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Infosys Model Paper

Infosys Model Paper

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MODEL PAPER Reasoning Ability (30 questions, 40 minutes)
S.No 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Section Logical Reasoning/Analytical Reasoning Logic (figure type questions) Data Sufficiency Data Interpretation Logical Puzzles Deductive Reasoning, Syllogism No. of questions 5 5 5 5 5 5

Important: Try solving out similar questions from “A modern approach to verbal and non verbal reasoning” by R.S. Aggarwal

Note: • Do not attempt to solve fully. in most cases "solving" is not as important as "observation" • Time Management is the key resource to crack this paper • Try to observe questions (not only this but all) carefully and examine the fact it helps to save the time. • Only when it is needed factually you should do the calculations. • You need to concentrate on the Puzzle Test Section in book “A modern approach to verbal and non verbal reasoning” by R.S. Aggarwal. 6 topics are there, please don’t ignore any topic. 1) 4 players A,B,C,D are playing a game. The rule of the game is that the person who loses the game will double the money of other players from the money he is having. They play 4 consecutive games and after the completion of 4 games each player had 32 rupees. If each player loses in one game and that in alphabetical order of their names, then answer the following: Five Questions like who started with what money, or what amount of money a person has after a particular round. if u solve the puzzle the questions wont take more than a minute. Solution to this puzzle: In these types of questions always follow the reverse order. in this question since money is to remain same that is 32 X 4 = 128, so this condition should be satisfied at every step. Since in last round D loses and thus before this round (ie in 3rd round) A,B,C must have had half the money they own now (ie 16) because D must have doubled their money in 4th round, Money with D in 3rd round can be calculated by subtracting money owned by A,B,C from 128 (ie 128 - 16X3 = 80). We can proceed in similar fashion to get the money persons owned before starting to play game. Make a table like this; it will speed up the process. so, after the round x : money with A : B : C : D 4 : 32 : 32 : 32 : 32 3 : 16 : 16 : 16 : 80 2 : 8 : 8 : 72 : 40 1 : 4 : 68 : 36 : 20 starting of game : 66 : 34 : 18 : 10 Now u can answer the questions based on the puzzle from the table. 2) A DI questions has to pass through three stages A,B,C.. There are 4 men to check at stage A, 10 men at stage B and 4 men at stage C. each man works for 10 hrs a day.. A DI question takes 1 hr at Stage A,2 hrs at Stage B and 1 hr at Stage C and an aptitude questions takes 45 mins at Stage A,2hrs at stage B and 1 hr at Stage C. There were 5 questions based on the data provided.. like… At most how many DI questions could be solved in a day.. If 3 more men get involved in stage A then at most how many questions can be solved in a day..
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3) At a CL institute there are 4 consulters, 10 conceptors, 4 readers... Each work 10 hours a day. A consultor can frame his part of questions in 1 hour, conceptor- half hour, reader- 1 hour... A) max how many questions can be framed in a day..? B) how many questions can be framed if number of readers are increased by 10..? C) if number of conceptor work is 5 less than the readers work than how many questions framed in one day..? 4) There are 6 bikes A,B,C,D,E,F to be sold within a week, one bike is sold each day of week F sold on Tuesday, D sold immediately after C. 5) P,Q,R and S are standing at the 4 corners of a square…n/w ,n/e, s/w, and s/e respectively… N something like…If P and R move one and a half distance in the clockwise direction…Q and S one n a half in the anticlockwise direction then in Which direction is P with respect to S? 6) Gopal and Mohan bought 2 types of trees lemon and coconut in the ratio 1:5 Gopal spent 2 lakhs in other thing would like levelling, labour etc,, They totally invested 12 lakhs after they sold coconuts they got 5,00,000.as revenue ,,, total field was 5 hectares ,, and the output of fields were in the ratio 2:3 ,,they sold a coconut for Rs.5. To find the numbers of coconuts? The number of lemons Total revenue of lemon. 7) 2 friends hired a piece of land and invested money in ratio of 3:1. They harvested coconuts and lemon in ratio of 2:1.Lemon trees were 100. In 1996 the profit was 28,000.In 1998, it was 5% of the total amount 8) A,B,C,D are 4 person. All are some money their sum is Rs. 100 and A and B have same amount of money that C and D have. A has more money than B. C have half of money that D have and A = d+5 1. How much money did 'c' have? 2. Who has the highest amount? 3. How much money does B have? 4. What is the ratio of C:D? 5. Who have second highest money? 9) 100 coins r distributed among five persons satisfying conditions below: 1) None got equal no. of coins 2) J got coins equal to sum of K & L's coins. 3) L got 3 coins more than cube of a number. 4) K got coins equal to Square or Cube of an integer. 5) M & N got the lowest no. of coins. There were 5 questions based on that 1) Who got the highest no. of coins Ans: J 2) How many coins did J get. Ans: 46 3) How many coins more/less did K get than L Ans: 14 10) There is six friend Arun, Sourabh, Gaurav, Kiran,,….,…. and Arun and Gaurav play golf, Kiran and arun play cricket and golf both …………like this six game .. 11) In a college hostel there are 100 rooms for 100 boys during holiday all boys returned home and every room of hostel was locked. after holidays when 1st boy returned he opened all 100 doors when 2nd boy arrived he closed every 2nd door when third boy arrived he operated on every third door (if door was opened he closed it and vice versa) This process continued toll the 100th boy arrived 1) which of the door was opened at the end of process? a)80 b)68 c)75 d)100 2)find the odd one out in the following doors 81st, 16th, 96th, one more a) 81 b)16 c)96 d)one more and three more questions
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Confidential 12) There is a cuboid of dimensions 7 X 6 X 5. n none of them had the same no.he rob three computers . which was not equal to one of the individual scores....and the walk towards north 60m to reach point 'K'...tejas and agni. 2) Find the shortest distance from point 'I' to 'K'..... Now it is cut into small cubes of 1 cm sides. one 6 X 5 face with violet and the face opposite to it with green color and the remaining two with 5X7 with Blue and Yellow.. If anybody loses then she has to distribute her money in such a way that the remaining 3 sisters have double their money ie if 3 sisters have 10 rs each after the loss of one sister they will have 20 rupees. d) Saturday is a half day and Sunday is after the holiday. 1) Find the shortest distance from point 'A' to 'H'.. Then he turn right and walk 10m to reach point C'. Then he turn left and walk 10m to reach point 'G'.... 1) What was d avg? (23) 2) What was d max. There is 1 holiday in between papers..now he used three tools plier.. Conditions were: a) exams will start either on Sunday or Wednesday with biology and no other paper will b there on that day.. 1) In which month was agni. scored by an individual? (43) 3) What was d lowest score? (5) Page 3 of 22 . It is painted on two opposite faces of 7X6 with red color..V arranged in age sequence is S is oldest and T is youngest.. There were 11 players. 13) Exam is to be held between Monday to Sunday.. the questions were like 1) Who has max money.... Then he turn right and walk 10m to reach point G''. c) Hindi & English cannot be accompanied by others.../Then he turn right and walk 10m to reach point 'H'. then answer the following questions on the basis of above facts: 1)How many cubes are there with no face painted? Ans: 60 2)How many cubes are there with 3 face painted with Red.. history.. 9 papers were: English. and chemistry. 5 questions were there like: 1) when the exams start?? a) Sunday b) Wednesday c) Monday d) Friday ans: b) Wednesday 2) when is the holiday? a) Sunday b) Friday c) Saturday d) Thursday ans: b) Friday The sequence was like this sol: Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday biology history holiday English Hindi civics geography physics maths chemistry 14) A starts from point 'A' and walk 10m towards south to reach point 'B'.and from third computer he rob keyboard.T.. geography. No1 scored more than 45 goals...he rob monitor from tejas but does not use hook. e) Number of papers before holiday is less than that after the holiday... He kept on walking 50m further toward west to reach point 'I'. after 4 rounds each has 32 rs each.?? 2) Which tool was used for tejas.... b) Geography paper can be followed by 1 other paper but not on Monday. math... physics. 15) A man used to rob the computers and he is active only for quarter of a year... 2) Who has min money 17) In a football match each player scored a prime no. Hindi.U.vayu.January was unfortunate month for tejas. biology.... their average was also a prime no. of goals..... Then he turn right and walk 10m to reach point 'E'.vayu was stolen in march.he rob printer from vayu and use plier... screwdriver and hook to rob all the parts from the computer and make his own computer. they play sum gambling game.. of goals. Then he turn left and walk 10m to reach point 'F''. 16) There are 4 sisters S. Yellow and Green? Ans: 02 3)How many were painted with one face RED? Ans: 40 4)How many with two face painted ? Ans: 36 5) how many . civics. Then he turn left and walk 10m to reach point 'D''.

