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Saturday 8/10/2011 from 15:00 to 18:00. FREE ENTRANCE Location: Sociedade Brasileira de Eubiose. L2 Norte L2 Norte SGAN 603 s/n lt C Braslia - DF, 70830-902 Tel. +55 61 3226-0896 We planned a debate between members of the coordination team and the specially invited guests on the theme of: Eco-villages The causes of global economic crises and proposed strategies of a new planetary civilization model. Invitees: Dr. Manoel de Arajo Sobrinho Federal Government of Brazil Dr. Rogrio Fernandes Ministry of Environment Carlos Bomtempo Environmentalist Fbio Pontes Coelho Political Scientist and Environmentalist Heitor de Andrade Poet and Ecologist Francisco ndio Leader of Tabajara etnicity in Brasilia