Intro In a freak accident, involving a bird of paradise and some teleported pods I have become a bird man or man

bird depending on your preference. Now that I’m a freak I think the best thing to do right now is to draw a self-portrait that shows my ugliness.. Or beauty.

First ideas…


Fig.1 Fig.3

For my initial ideas I focused a lot on the head and specific facial futures I want to incorporate in my final piece. In fig2 most of the design for the Mohawk hairstyles were inspired native American warriors, replacing hair with feathers.

Silhouettes give you a better understanding of how characters designs will turn out. In stead of concentrating on every single detail of the character I try to imagine the shape its shadow makes, these are my first designs in Photoshop..

These probably would have been better and I probably would have had more if I actually came to ‘Photoshop’ Phil’s classes.. But anyway I think I got a little bit better on the second try, I think if I keep practicing I will become better and better!!



Thinking more into the personality of my hybrid, I wanted to give fig.6 a darker feel to it, not necessarily evil but far from virtuous.. I Think its important to think of a strong back story to help shape any character..


In fig.8 I tried to incorporate some of my futures into the design such as my nose and brow, and skin tone. In fig.9 you can see I have started to concentrate on certain part of the hybrid such as the arms.

Fig. 8 Fig.9

Question :

Throughout history there have been many tales and folk law surrounding human to animal transformations and animal hybrids roaming the lands. Cultures and beliefs even religions, have been built up on myths and legends that have been passed down through the generations. I want to explore the reasons why certain cultures depends on these myths and legends to sustain their way of life and traditions. Focusing on small colonies detached from the materialistic distractions of modern day society I want to further my understanding on why these tribes and small villages still hold their beliefs so close to them, even though many people in the world will see them as far-fetched.

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