. Page 4 of 22 .N..some statements were given like x comes b4 y n y two places b4 z.. if operation B is performed first then how many combinations are possible 3. D be the youngest one would get least.set of 5 questions on this. At what time he will go to him? Who will he visit aft R? 1. and F conditions given 1 only A.. If a single operation costs Rs.. C. then Shyam’s position from back is (1) 25 (2) 26 (3) 27 (4) 28 2. E.. It was like Ravan was going to die ......and then reversed to get ranks of each person.and so on.. Answer the five questions on this.. 22) A puzzle on sequences. if C and E operations are replaced by a single operation G then the total no of possibilities are reduced or increased compared to the previous possibilities 4 if operation A is performed first then how many possible combinations are possible 5 if operation A costs 1. A.B has one lakh more than C.. Ram is 10th from front and Shyam is 10th from back. Let B or A or D operations occur first Operation C is performed after E F comes after A E is not performed immediately after F 1.namely M... each worth Rs1 lakh..B.etc. operation C is performed after F 4.O. B and D are the first operation to be performed 2. After every visit he takes 25min (travel n rest) to move to another doctor.so complete order had to be determined. If Operation B occurs first then what is the state of A (Ans is either (i) or (ii) i) 2nd stage ii) 3rd stage iii) either I and ii iv) None 2.. D.C...P.he had 4 sons. Then what will be the manufacturing cost of 81 chips 19) Problem on Ravan. 21) To manufacture a computer chip 6 operations r required (A.to be distributed amongst 4.E.R.Q. He had a box of gold coins. check on this) 18) There are 6 operations performed to manufacture a computer chip..F). B costs 2. A b the eldest one would get the maximum.. operation E is performed immediately after C Questions 1 If operation A is performed at the third position then how many combinations are possible 2. B.. Their unique hobbies and some relations between their home towns are given. operation F is performed immediately after A 3.B.. Hari stands 10th in the class and mohan stands 17th from back and there are 4 students in between them then the total strength of the class is….nobody will get less than 3... How many gold coins were there? How much did A get? 20) There is MR.C and D four girls living in Chennai and Mumbai.S is to be visited third aft visiting N... He has to visit O before M. 23) A..D.. Then how will he manage.he has to visit 7 doctors daily from 9am to 4pm.. After the 5th visit he takes 50min break for lunch. if both interchange their positions then Ram is 27th from front.S. C costs 3 and so on. .Confidential 4) What was d second lowest score? (7) 5) How many scored above 20? (5..21 then what is the total cost for manufacturing 80 chips… By specifying the state of any operations and asking to find the other operation states…. Who was d first to b visited? If doc S says to meet him again aft he visits last person.

One digit in his number of votes is zero 25) From Cube basically 3*3. Page 5 of 22 . This is how you can approach. bottom layer and the middle layer(s). A) How many cubes are no side painted B) How many cubes 1 side painted C) How many cubes 2 sides painted D) How many cubes 3 sides painted E) How many cubes painted 3 sides with 3 different colors. ans. What ever the cube is given take it into layers. how many cubes with one side painted ans. Draw down the cube immediately and use pencil. For example: a 3*3 cube is given and painted in all sides. 3 sides painted. 36 iii. 27) A cube of 15m in length is cut into few smaller cubes in such a way that the cubes are equally 3m in side. So my suggestion is to have it as a last option. A. And the cube is cut into 27 small cubes of equal size. 27 ii. how many cubes with no side painted ans. Top layer. the votes polled for B is b/n 100 and 200. Now the questions will be How Many cubes are not painted in any side. 26) A cube problem 15 cm cut into 3cm and opposite sides is painted with black. yellow on all the pair of opposite sides. Aggarwal Approach can be like this. B and C are elected as the representatives for these sections. blue pen and black pen to isolate the 1 side painted. 54 iv.blue. how many cubes with different colour sides painted. A got only 4 votes more than C. green and yellow. and the cube is painted green . 2 side painted. To solve them fast and easily. i. The total votes polled for this election are 317. Then u can solve it like this 3*3 cube have 3 layers: 1 layer . Cube problem always consumes time. How many cubes have three sides painted ans. 8 v. Solution: Please refer to cubes and dices topic from verbal and non-verbal reasoning by R.0 not painted and finally add all the three you will get the answer. The unit's digit of C is two times that of B. 2 layer . 3 layer .0 not painted. draw the cube and divide it into different layers and then solve the questions given. Since this cube is 5*5 u have 3 middle layers.4*4. answer the following questions. 8 formula is no of cuts = n no side = n-2 power 3 one side = n-2 power 2 multiply 6 two side = n-2 multiply 12 three side = 8 .5*5 are only.Confidential 24) There are 3 sections in one class.S.1 not painted. how many cubes have two sides painted ans.

then direction. The following topics are covered in this paper: Find the odd one among the five pictures given th Five figures were given in each question. Addition of new figure will be little complicated don’t get screwed up. Page 6 of 22 . we have to find the 6 one of it from the options Four figures and next was to be found which completed the series. Find the odd figure in following 1) a) a pentagon inside a hexagon b) a rectangle inside a pentagon c) a triangle inside a rectangle d) a pentagon inside a rectangle e) a hexagon inside a septagon 2) a) two intersecting circles b) two intersecting squares c) two intersecting triangles d) one square intersecting with triangle e) two intersecting pentagons 3) There were 5 different figures every fig has one circle intersected with square and there were two dots every fig has dot in intersection apart from the answer which does not have the dot in intersection area. then fig in. If there is an elimination of a part in the figure just check out if there is addition of a new figure. You need to spend min 5 mins maximum of 10 mins. Some clues are : First check for the shapes.Confidential LOGIC Note: • • You need to have concentration more and your observing needs to be fixed on to the paper. Never ignore the RS Aggarwal “Non Verbal Reasoning” figure problems. fig out combinations.

