India. Newspaper: International  International Herald Tribune  New York Times  Washington post  The Dawn Reebok in India Hindustan Times. the yellow pages and direct mail. Delhi Times .  . Bombay Times.Print Media Advertising Print Ads:  It consists of newspapers and Magazines.

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