What is DEKA? Deka Vodou is the Vodou practiced in Vodou Temples such as Souvenance - Soukri - Badjo Lavil Okan - Dereal - Nan Kanpech and in most "Family Vodou Community" where there is no Asson - the Loa 's are ancestral and transmitted from Parents to Children and the religious instrument used is the Kwa Kwa. Deka Vodou is the original source for Vodou as a Religion in Haiti. In Deka Vodou, the Basic Universal Element used is WATER where as in Petro for example, FIRE, is the primary element. Where does it come from? To understand DEKA VODOU - one must first understand that when It comes to Haitian Vodou - there is Vodou before Independance (before 1804), Vodou practiced by specific tribes in Haiti - such as Dahomen - Congo - Nago. After indepdance, after Bwa Kayiman then came a new type of Vodou, such as the PETRO. According to Deka Vodou stories, the First Ginen was not a Slave. The First Ginen came and planted The Deka Temples and Religious System. How does it serve? Deka Vodou is the Vodou of the "Ginen Spirit" - the Spirit that assisted the slaves during their travel from Africa to the new continent. the Ginen Spirit does ask nor required much Water - Pistache Griye - Mais Griye - Pain - Kola - Bonbon Is it a secret society? No Deka Vodou is not a secret society. Deka Vodou is open to all - in Deka Vodou children are always present. How can one join? In Temples such as Souvenans and Soukri, they initiate people in Deka Vodou - The Initiation is called "Sèvis Tèt". In nan Badjo, as of today there are no initiation... Please note that if one is initiated in an Asogwe or Petro Vodou System, if one is a Kanzo, In the Deka Vodou initiation process they get rid of the kanzo - dont Forget - it is Water over Fire - Water turns down Fire.