if other two angles are equal (b). c) either of 1 or 2 is sufficient to answer the question.z (i) xy-21=3z (ii) yz-7x=6 A question was given followed by 2 statements 1) If the first statement alone was enough to answer the question 2) If the second statement alone was enough to answer the question 3) If the both the statements were required to answer the question 4) If the question could not be answered using both the statements Page 7 of 22 .if some of other two angles is equal to angle ABC Ans: only (b) require 3) We can determine the distance between office and house of Mohan? (a). If Mohan travels at a speed of 30kmph then he reaches office 10 minutes late (b). angle BAD= 55 a) 1 alone is sufficient to answer the question.the length AC=10cm (b). (a). Ans to above is e 2) Angle ABC of a triangle is right angled.. angle ABC is obtained: (a) Angle BCD is 70 degrees (b) Sum of angle CDB and BCD is 130 1) is x-3/x=27? (i) x^2=9 (ii) x<-1 2) calculate area of rectangle ABCD (i) AD=10 (ii) BC=5 3)value of X? (i) LCM of x and 21 is 63 (ii) HCF of x is 3 4) calculate x.the length CD=6cm Ans: both are required I5) n a cyclic quadrilateral ABCD. Go for some CAT material. e) both are required to answer the question.y. If Mohan travels at a speed of 40kmph then he reaches office 10 minutes earlier Ans: both the statement are required 4) The length of diagonal BD of a rhombus ABCD.Confidential DATA SUFFICENCY Note: Remember you don't have to solve the questions but to find out whether which choice is the best to answer. You generally can’t find maths based DS questions in R. 1) Find the angle ADC in cyclic quadrilateral ABCD 1. b) 2 alone is sufficient to answer the question. Aggarwal. can be known if: (a). where the major diagonal is AC. angle BCD + angle ADC = 77 2.S. d) both are insufficient to answer the question.

angle BCD + angle ADC = 77 2. 0 Options A alone is enough B alone is enough A and B are require A and B cannot give the answer.b. a right angled quadrilateral figure was given. 9) x3 = x5 a) x>-3 b) x<0 Some fig. 1) AC=5 2) BC=13 ANS was b) both are required to find the area 12) a^2+b^2+c^2=0.. What will be the interest? a) if he had lent it for 2% more he would have received Rs.Is b>a.. PQ = 3 and QR = 4.0 You will have to select from the following A alone is enough B alone is enough A and B are require A and B cannot give the answer.cube of g >cube of h Mark a if question can be answered using a only b if question can be answered using b only c if either of them d if neither of them 7) X2Y3-XY)/(X2-Y2) a)X=2 b)Y-=5 8) Ram lent Rs.c in A. M+N&gt. 13) Find the angle ADC in cyclic quadrilateral ABCD 1. Data Insufficient. The data given was..Confidential 6) If either statement alone was sufficient to answer the question :: is g+3>h+2? 1. A alone is sufficient to come to the conclusion B. For three nos. D. 5000 at certain rate of interest. angle BAD= 55 14) What is the value of M+N? A.g>0and h>0 2.. Find the value of PS? PS = 3 PS &gt. B alone is sufficient C. Some dimensions were missing. (X+M)(X+N)=X^2+5X+MN B. Page 8 of 22 .P condition required a) a+c=2b b) a+b>c and two more such type of questions.. Both A and B are required. 500 more b) I don't remember A. 10) PQ=3 b) PS=6. with dimensions was given and one side PQ couldn't be deduced from that. 15) A Diagram was given that looked more like a blueprint of a house (with dimensions). a. So they asked what would be required to calculate the Area.. 11)Find the area of quadrilateral ABCD.

Both the data were required. X&gt.0 A alone is enough B alone is enough A and B are require A and B cannot give the answer. find p . 22) A theoretical question to find if ravi is an engineer or not data were a) all ram’s friends are engineers b) ravi is not ram’s friend.Confidential 16) Find X. and the data were measure of the side and the value of the diagonal. 17) 12 men & 12 rooms are there. 23) A equation was given and the constant was asked algebraically calculation. X^5=X^3 2. Page 9 of 22 . How will they paint the rooms in 10 days? Ans: A 18) A) if AOB angle is given What is the angle of AEB? B) If Angle of OAE= angle of OBE 1) Only A is enough 2) Only B is enough 3) Both are required 4) Neither of these is not required 19) To solve the following expression (X^2Y^3-X^3Y^2)/(XY^2) A) X=5 B) Y=2 1) A only 2)B only 3) Both are required 4) none 20) pnr calculation. 1. Data given were n separately and r separately 21) A square with diagonal was given. Question was to say if it is a square or not.

S Aggarwal Look 2 or 3 direct questions and answer them first. % of un electrified villages.1990 to 1998.. of units produced by Company A from 1991 to 1992 3) The year in which the no.then find the ratio of the villages that are to be electrified. 2) We were given a table tat had the info about the sales of 3 companies A. Brand for which shares increases 3 times in a row is called 'strong brand ' 2. Almost same sentence as 1 with consistent brand some data as same as 1st was given . The total sales n price/unit was given. has to spend the maximum money for electrification? 2) What is the ratio of electrified to un electrified villages in state D? 3) If there are villages in the state B & D in the ratio of 8:5. Calculate the average and if you have patience to do that do it. Calculate stuff like 1) Average price/unit of company C 2) The percentage increase in the no.. Hence there was a lot of division to do…Try to approximate the values n calculate wherever comparison is involved. there were very lengthy calculations and I would suggest to apply hit and trial here otherwise you'll end up wasting most of your time. Page 10 of 22 . questions was To find the most consistent brand To find the strongest brand. 1) Table of imports from diff countries to India was given and 5 questions were based on it. else ignore the other questions Some questions were lengthy calculations and I would suggest you to apply hit and trial here.. 4) 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 --------------------------------------------------a 30 31 20 27 32 --------------------------------------------------b ---------------------------------------------------c ---------------------------------------------------d Some data was given like that 1. The data’s were as follows: STATES % A 25 B 45 C 60 D 35 E 20 F 15 Questions were 1) Which is the state where the Govt.4 and the sales something like 501 etc. of states vs..Confidential DATA INTERPRETATION Note: Practice DI questions from Quantitative Aptitude by R.B and C for different years.. 5) A bar graph was given about no.. of units produced by Company C decreased a second time 4) The year in which maximum no of units was produced…something like tat The price/unit was given in decimals like 3..

