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UJIAN AKHIR SEKOLAH SUSULAN TAHUN PELAJARAN 2010 / 2011 Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris Hari / Tanggal : Rabu, 6 April 2011 Waktu : 120 Menit PETUNJUK SOAL 1. Soal terdiri dari 50 soal Pilihan Ganda. 2. Periksa jumlah lembar soal, dan pastikan jumlah lembar soal dan nomer soal sesuai, jika lembar soal kurang atau rusak dapat minta ganti pada pengawas. 3. Jawablah pada lembar jawab yang tersedia. 4. Gunakan Pulpen warna hitam untuk mengisi lembar jawab. 5. Jawablah terlebih dahulu soal yang dianggap mudah. 6. Teliti terlebih dahulu lembar jawab sebelum diserahkan kepada pengawas. 7. Jika jawaban salah dan ingin dibetulkan, maka : Contoh : a b c d menjadi a b c d Choose the right answer by crossing a, b, c, or d! Read the text to answer questions 1 and 2. ARTICLES ARE CONSIDERED SOLD IF YOU BROKE THEM 1. What does the caution mean? a. The shop sells special broken articles. b. You dont have to buy articles that are broken. c. In this section you will only find broken articles. d. If you break any of the articles, you should pay for it. 2. Where do you usually find this caution? a. Library. b. Bookstore. c. Greengrocer. d. Department store.

Read the text and answer question 3 Dear John, Its your time to shine! Congratulations on your success. To be the best student is not easy, but you could do it. Thats amazing! We are proud of you. Irwan 3. What is Johns success? a. To be the best student. c. To be able to do amazing things. b. To make Irwan proud. d. To shine in an amazing way. Read the following text and answer questions 4 to 7! The weather was very clear. I and my family decided to go camping last holiday. Father prepared the tent and other equipment. Mother prepared the cooking and eating utensils. I took my fishing rod and my brother brought his sport equipment. When everything was ready, we left for the camping site in countryside. There were many campers when we arrived at the camping site. Unfortunately, the good location near the river had been occupied by other campers so we had to look for another place. Finally, we found a good place little bit further. It was near the big tree. After setting up the tent, my father and I went fishing. We joined other people sitting on the rock near the river. In the evening, father made a fire. Mother cooked the fish we caught. I could say that it was the best fish I had ever tasted. Sleeping in the tent was a very wonderful experience. I woke up early in the morning. I felt fresh. Then I accompanied my brother playing ball. In the afternoon, we came back home. 4. Where did the writer and his family set up their tent? a. Near the river. c. At the back of the river. b. Near the big tree. d. Far away from other campers.

5. What is the purpose of the text above? a. To describe a camping site. b. To give instruction how to set up the tent. c. To retell the writers past camping experience. d. To inform people the new camping site. 6. What is the writer and his fathers hobby? a. Camping. b. Cooking. c. Fishing. d. Playing ball.

7. the river had been occupied by The underlined word is similar in meaning to . a. inhabited b. authorized c. bought d. grabbed Read the letter and answer questions 8 to 13! Dear Aiping, I wanted to write to you today to say that I have moved to Malang. My new address is Taman Malang Indah, Blok A 10 No 17 Malang Jawa Timur and now I go to SMP Perdana the best junior high school in town. You know that we have shared a lot of ups and downs throughout the past years at school and I am very happy to count you as my friend. I also want to say that I expect to see you quite often in the coming years. I invite you to visit me and my family whenever you have some free time. I also expect to visit you and your family and I will let you know well in advance so we can plan to get together. I also wish you a success in your new school, and I hope you keep me up to date on whats happening through email. Your friend, Wirdatul Amimy 8. The letter is meant to Aiping. a. entertain b. congratulate c. greet d. invite 9. The third paragraph of the text tells you about the writers . a. intention to visit her friend c. plan to continue her study b. family in her new address d. ability to make a good plan 10. Wirdatul asked Aiping to to inform her anything. a. email b. phone c. visit 11. The text shows that Aiping lives now. a. next to Wirdatuls parents b. near Wirdatuls friend 12. so we can plan to get together. (paragraph 3) What does the word we in the sentence refer to? a. Aiping and her friends. b. Wirdatul and her parents. c. far from Malang d. around the city d. write

c. Wirdatuls parents. d. Aiping and Wirdatul.

