LECTURE TWO CAD Projections and Sections

Used for

Translation of a 3D item into a 2D representation.

Projection Planes


Projection Methods

Perspective Projection

Perspective Projection

Perspective View

Perspective is not used normally in Engineering drawings due to the size of the items.


Oblique Projection Oblique Projection Axonometric Projection Isometric Dimetric Trimetric 2 .

Axonometric Projection Axonometric Projection Identify each type Screen Shot of Solid Edge showing named views Axonometric Projection Answer Isometric Assembly isometric dimetric trimetric Axonometric Projection Axonometric Projection Exploded Assembly 3 .

Orthogonal Projection Orthogonal Projection Orthogonal Projection Orthogonal Projection WHAT ORTHOGONAL PROJECTION IS USED? Orthogonal Projection Orthogonal Projection THIRD ANGLE PROJECTION Solid Edge 4 .

Orthogonal Projection Orthogonal Projection DRAWING PROJECTION is always identified on a drawing either symbol or as above Orthogonal Projection Orthogonal Projection Correct Layout Is this drawing correct? Partial Views Auxiliary Views 5 .

Auxiliary Views Auxiliary Views Removed Views Removed Views Pictorial Drawing Pictorial Drawing 6 .

The object is cut by a surface (cutting plane) and the part in front is removed to expose the details of the cut object.Pictorial Drawing Sections Sometimes it is difficult to adequately define an object by using only external views. Sectional Shading Sectional Shading 45o Sectional Shading Sectional Shading 7 . Sections are used to expose the internal details.

Sectional Shading Sectional Shading Sections Sections Sections Sections 8 .

Why is Section B-B is different ? Sectioning along this line would achieve the preferred option 9 .Sections Sections Sections Sections How would you achieve this in Solid Edge? Sections Thin webs If the section plane is coincident with the centre plane of a thin web or similar attachment. do NOT section the thin web.

surface hole) but tapered Treatment) Counterbore centres another fixing to of a group is not tapered. of holes part) Exploded Views Last Comment Last Comment 10 .Standard representations for shafts and tubes Drawing Information Enlarged“ViewFinish – “Round – an Groove Flange This (to Fillet – internal Circlip – a “Square” Surface isDiagonal Chamfer Line Leader LineAuxiliary Centre InternalCircle topoints BossArrowheads Pitch Angular give better an Line flat describesindicate projecting rim radiusThread (locates lines Counterbore a maximum Countersink Thick(projection Section Plane Chain Indicates to afor Dimension representation the a matin for roughness Diameter extra details)note – The externalfunction usedcomponent) surfaces accommodate for (similar radius (Special support) Dimension circle for the stiffening or for nut.

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