How much is B's increase over A Ans is 137% and not 22% 9) A table was given. Green and total. What is the ratio between Red Cubes and Yellow cones? If all Green cones were replaced by yellow cubes. A has a sales of 10% and B has a sales of 32%.. what is the ratio between Yellow cubes and Red Cuboids? 11) One graph on Solubility Vs temperature for 6 different compounds like calcium sulphate. Yellow. was given. The data may be different.of coal.. Which fuel had least increased prod over the years? Which had completed the current demand? 10) A tabular column was given with the Columns as Red. Page 11 of 22 . Like if efficiency of machine A is double to that of B then What is the ratio of and b drawings Horsepower rating of these machines On most efficient way to utilize the machines. A table was given like: Product Machine A A 4 hours B 3 hours C 4 hours Machine B 2 hours 5 hours 4 hours 7) The table looked like above... etc.. All were in millions so it became easy to solve. Cones and Total. You will have to fill up the blank columns with the help of the data. The Rows as Cube. Some of the columns were unfilled.Confidential 6) A DI question 3 graphs were given one for steel production.in 96-97.containing average fuel production.05-06. which has the highest solubility… (1) calcium chloride at 29deg (2)calcium sulphate at 15deg (3)sodium chloride at 22deg (4)potassium chloride at 20deg. second for automobiles production and third one for ship building.00-01. natural gas... 8) Data Interpretation very easy pie chart with all the details Eg. calcium chloride. Then answer the five subdivisions in them.. 5 ques followed it… this was little tough as there were 6 different lines in a small graph . etc. Cuboids. Then 5 questions were asked.

Whose occupation is not known Ans: D..Confidential LOGICAL PUZZLES Note: Refer RS Aggarwal (A modern approach to Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning) chapter .. E and F….2 married couples…3 females…n the relations among them were given… Questions like. There are 4 frnds meena .. Ram . c must not be on alternate days and holiday except Saturday and questions based on that..B.anju. B. Lakhan and Kishan are doctor. A family with members A.Reena is older than manju but younger than Seema.Sanju. C 3.E sitting in 2 rows.Manju. Gita and Radha not in the same order .. like Which Day was holiday? On which Day lecture A took place? 7. Ans: Sanju 5..B. Teacher's wife also teaches B.Puzzles test and do all the six types of puzzles given... Seema is older than Manju.every gal has two hobbies Meena meera anju rita Delhi Mumbai chennai gardening singing clay modeling by making the above table questions can easily b answered 6. meera . Who is the married family Ans: B. It was like there were six people A.D. How many unmarried persons are there in family 2.. 8. teacher and engineer respectively .E. About lectures A. Heena is older than Reena but younger than Seema.also working and some conditions were given such as A.Sita is younger than Manju.anju likes gardening as her hobby and some more statements .. B and C can not sit in corner and other relevant data and then 5 questions based on it.D.C. Which of the following pairs represents a married couple? Draw a family tree…it’ll help u answer the questions 3..Seema. C. 1) Who is the youngest? Ans: Mughal 2) Who is the oldest? Ans: Seema 3) Who is 4th oldest? Ans: Manju 4) Who is older between Sanju & Sita? Ans: Beena 5) Who will be the neighbour os Jafar if.. C and E can never be together etc if u arrange the conditions you will easily find the answers they had 5 linked questions like Who was sitting next to A? . D. Blood relations A is a farmer and he has two sons and a daughter D is a unmarried daughter E is a lawyer and brother of C B is a teacher and wife of C 1. 2.Beena & rekha are to be seated according to their age.Meena is yonger than Sita but older than Beena who is older than Sanju.F and some data related to it like a. the girl who lived in Chennai has the hobby of clay modeling and singing . Jafar is older than Mughal but younger than Sanju.C. A secret affair of 2 4. meera has the hobby of painting and she live in Mumbai .. There were 8 persons and there had to be seated in a circular table there were various conditions like a is adjacent to C... (one more say rita ) two frnd lived in mumbai and there hobies were gardening . Do the chapter on Blood Relations as well! 1. C Ans: 2 Page 12 of 22 . all are married with wives Sita.

B. C Ans: 2 9. green.prathika who is anuj sister got married to shushim they have a child arjun. yellow. Maths comes after Chemistry. A question where the data is given like.. Radha and manillal had 2 children simma and shilpa.these people stay from room no. doctor..son-1) E(son. Details were given and for each person their room no.. black. Only one question with 5 sub question in this was asked. B) C (lawyer) is the brother of E.. there are nine papers and none takes place on a single day. when did the exam start? When was the holiday? What is the paper after Geography etc? 10. Five questions followed it… 11. city. blue... and their professions r farmer... white. trader.D. Page 13 of 22 .E. Among these which one forms the male group… (Ans. 14. brown.C.tough!! 13..D. brown.trader) | D(doctor. married.. There are six persons A.son-2. In a family there r five members A..C. yellow.Confidential 4. daughter) C(lawyer.. sima is married to anuj son of jaggar and monish they have 2 children rita and sony.. Tie colours were red. How many women’s are there in the family 5.actually analysing the data was difficult because of the bulk of conditions given. who is a farmer. Like this 6 persons sitting in a round table facing each other. ED) We can get the solution by forming a flowchart………. A.B.504 to so on and x cannot stay with y z dates one who is pursuing chemistry but not one form Calcutta. B. Try to solve the puzzle in the last. Who are the sons of a Ans: E. nurse. C wore cap as the colour of the D’s tie……….conditions were like. orange..E. green… E wore cap as the colour of the F’s tie. E) Who is the doctor in the family (Ans.. wife of E) 12.n so on. One day is declared as holiday in between. A(farmer) his son and daughter ______________|_________________________________ | | | B(Nurse. course had to be determined.. lawyer. caps colour were red.C.E) Female groups (Ans. A) B (nurse) is the daughter of A. who is a only married couple in the family. Sunday or Wednesday the exam starts and it is Biology. Physics is two days after English etc.D) Who is the trader in the family (Ans. D) The married couple (Ans. No person wore same coloured cap and tie. C) A has two sons and 1 daughter D) The daughter in law of A is a doctor.F…each person wore a cap and a tie. then color of the shirt were given and what thy ate. It was a bit confusing.

a) All A are B b) Some B are C c) No B are C d) All C are A e) Some A are C. 1. ACD 4.Aggarwal “Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning” If you prepare it thoroughly you can easily get 5/5 in less time. ABC 2. Like wise some 5 questions. B: Educated persons prefer small families C: All small families are educated. Conclusion:.Confidential SYLLOGISM Note: • • • • This is again there in Verbal And Non Verbal Reasoning by R. D: some men prefer small families. take the options from the answers and select the best logical answer All pens are pencils. if you don't find it easy. EBC 3. 1) All kites are dogs 2) All dogs are cupboards. Best way to solve these problems are to draw a Venn Diagram yourself.S. Saving time for others. Question: Statement A: Some men are educated.. Page 14 of 22 . ABD Here the answer is ABD. All cups are pens. and then one has to identify the valid argument?? Options: abc bcd cda abe cdf... Conclusion: I: All cupboards are dogs II: All kites are cupboards. I: All pencils are pens II: All pencils are cups a) T is taller than Q b) R and S are of the same height c) T is taller than S d) R is shorter than T e) Some other statement Which of these are logically related? 1) eab 2) abc 3) cbd 4) ade All cloud is white No sky is blue.S Aggarwal Remember all nine rules given in R. E: Choose from the following which is logically correct.

