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List of Excercises

List of Excercises

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Published by: hemavv on Oct 06, 2011
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Exercise Data

Main Muscle Worked: Calves
Other Muscles Worked: None
Equipment: Other
Mechanics Type: Isolation

Tips: Many of you may have seen Arnold do this in his hayday, but how many of you actually know that it
was called Donkey calf raises or even do them? I'll just give you a quick run through on how to perform
them. First, go to a gym with obese people. (lol, alright, I'm joking, but they do accelerate calf
development while doing this exercise!) Ok, lean over on a knee height or slightly lower bench/platform,
forming an 'L' shape with your torso and lower body. Have a calf raise platform or a thick Olympic weight
at the bottom of your feet, tip-toeing on them. Get a few buddies to sit on your back, like they do when
horse riding and start repping out some donkey calf raises!

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