Read the following text and answer questions 13 to 15!

MILK CALCIUM Dietary Supplement 600 mg 100 Soft gels Supplement Facts Serving size : 1 soft gel Amount per 1 soft gel % Daily Value* Vitamin D 200 IU 50 Calcium (from milk) 600 mg 60 Zinc 15 mg * * Daily value has not been established Other ingredients: Gelatin, Glycerin, Purified Water Directions: As a dietary supplement, take one soft gel for adults daily. Manufactured for: EXP 04 27 10 NU-HEALTH PRODUCTS CO. LOT 2 75 61 Walnut, CA 91789 Made in U.S.A.

13. The label is telling us about of a dietary supplement. a. the information b. the usage c. the materials 14. When would it be best to consume the produt? a. Before April 27th, 2010. b. After April 4th, 2010.

d. the benefits

c. During April 4th, 2010. d. On April 4th, 2010.

15. How many soft gels does someone take everyday? a. 15 mg. b. 1 gel. c. 200 IU.

d. 600 mg.

Read the text and answer questions 16 to 20! Steve Irvin was known around the world as the enthusiastic crocodile hunter. His up-close interactions with dangerous animals, along with his Australian accent and catchword Crickey, made him an international celebrity, generating TV specials, board games, action figures and even a feature film The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course. Irvin, who was born in 1962, grew up with wildlife all around him at his parents reptile park in Queensland, Australia. An experienced crocodile trapper, he took over direction of the park in 1991, naming it the Australia Zoo. With his wife, Terri Raines, from the United States, he created the TV show The Crocodile Hunter in 1992, which became an instant hit on American cable television. Irvin and his wife were soon regulars on TVs worldwide. Irvins shows included CroFiles (2000), The Crocodile Hunter Diaries (2002), Confessions of the Crocodile Hunter (2004) and New Breed Vets (2006). On September 4, 2006, Irvin was sadly killed by a stingray during a diving expedition on the Great Barrier Reef, where he was filming a documentary. He left behind a wife and two children, Bindi and Robert. Bindi, his daughter, has starred in her own show, Bindi the Jungle Girl, and says she wants to follow in her fathers footsteps. 16. The text mostly discusses . a. Terri Raines b. Bindi 17. What does paragraph 3 tell you about? a. The danger of reef. b. The Irvins death. 18. Which is the last TV show he created? a. The Crocodile Hunter. b. The Crocodile Hunter Diaries.

c. Robert

d. Steve Irvin

c. The great expedition. d. Irvins children.

c. New Breed Vets. d. Confessions of the Crocodile Hunter.

19. In the last paragraph, the writer expresses his for Irvins death. a. grief b. happiness c. appreciation 20. and says she wants to follow in her fathers footsteps. (last paragraph) What does the word she in the sentence refer to? a. Terry Raines c. Roberts daughter b. Bindi d. Bindis friend

d. curiosity

Study the text to answer questions 21 and 22! Sandra, Ive to see Grandma, buy these things to Indris store for the next breakfast: a bottle of milk, a pack of bread, a kilogram of eggs, four packs of instant noodles. Love, Mom 21. Who wrote the note? a. Sandra c. Sandras grandma b. Sandras mother d. Mrs. Indri 22. Where did Sandras parents go? a. To Grand Mall b. To go shopping

c. To grandmas house d. To Mrs. Indris store

Read the text and answer questions 23 to 25! There is a two storey house. It is located near Patrol highway, Jalan Sastrawan No. 3, Flores. The house consists of the following: A living room, a drawing room, a dining room, a study room, a kitchen, two bathrooms, and a garage. Children and nannys bedrooms upstairs and the main bedroom downstairs. A sofa and some chairs in the drawing room. A refrigerator, an electric fan and a television. Kitchen utensils, such as pots, pans, kettles, gas stoves and the kitchen sink. It also has 3000 V power, telephone line, hotspot, and water heater. Serious buyer contacts Tia 987654. 23. What is the text about? a. The description of a two storey house. c. Inside the house. b. The house appliances. d. The rooms of the house. 24. Where is the childrens bedroom? a. In the first floor. b. In the second floor. 25. Children and nannys bedrooms. The synonym of the underlined word is . a. grandmother b. mother

c. Near the main bedroom. d. Near the drawing room.