AEB etc 3.Confidential They will give two statements like a.. Select the best logical answer. a) All cats are animals. a) All the detergents are chemicals b) All the detergents are harmful c) Brand x is a detergent d) Brand x is not harmful e) Brand x is harmful so if u understand the sense in it u can logically arrange it. ABE.. Some detergents are harmful.. A. Old spark plugs are weaker D. 1) ade 2) bde 3) ced. d) Some elephants are cats. DEC. Page 15 of 22 . Some trucks are Tata Sumos E. Select the best logical answer.All the detergents are chemicals. AEB etc . Tata Sumo has long life B. b) Some animals are not dogs. Some dogs are horses and then they will give two statements like A. Then you have to find the correct series from the given options. 1. Some Cheetahs are Giants Some Giants are weak Not all Giants are week etc Options. All cats are horses and u have to say whether I) A is correct II) B is correct III) Both A and B are correct IV) None of them are correct 2. Some cats are dogs b. c) Elephant is an animal. ABE.. Tata Suma uses XXX spark plug C. Some trucks are useless (Something like this) Options.. DEC. Some horses are dogs B. Some chemicals are harmful.

so no conclusion follows. Some erasers are books. Otherwise. ‘goats’ only. neither conclusion follows. (ii) M must be Subject or Predicate if premise is an E proposition. No dogs are tigers. 2. Some dogs are cows. No term can be distributed in the conclusion unless it is distributed in the premises. Some fans are black. Conclusions: 1. which distributes neither the Subject nor the Predicate. The middle term (M) should be distributed at least once in the premises. (b) if both the premises are negative Example: Statements: 1. Some watches are black. Conclusions: 1. Statements 1 is an I type proposition which distributes neither the subject nor the predicate. Some books are pens. Clearly. All men are girls. No tigers are dogs. Statement 2 is an A type proposition which distributes the subject. No conclusion follows (a) if both the premises are particular Example: Statements: 1. 2. No mango is cherry. All books are erasers. Conclusions: 1. Since both the premises are negative. All watches are fans. Some bulls are tigers. If the middle term is distributed twice. Here the first premise containging the middle term ‘dogs’ as the Subject is the major premise and the second premise containing the middle term ‘dogs’ as the Predicate is the minor premise. the middle term cannot be distributed.e. so neither of them can follow. The conclusion does not contain the middle term. (iii) M must be Predicate if premise is an O proposition. the conclusion cannot be universal. No flower is cherry. no conclusion follows. Since the major premise is particular and the minore premise is negative. Since the term ‘cow’ is distributed in conclusion 1 without being distributed in the premises. (c) if the major premise is particular and the minor premise is negative. For the middle term to be distributed in a premise. 2. All fans are watches. Conclusions 1. Example: Statements: 1. so no conclusion follows. In the premises. All goats are cows. 2. All cows are goats. 2. the conclusion cannot follow. Example: Statements: 1. 5. 2. 2. All girls are men. 2. Some dogs are bulls. Some pens are erasers. Conclusion 1 is an A type proposition which distributes the subject ‘cow’ only. Some girls are students Conclusions: 1. 4. Page 16 of 22 . 2. Some cherries are mangoes. it is not distributed in the first premise which is an A proposition as it does not form its subject. Conclusions: 1. Since both the premises are particular. 2. 2. Since the middle term is not distributed at least once in the premises. 2. 2. i. (i) M must be the Subject if premise is an A proposition. Some students are girls Since both the conclusions 1 and 2 contain the middle term ‘girls’. 3. Note that in an I proposition. No flower is mango. it is not distributed in the second premise which is an I proposition. Also.Confidential Rules for deriving the conclusion: 1. Example: Statements: 1. Some dogs are goats. the middle term is ‘watches’. Example: Statements 1. so conclusion 1 cannot follow.

2. the middle term ‘fans’ forming the subject is distributed. No tree is shrub. So. the conclusion is particular. Here. Conclusions: 1. 7. Some poems are stories. All fans are chairs. Example: Statements: 1. the conclusion must be particular. All grasses are trees. All stories are poems. All women are sisters. 2. Conclusions: 1. Some poems are plays. Hence. All mothers are sisters. conclusion 2 cannot follow. All women are mothers. All thieves are dacoits. conclusion 2 cannot follow. the first premise is an A proposition and so. So. If on premises is particular. the conclusion must be particular. Some shrubs are grasses. The second premise is an E proposition and so. 9. All dacoits are thieves. 2. conclusion 2 cannot follow. Conclusions: 1. So. Since the middle term is distributed twice. IF one premise is negative. If both the premises are affirmative. 2. it is affirmative. the middle term ‘fans’ forming the predicate is distributed. the conclusion must be negative. 2. 8. Since one premise is negative. the conclusion must be negative. No tables are chairs. 2. All plays are stories. so the conclusion cannot be universal. If major premise be affirmative. Some boys are dacoits. Also. No tables are fans. 2. Example: Statements: 1. Example: Statements: 1. 2. 6. Some boys are thieves. Conclusions: 1. Example: Statements: 1. The first premise containing the middle term ‘plays’ as the subject is the major premise. No grasses are shrubs. the conclusion would be affirmative. Statements Page 17 of 22 .Confidential Example: 1. Some women are not sisters. Conclusions: 1. 2. Since one premise is particular. 2. Some tables are chairs. the conclusion must be particular.

we find that company sells only product A and total sale of product A=Rs. A is B’s sister II. Also no face of any of the bigger cubes is painted blue. which is also the total sale of the company. one face painted black and all other faces unpainted. each one of the larger cubes has one face painted red. Who is the oldest among them? I. both the statements are needed. So. Thus. This company has no other product line. we can conclude that D is the heaviest. each side of bigger cubes is twice as large as that of smaller cubes. blue and black on pairs of opposite faces. 1. (d) From statements I and II together. who is the heaviest? I. but lighter than D. B is heavier than A. What is Reena’s rank in the class? I. II. Kajol. Page 18 of 22 . (d) If the data even in both the statements together are not sufficient to answer the question. both the statements are necessary. 32 of which are of the same size and 4 others are of bigger size. Rohit. How much was the total sale of the company? I. the exact relation cannot be known. A solid cube has been painted yellow. There are 9 students who have scored less than Reena th (e) From I and II. The company sold 8000 units of product A each costing Rs.Confidential Important Model Questions Directions: Each question given below has a problem and two statements numbered I and II giving certain information. (e) From I. C is lighter than B. who is oldest is not known 4. B. The cube is then cut into 36 smaller cubes such that 32 cubes are of the same size while 4 others are of bigger size. Reena’s rank is 17 in the class. we can conclude only that either B is the sister or brother of A. So. II. There are 26 students in the class. Combining (i) and (ii). (c) If the data either I or II alone are sufficient to answer the question. II. How is B related to A? I. (1) How many cubes have at least one face painted blue? (2) How many cubes have only one face painted? (3) How many cubes have only two faces painted? (4) How many cubes have at least one of their faces painted yellow or blue? (5) How many cubes have no face painted? Solution: There are 36 cubes. Thus. Among four friends A. D is the father of A and B. II. The total age of Rohit and Kajol together is less than that of Suman (d) From given statements. Clearly. Indicate your answer as (a) If the data in statement I alone are sufficient to answer the question. we have A<B<D From II. C and D. 2. (b) If the data in statement II alone are sufficient answer the question. So. You have to decide if the information given in the statements is sufficient for answering the problem. both I and II are required. even from both the statements. we have C<B. So. Also. (e) If the data in both the statements together are needed.(8000x25)=Rs. 25. we conclude that there are 16 students above Reena in rank. we fid that: K+T>S and R+K<S. The total age of Kajol and Tanmay together is more than that of Suman. since no face of any of the larger cubes is painted blue. Tanmay and Suman are four friends. so. (e) From statements I and II together. 3. 5.200000.

