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The Manger,

Award Plus Programme,


Subject: - Award Plus No. 105070696.

Dear Sir,
I am enclosing original Boarding Cards and photocopy of Passenger
Coupon. Kindly credit in my Account No. 105070696 if possible. I would like to
inform you that these boarding cards and tickets were misplaced by me and the
same could not be sent to you earlier. This relates to the year 2000.

Sr. No. Flight No. Date Form To Class Seat No.

1 PK 386 11 Sep ISB MUX C 7D
2 PK 386 27 Sep MUX LHR T 13D
3 PK 388 27 Sep LHR ISB T 19F
4 PK 387 28 Sep ISB MUX T 11D
5 PK 386 4th Oct MUX LHE T 10C
6 PK 387 5th Oct LHE MUX T 10D
7 PK 386 12 Oct MUX ISB T
9 PK 386 13 Oct MUX LHE T 9D
10 PK 386 9 Nov MUX ISB C 7D
11 PK 387 30 Nov LHE MUX T 11D
12 PK 386 13 Dec MUX LHE T 9D
13 PK 387 15 Dec LHE MUX C 7D

I hope that the above mentioned detail will be credited to my account

No. 105070696.
Yours truly,
Dated: 8.8.2001

6-A Ahsan Colony,
Suraj Miani Road,

Deputy Commissioner,
Income Tax/Wealth Tax,
Circle 15, Multan.
Subject: - Refund of Rs. 18,160/-

Dear Sir,
Please refer to my earlier letter and visit to your office, you are
requested to refund the amount of Rs. 18,160/- refundable for the year
With regards.
Yours truly,

Dated: _________
N.T.N. 04-00252161

Mr. S.M. Amjad Imam,

Assistant Manager, Loyalty Programme,
PIA, Karachi.

Subject: - Expiry of points of 1999 membership No. 105070696

Please reference your letter No. LP/FFP/105070696/03

dated 29.5.2003, to which I have already sent you fax, informing you
the sector on which I wish to avail the tickets. I really appreciate the
efforts taken by your goodself and your staff. I spoke to one of your
staff members in the morning and really pleased to know about the
decision of rewarding your customers, who are frequent flyers. The
fact remains that many people started sending the requisite
requirement for availing some facility of being frequent flyer. But,
unfortunately, no one was given any sort of encouragement till 2002.
Now, you and your staff took pains and gave rewards to frequent
flyers. It is also worth mentioning here that some of the members of
the scheme, when felt that there is no reward of this scheme, they
discontinued their correspondence. Similarly, I too, stopped sending
air tickets etc. But now, I am really happy to continue my old practice
of sending you the details.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,