c. baby-sitter

d. sister

Read the text and answer questions 26 to 29! Maura, who liked to be thought of as the most beautiful and powerful queen of Arabia, had many suitors. One by one she had discarded them, until her list was reduced to just three sheiks, all equally young and handsome, rich and strong. It was very hard to decide who would be the best of them. One evening, Maura disguised herself and went to the camp of three sheiks, as they were about to have dinner, and asked them for something to eat. The first gave her some leftover food; the second gave her some unappetizing camels tails; the third sheik, who was called Hakim, offered her some of the most tender and tasty meat. After dinner, the disguised queen left the sheiks camp. The following day the queen invited the three sheiks to dinner at her palace. She ordered her servants to give each one exactly what they had given her the evening before. Hakim, who received a plate of delicious meat, refused to eat it if the other two could not share it with him, and this act finally convinced Queen Maura that he was the man for her. Without question, Hakim is the most generous of you, she announced her choice to the sheiks. So it is Hakim I will marry. 26. The text tells us about the queen . a. was the most powerful queen in Arabia b. was very proud of her beauty and riches c. was very careful in deciding whom she would marry d. was very satisfied with the food given by the sheiks 27. The queen ordered her servants to give the sheiks the same kind of food as that she got from them because she wanted . a. to entertain her guest c. to see the sheiks reactions b. to test the sheiks food d. to repay the sheiks kindness 28. Whats the moral value that you can learn from the story? a. Dont look at someone from the appearance. b. We should make a party to decide something. c. Dont trust easily to someone who has given a valuable thing. d. We have to be careful in choosing the person to chase our life with. 29. One by one she had discarded them, The word them refers to . a. three sheiks b. servants c. Arabians

d. suitors

Read the text and answer questions 30 to 34! JAKARTA GLOBAL JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL We are delighted to announce the appointment of Mr. Erick Viagio as our new football coach. Prior to his appointment with Jakarta Global Junior High School, Mr. Viagio was the coach of Junior Club Brazil. Mr. Viagio is highly experienced and has enjoyed an active role within the football clubs for children in Brazil. He has a strong understanding on how to make our football club the best in town. Mr. Viagio, a Brazilian, speaks English and Indonesian as well as a couple of Chinese dialects. He spent five years living and working in the cosmopolitan city of Jakarta and is extremely familiar with Indonesias diverse culture and traditions. Principal, Jim Harrison 30. The text above tells you about Mr. Viagios as the new school football coach. a. ambition b. promise c. appointment d. experience 31. The second paragraph of the text tells you Mr. Viagios . a. current position c. next carrier b. previous job d. football team 32. The text shows that Mr. Viagio . a. used to avoid working with children b. likes children very much

c. dislikes playing football with boys d. is not a Brazilian anymore now

33. and is extremely familiar with Indonesias diverse culture and traditions. What does the underlined word mean? a. Attractive. b. Different. c. Interesting. d. Exclusive. 34. He spent five years living and working in the cosmopolitan city (par. 4) What does the word he in the sentence refer to? a. Mr. Viagio. b. The teacher. c. The principal. d. The writer. Read the text and answer questions 35 to 39! Fruits are a source of nourishing substances that keep us alive and healthy. For example, they contain many vitamins, especially vitamins A and C, and many minerals, such as calcium, potassium, and zinc. They also provide fiber for a healthy digestive system and carbohydrates that the body needs to make energy. They dont have a lot of calories to make us fat. People use fruits for many things. We make juices from them. We cook bread and pie with them. We make jams and jellies and sweets. We freeze them to eat later. We even make alcohol from fruit. Beer comes from grains, wine comes from grapes, and some brandies are made from plums, apricots, or other fruits. But most of the time, we dont do anything special with fruits. We eat them fresh, just as they are! 35. What is the text about? a. Vitamins. b. Energy. c. Fruits. d. Minerals. 36. What is the main idea of the second paragraph? a. We make juice from fruits. b. People use fruits for many things. c. Some beer and brandies are made of fruits. d. We freeze fruits to eat whenever we need later. 37. Which substance do we need to have a healthy digestive system? a. Vitamins. b. Calories. c. Fiber. 38. We freeze them to eat later. (par. 2) The word freeze in the sentence is similar in meaning to . a. liquidate b. ice up c. preserve

d. Carbohydrate.