Manish. Leaving the 4 central cubes on each of the blue surface and 8 cubes at the edges of the block. i. the cubes having only two faces painted are 8 cubes on each of the blue surfaces and 4 larger cubes. Kamla. Seven friends Kamla. 2. Manish. 1. Rohit. D – F -EC B is the neigbour of F. Thus. neighbours of E are A and C. there are 36 cubes in all. Kamla forms an angle of 90 degrees from Gaurav and an angle of 120 degrees from Manish. C.e. D. 2. But there are 16 cubes lying along the 4 edges common to blue and yellow surfaces. D is second to the left of F. So. 3. Amit. D. So. (Those lying along the two blue surfaces). as seen in the arrangement. Which of the following are in one of the two rows? (a) FBC (b) CEB (c) DBF (d) AEF (e) ABF 5. Thus there are (16x2)+4=36 cubes having at least one of the faces painted. Six persons A. Who is the only person sitting between Rohit and Manish? (a) Pritam (b) Amit (c) Gaurav (d) Kamla 2. A and E are in the same row. (c) The cubes having only one face painted are the 4 central cubes along each of the two surfaces painted blue. the neighbour of E. so. Rohit is sitting two places right of Pritam.Confidential 1. E is opposite to B in the other row. three in each. Rohit. Who is facing B? (a) A (b) C (c) D (d) E (e) F 3. there are (8x2)+4 = 20 such cubes. Also. Clearly. from amongst the given alternatives. Since each blue surface has 16 cubes. (d) Cubes having at least one face painted blue are those which lie along the two surfaces painted blue. (a) The number of cubes having at least one of the faces painted yellow is 20. all the rest have two faces painted. So. who will be the neighbours of D in the new position? (a) C and A (b) F and B (c) Only B (d) Only A (e) Only C C is neighbour of E and is sitting diagonally opposite to D means C is under F in the other row i. the cubes having at least one of their faces painted yellow or blue is (20+32-16)=36. 5. there are 4 x 2 = 8 such cubes. the new neighbours of D will be A and C. Pritam and Priya are sitting at equal distances from each other. Since. Clearly. Clearly. Pritam and Priya are sitting in a circle. Gaurav is sitting………… of Priya Page 19 of 22 . A and F are sitting diagonally opposite to each other. the answer is (a). the number of cubes having at least one of the faces painted blue is 32. So. 5. 4. So. Manish is just opposite Priya and is sitting on the left of Gaurav. the answer is (a). the answer is (c). 4. Which of the following are in the same row? (a) A and E (b) E and D (c) C and B (d) A and B (e) C and E 4. 1. (b). Gaurav is not sitting at equal distances from (a) Rohit and Pritam (b) Amit and Kamla (c) Manish and Pritam (d) All of the above 3. the arrangement must be D B F A E C 1. C. Thus. B and F are in the same row. E is not at the end of any row. is sitting diagonally opposite to D. 3. After interchanging seat with E. Amit. each along the surfaces painted blue and 4 larger cubes. there are 16 x 2 = 32 such cubes. Clearly. on interchanging the seat with E. number of cubes having no face painted = 36-36=0. who is sitting one place right to Amit. E is facing B and the answer is (d). B.e. (d) The number of cubes having at least one of the faces painted are the 16 cubes. Thus. So. from amongst the given alternatives. So. E and F are sitting in two rows. Gaurav. therefore. B is the neighbour of F. Other than D and C (given). the answer is (d). Which of the following are sitting diagonally opposite to each other? (a) F and C (b) d and A (c) A and C (d) A and F (e) A and B 2.

1. So. it will be followed by V at the fourth place and S or U at the end. Which of the following is true of any day’s valid program set operation? (a) P cannot be operated at third place (b) Q cannot be operated at third place (c) R cannot be operated at fourth place (d) T cannot be operated at third place (e) U cannot be operated at fourth place 3. If R is operated at third place in a sequence. Q.Confidential (a) to the left (b) to the right (c) two places right (d) None of these 4. S (b) W. S. So. Which of the following could be the set of programs to be operated on the first day of a month? (a) V. T. which of the following cannot be the second program in that sequence? (a) Q (b) S (c) T (d) U (e) W 4. S. R. V. This is not possible since the fifth program is the last one which has to be either S or U. S. U. The angel between Gaurav and Manish in the clockwise direction is (a) 150°(b) 180°(c) 210° (d) None of these 5. T. U. S. (d) Gaurav is three places left or four places right of Priya 4. Also. At an Electronic Data Processing Unit. If the program sets R and W are to be operated on the first day. S (b) U. which of the following could be the other programs on that day? (a) P. T. cannot be at the second place. five out of the eight program sets P. T must be one of the programs to be operated after Q. T. T. (d) Clearly. (a) If R is operated at third place. V must be operated somewhere after it. V. Q. Q. W. V (c) Q. The program must also satisfy the following conditions: (i) If program P is to be operated on a day. V. P. W (c) T. each of the following could be the next day’s program set except: (a) W. V. R cannot be operated at the fourth place. T. Q which must have T as one of the programs after it. (e) Since R is operated. (c) Gaurav is sitting between Rohit and Manish 2. V must be one of the programs to be operated after R. U (e) P. (c): Condition (i) makes (e) incorrect Condition (ii) is not followed in (d). R. S. S. T. (iv) The last program to be operated on any day must be either S or U. Condition (iii) is not followed in (a) Condition (iv) is not followed in (b) So. V. T. if R is operated at the fourth place. so V must also be operated. S. V and T. Clearly in a circle the arrangements is as shown 1. all the statements follow from the diagram above. U (e) T. (d) The angle between Gaurav and Manish in clockwise direction is 30°. V. V (b) Q. V (d) T. 3. U 2. S or U is to be taken at the end. except for the first day of a month. S. S (d) Q. S. only three of the program sets must be the ones that were operated on the previous day. R. the only correct set is (c) 2. V cannot be operated on that day. R. U. V and W are to be operated daily. On any one day. S. V. U 1. T. the possible combinations are Q. U (c) W. (iii) If R is to be operated on a day. Q. U. So. If the program sets operated on a day is P. R. V. T. W. Which of the following statements is not correct? (a) Pritam is between Manish and Kamla (b) Manish is two places away from Priya (c) Gaurav is sitting opposite Pritam (d) All of the above. 4. V 5. R. Page 20 of 22 . 5. S (e) Q. (ii) If Q is to be operated on a day. U (d) Q. (d) Gaurav is not at equal distances from Rohit and Pritam or Amit and Kamla or Manish and Pritam 3. R. (c) Clearly. T.

