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Christendom College | Academic Bulletin

Christendom College | Academic Bulletin

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Academic bulletin for Christendom College in Front Royal, Virginia.
Academic bulletin for Christendom College in Front Royal, Virginia.

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Published by: Christendom_College on Oct 06, 2011
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Also see HJunior Semester in Rome

The vision of the Study Abroad Program is inspired by the seminal work of the Catholic
historian, Christopher Dawson, who wrote this in The Historic Reality of Christian Culture:

The tradition [of Christian culture] exists today, for though the Church no longer
inspires and dominates the external culture of the modern world, it still remains
the guardian of all the riches of its own inner life. . . . If society were once again
Christian . . . this sacred tradition would once more flow out into the world and
fertilize the culture of societies yet unborn. Thus the movement toward Christian
culture is at one and the same time a voyage into the unknown, in the course of
which new worlds of human experience will be discovered, and a return to our
own fatherland—to the sacred tradition of the Christian past which flows
underneath the streets and cinemas and skyscrapers of the new Babylon as the
tradition of patriarchs and prophets flowed beneath the palaces and amphitheaters
of Imperial Rome.

Inaugurated in 1992, the Christendom College Summer Study Abroad Program offers
three weeks of intensive study during which students achieve an integrated understanding of
Catholic culture in the Catholic regions of Europe. As part of the program, three courses totaling
six semester hours of college credit are offered.
The Summer Study Abroad Program offering for 2014-2016 is the following:
Christendom in Ireland The Summer Study Abroad program offers three weeks of intensive
study of the Catholic culture and history of Ireland. Travels include visits to early monastic sites
highlighting Ireland’s contribution to Western Civilization. Emphasis is placed upon how the
living Catholic Faith can deeply form a people’s identity. Six hours of college credit are offered
in Irish history and literature and Catholic theology through three two-semester hour courses


which may be counted as elective credits toward the fulfillment of the one hundred twenty-eight
semester hours required for the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree, not the major.

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