d. cool

39. We eat them fresh, just as they are! (last paragraph) The word they in the sentence refer to? a. Fruits. b. Jams. c. Jellies.

d. Sweets.

Read the following text to answer questions 40 to 43! Crisp Roast Duck Ingredients: 1 long island duck 2 cups boiling-hot water 1 tablespoon salt 1 teaspoon black pepper Steps: Put oven rack in the middle position and preheat oven to 200C. Rinse duck inside and out. Prick skin all over with a sharp fork. Pour boiling-hot water over duck (to tighten skin). Cool duck. Rub duck inside and out with salt and pepper. Roast duck, breast side up, until skin is brown and crisp, then remove from the oven. 40. Whats the text about? a. The instructions to prepare crisp roast duck. b. Whats needed to make some food. c. The steps to make a delicious food. d. How to make crisp roast duck. 41. What do we need to prick the skin of the duck? a. Salt. b. Black pepper. 42. What do we do to tighten the skin of the duck? a. Rinse duck inside and outside. b. Prick skin all over with a sharp fork. 43. Prick skin all over with a sharp fork. What is the meaning of the underlined word? a. Make a small hole in something. b. Brush something on the surface.

c. A sharp fork. d. Boiling-hot water.

c. Pour boiling-hot water over duck. d. Cool the duck.

c. Put something on the body. d. Cut something into small pieces.

Read the text and answer questions 44 and 45! Love fills a moment A moment fills a lifetime A lifetime begins eternity Our eternity begins here, At the wedding of Amanda Rayburn & Brian Duncan Please complete our happiness By celebrating our wedding weekend May 24th, 25th and 26th 2009 Beau Lodge, Alabama Ceremony at 4 p.m. Sunday the 25th 44. What is the text about? a. An invitation to fill a moment. c. An invitation to hold a wedding party. b. An invitation to complete happiness. d. An invitation to attend a wedding party. 45. Which statement is NOT TRUE based on the text? a. The wedding weekend will be held for four days. b. The wedding ceremony will be held on the twenty fifth of May. c. Amanda Rayburn will get marry to Brian Duncan. d. The wedding party will be held in Alabama.

For number 46 to 48, choose the best options to complete the text! When Taufik was a small boy, he had a bad (46). He was running along a road where some workmen were (47). The men were all very busy, so they didnt see him coming. His parents who were walking along behind him called out to him but he suddenly (48) from view. They quickly ran to the spot, where the workmen worked, and found Taufik crying at the bottom of a deep hole. He hadnt broken any bones, but he had hurt his head very badly, so he needed to go to hospital and had ten stitches. 46. a. accident 47. a. digging a hole 48. a. turned b. manner b. taking a rest b. stopped c. mistake c. cutting a tree c. jumped d. experiment d. sweeping the road d. disappeared

49. Choose the best arrangement of the words to make a good sentence! is but beautiful the girl attitude bad has she 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 a. 4 1 2 3 8 7 5 6 c. 4 1 3 2 8 7 6 5 b. 4 1 8 3 2 7 6 5 d. 4 1 5 8 2 6 7 3 50. 1. First, they are difficult to find. 2. They are only found in a few places in the world. 3. Diamonds are very expensive for several reasons. 4. And finally, they are very beautiful. 5. People use diamonds to cut other stones. 6. Second, they are useful. 7. They stay the same for millions of years. 8. Third, diamonds do not change. The best arrangement to make a good paragraph is . a. 5 3 6 2 1 4 8 7 c. 3 1 2 6 5 8 7 4 b. 5 3 1 2 4 6 4 7 d. 3 2 1 5 6 4 7 4