(d) Anjali is good in History. So. Dramatics and Computer Science 3. Dramatics and Computer Science? (a) Shobha (b) Poonam (c) Madhu (d) Anjali 3. S. Who is good in History. (ii) D is grandmother of A and mother of B (iii) C is wife of B and mother of F. (iv) F is the grand daughter of E. V is incorrect. (c): Madhu is good in Physics. so. only three of the program sets must be the ones that were operated on the previous day. (c): Nisha is good in Physics. But. (c): C is the wife of B and D is mother of B. 1. Physics.Confidential Now. (c): Shobha is good in Computer Science. Who is good in Physics. (b) It is given that on any one day. How many male members are there in a family? (a) Two (b) Three (c) Four (d) Cannot be determined 3. History and Dramatics? (a) Anjali (b) Madhu (c) Shobha (d) Nisha 2. D is the grandmother of A and F. Q. the sex of A cannot be determined 3. (a): Poonam is good in Physics. History and Mathematics but not in Computer Science? (a) Madhu (b) Poonam (c) Nisha (d) Anjali The given information can be analysed as under: Dramatics Comp. C is the mother of A 2. History and mathematics but not in Computer Science (i) In a family of six persons A. (e) The sex of A is not known. which is not possible. Q must have T as one of the programs after it. Physics. So. it is the wrong combination. Anjali and Madhu are good in Computer Science and Physics Anjali. Who among the following is one of the couples? (a) CD (b) DE (c) EB (d) Cannot be determined (e) None 1. Which of the following is true? (a) A is brother of F (b) A is sister of F (c) D has two grandsons (d) B has two daughters (e) None of these 4. Who is good in Physics. What is C to A? (a) Daughter (b) Grandmother (c) Mother (d) Cannot be determined 2. (b) contains four programs out of those operated on the first day. Madhu and Shobha are good in Dramatics and Computer Science. Physics Madhu √ √ √ Shobha √ √ Anjali √ √ Poonam √ √ Nisha √ History √ √ √ √ Mathematics √ √ 1. History and Dramatics 2. Page 21 of 22 . Who is good in Physics. there are two married couples. Scie. so. C. History and Dramatics? (a) Poonam (b) Shobha (c) Madhu (d) Anjali 4. 5. E and F. History and Dramatics 4. (d) Clearly. So. C is grandmother of A. Computer Science and Mathematics? (a) Poonam (b) Nisha (c) Madhu (d) Anjali 5. neither (a) nor (b) definetly true. Who is good in Computer Science. Computer science and Mathematics 5. Clearly. B. Poonam and Nisha are good in Physics and History Nisha and Anjali are good in Physics and Mathematics Poonam and Shobha are good in History and Dramatics 1. D.

D. So. A is the grandfather of F an dE is the brother or sister of F. C. Doctor and Engineer. so C. Since D is married to A. B. b): C is wife of B. How is A related to E? (a) Brother (b) Uncle (c) Father (d) Grandfather (e) None of these 3.Confidential 4. Clearly. Also. E must be an Engineer 1. Thus. (vi) There are two married couples in the family 1. A who is the grandfather of D is the doctor. What is the profession of A? (a) Doctor (b) Lawyer (c) Jeweller (d) Manager (e) None of these 5. the manager is married to A. Hence. DE is another couple. Now D is grandmother of A. (i) There is a group of six persons A. the Jeweller is married to the Lawyer (v) B is the mother of F and E. So. Hence. Hence the answer is (d) 3. E is an Engineer. E is the grandfather of F and the husband of D. (ii) The doctor is the grandfather of F who is a Psychologist (iii) The Manager D is married to A. Clearly. There are only two married couples in the family. no one else is an Engineer. So. B is the son of D and his wife C is the mother of F. the jeweler. Which of the following is one of the pairs of couples in the family? (a) AB (b) AC (c) AD (d) Cannot be determined (e) None of these Given F is a psychologist B is the mother of F and E means E is the brother or sister of F. the answer is (a) 5. D is also the grandmother of F. Clerarly. will be married to B. But F is the granddaughter of E. What is the profession of E? (a) Doctor (b) Jeweller (c) manager (d) Psychologist (e) None of these 2. So. So. Manager. E and F from a family. Again. Lawyer. so the number of males cannot be determined. Jeweller. A is the grandfather of E. the answer is (e) 2. the Manager D is married to A means A is the doctor and Grandfather of F and E. (iv) C. So. Since nothing is mentioned about E and F. who is married to a lawyer. one couple is BC. the answer is (c). So. Clearly. D. Hence the answer is (e) 4. AD is one of the couples in the family. Page 22 of 22 . They are Psychologist. How many male members are there in a family? (a) One (b) Three (c) Four (d) Data Inadequate (e) None of these 4.

Inferential Type: Simple paragraphs were given and questions were asked like which of these statements can be inferred from the para. The company just won a patent on a new product. 2) Which of the following would most weaken this argument? a. The 10 people were selected at random. d. Reading Comprehension Argument – Conclusion (Critical Reasoning Type): They will give you a paragraph." Commentator: "But how can the stock's price be expected to grow more quickly than the company's underlying sales?" 1) Which of the following facts would best support the stock analyst? a. The 10 people called were married to the company's top 10 executives. So prepare generally. Company A's stock is currently overvalued by a significant amount. 35 minutes) S. Attempt at last if time permits else go for guess work. containing one situation and one response. So first read the question and direct search the answer in passage. All 10 of them stated that they unequivocally use Acme brand aspirin on a regular basis and that they believe it to be the best headache relief available on the market today. Mark the one which is grammatically correct. Fill in the blanks: Choose the best phrase that would fit in like that. Company A's industry peer group is expected to experience stock appreciation rates of 30% over the same time horizon. Acme brand aspirin is highly addictive. Company A just became the leader in its industry and we expect its sales to grow at 8% a year. There is no negative marking.No 01 02 03 04 05 Note: • • • • • Section Reading Comprehension Sentence Correction Critical Reasoning Fill in the blanks Inferential Questions No.Confidential INFOSYS TECHNOLOGIES MODEL PAPER English Aptitude (40 questions. which is false according to the para. e. The company's expenses will be declining over the next 5 to 10 years. e. Sentence Correction: Four statements almost the same but with some difference are there. of questions 10 10 10 05 05 Two long Reading Comprehensions are there. Most people choose to suffer silently through their headaches and take no medicines whatsoever. The 5 to 7 year time frame is too long for anyone to accurately forecast. You have to judge whether the response correct or not (or) you have to find the right situation from the given options Stock analyst: "We believe Company A's stock will appreciate at 35% a year for the next 5 to 7 years. Acme brand aspirin claims to be the best headache relief available on the market today. First one is big. Acme called 10 people and asked them their thoughts on headache relief products. b. c. and they were coached on what to say. To prove this claim. c. d. b. Page 1 of 5 . This survey was conducted by an independent company. • This is only a model paper. second is little easy than first some direct questions are there.

