Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhai Tata
By Nishant Patnaik(FPB1113/042)

D. Japan and England before being drafted into the French army for a mandatory oneyear period. • He had a great personality with a charm and style of his own. Tata was inspired early by aviation pioneer Louis Blériot and Obtained the first pilot licence issue in India. • His father was an Indian Parsi by name.Introduction To Mr. Sujaine.JRD TATA • Born in Paris. • J. Ratanji Tata and mother was a French. By Nishant Patnaik(FPB1113/042) . by name.R. • He was educated in France. France on 29 July 1904.

• JRD was the trustee of Sir Dorabji Tata Trust from its inception in 1932 for over half a century and established Asia's first cancer hospital in Bombay.Boon to Indian Economy • In 1948. at the age of 34. JRD Tata launched Air India International as India's first international airline. • JRD Tata joined Tata & Sons as chairperson in 1938. • Tata Group grew from $100 million to over $5 billion under his leadership. By Nishant Patnaik(FPB1113/042) .

the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research 1945 (TIFR) By Nishant Patnaik(FPB1113/042) .Mumbai).Corporate Spur • • • • • • • • Founder of TATA Steel(1907.Mumbai).Kolkata). Founder of TATA Communication(1986. Founder of TCS(1968 at Mumbai). Founder of TITAN industry(1987.mumbai).Bangalore). Founder of TATA Motors formerly TELCO(1945). Founded the Tata Institute of Social Sciences 1936 (TISS).(1954. Founder of Voltas. Founder of Tata-Tea(1964.

Personality that motivates • • • • • • • • Very Dignified. Dependable. By Nishant Patnaik(FPB1113/042) . Commitment towards his work. Ethical from social and business point of view. A simple Personality used his professional and industrial progress by devotion to his duty. Exemplary Leadership quality and a tremendous motivator. Risk taker not the speculator. Loyal and Believe in relationship.

• He received the Prestigious Guggenheim Medal for aviation in 1988. By Nishant Patnaik(FPB1113/042) . • He was the recipient of the Tony Jannus Award in 1979 for his contributions to commercial aviation.Achivements in his life • JRD Tata was awarded the Legion d’honneur by the French Government in 1954. • In 1988 awarded with the United Nations Population Award. • He awarded Bharat Ratna in 1992.

Thank You By Nishant Patnaik(FPB1113/042) .

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