Name___________________________________Date _____________________ LN ____ QG ____ FOG 4, Unit 6 Complete the conversation with the future progressive, future perfect

, or future perfect progressive form of the verbs in parentheses. Use contractions when possible.

1st. Grade Prep.


And we all that money for fuel every year. an B: I guess you're right. We A: B: for five years as of tomorrow. Think of the benefit to the environment. I it by the time you leave for work tomorrow. B: You know. Why? Do you need stamps? we gasolin B: No. The next day then. this is an anniversary for me. I B: Too bad. an other A: I can send it overnight mail for you. but I promised to get this report in ethis week. few years. Let's go out for dinner and celebrate. We the atmosphere the way we are now.A: It says in this article that by the year 2020. A: Oh. Just in time to sell it and buy another one. I've got to work all night tonight. I'm afraid I by seven tomorrow evening. d cars in just With luck. scientist s then. paying for our gasolin A: epowere d car by 2 . No problem. OK. by the post office tomorrow? That means A: Probably. come on. Speaking of driving. I'll be home at seven. ele ____________________ you ctric car. I powere on it.

Grade Prep.1st. 3 .

Unit 6 1P 4 .FOG 4.

won' t be pollu ting 5. . 'll have finis hed 9. 'll be sleeping 1st.1. Grade Prep. won' t be drivi ng 3. 'll have finis hed 4. . 'll be work ing 8. be going 7. 'll have been telecommuting / 'll have telecommuted 10. won' t be spen ding 6. will . 5 . will have perf ecte d 2.

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