but it is nonetheless possible that competing brands are even more addictive. 4) D. People would be more likely to speed on a stretch of deserted highway than to not pay for gasoline. I personally believe they bark and howl because they enjoy disrupting my meditations. High gasoline prices can be brought down if everyone does his or her part and pays for the gasoline they use at the pumps. Answer choice B is correct. Most citizens are very conscientious about observing a law when they can see the reason behind it. Answer choices C and D weaken the analyst's argument. It's possible that the analyst does not expect Company A to remain the leader for very long. b. d. This is because citizens are very conscientious of the high cost of gasoline and they know that stealing gas will only further increase the price of gasoline for everyone. He never said that this action would lower gas prices. Answers: 1) A. e. b. Answer choice C is incorrect because the author stated only that adherence to the law would prevent the price of gasoline from rising further. directly. the overall theme of the passage is positive. My CPA told me that dogs tend to bark and howl when they see birds resting in the top branches of their favorite trees. and correctly inferred from the statement that the dogs bark and howl every time their owner lets them outside. and overly negative. there has been very little need to actively enforce the recently-implemented law that increased the penalty for motorists caught leaving a gas station without paying for gas they had pumped into their vehicles. 2) B. so we cannot assume he expects it will outperform the sector. because we do not know how the analyst believes Company A's stock will perform in comparison to its industry peer group over the next 5 to 7 years. if they are outside at that time. If the revenues increase and the expenses decrease. d. Answer choice A certainly does not bode well for the quality of Acme's aspirin. Choice D is correct because it neatly summarizes the main theme of the passage. Society should make an effort to teach citizens the reasons for its laws. Besides.m. Acme could still be the best product. Answer choice E can be easily. We can instantly eliminate answer choice A because the passage never states how the increased penalty affects citizens. 3) E. Answer choice E is irrelevant. It weakens the passage's argument by undercutting its implied assumption that a sample of 10 people must give accurate results. e. then the company can significantly increase its profits and be more likely to enjoy a high stock price appreciation rate. even if most people don't intend to use it. For instance. Page 2 of 5 . Choice B is too extreme. There are many pedestrians who walk by this neighbor's house. 3) Which of the following can be inferred from the preceding passage? a. and the dogs are starving for attention. The dogs' owners do not care how they are viewed by their neighbors. the negative tone of choice B is out of keeping with it.Confidential My neighbor's dogs bark and howl every time their owner lets them outside. The dogs enjoy being outside. The increased penalty alone is a significant motivation for most citizens to obey the law. The dogs must be abused by their owners. There are still too many inconsiderate citizens in the local community. Choice B is not conclusive because it indicates the patent is on a new product and we do not know if the patent is for a product consumers will demand. Answer choice C is completely irrelevant to the argument. c. 4) Which of the following statements would the author of this passage be most likely to believe? a. c. Answer choice A is the best one available. The dogs will bark and howl at 3 a. Answer choices D and E actually strengthen the argument – which is the opposite of what the question asks you to do.

hot dogs) and 'less' answers the question. 'Fewer' answers the question. makes me feel fortunate that I did not invest all of my money in NASDAQ stocks. nonetheless I always resolve to continue my involvement in the game. to demonstrate its belief that everyone must be held responsible for their actions. e. One could reasonably argue that the speaker of the sentence did not intend to convey that strong of an opinion on the accident. Answer choice C is unnecessarily wordy and introduces temporal ambiguity. salt). make me feel fortunate that I did not invest all of my money in NASDAQ stocks. but simply that he or she did not invest all of his or her money in those stocks. You have to find the correct Sentence from the given options. nonetheless. b. were great and the choices between all three were very difficult indeed. They will give you an underlined sentence. This eliminates answer choices B. lobbied for stadiums that had less seats to reduce supply and increase ticket prices. 2) A. d. make me feel fortunate that I did not invest my money in NASDAQ stocks. D. makes me feel fortunate that I did not invest my money in NASDAQ stocks. e." Choice E is wrong because it changes the meaning of the sentence. 5) Each of the movies were great and the choice for the best one among all three was very difficult indeed. make me feel fortunate that I did not invest all of my money in stocks traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange. to show that everyone must be held responsible for his actions. e. on the golf course: nonetheless. and C can be eliminated because they each begin incorrectly with the verb "make. This should be rather obvious. was great and the choice for the best one among all three was very difficult indeed. a. d. "How many?" (fans. were great and the choice for the best one between all three was very difficult indeed. balls. to signal how no one should be able to get away with committing acts of terrible negligence. on the golf course. were great and the choice for the best one among all three was very difficult indeed. B. however. to demonstrate their belief that everyone must be held responsible for their actions. and C can now be quickly eliminated. lobbied for stadiums with fewer seats to reduce supply and increase ticket prices. B. d. lobbied for stadiums that had less seats as a means of reducing supply so they could increase ticket prices. I always resolve to continue my involvement in the game. 1) The message conveyed by the conference speakers make me feel fortunate that I did not invest all of my money in stocks traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange. 3) The Navy used the nuclear submarine accident off the coast of Hawaii to show that everyone must be held responsible for their actions. a. "How much?" (soda. c. c. c. d. I always resolve to continue my involving in the game." Choices A. b. 4) I never fail to get frustrated on the golf course: nonetheless. on the golf course but I always still manage to find a way to resolve my self to continue my pursuit of the involvement of the game. b. b. lobbied for stadiums that had fewer seats to reduce supply and increase ticket prices. I always resolve to continue my involving in the game. Answer choice D changes the meaning of this sentence too much. c. on the golf course: nonetheless I always resolve to continue my involvement in the game. The underscored portion of the sentence lacks conciseness. a. What may not be as obvious. The pronoun 'everyone' is singular. and E. dirt. to show that everyone must be held responsible for their actions.Confidential Sentence Correction. a. b. The speaker of the sentence never stated that he or she did not invest any money in NASDAQ stocks. e. 3) E. d. Answers: 1) D. on the golf course. c. a. Page 3 of 5 . lobbied for stadiums with less seats to reduce supply and increase ticket prices. 2) Cynics charge that Major League Baseball lobbied for stadiums with fewer seats to reduce supply and increase ticket prices. is the subject-verb disagreement between "message" and "make. e. Answer choices A. was great and the choice for the best one between all three was very difficult indeed.

Inferential Questions Simple paragraphs of about three or four sentences then choose the option that supports the paragraph or condemns the paragraph or is the theme of the paragraph Inferential questions are questions which require you to read between the lines. Gill states that depression is more commonly disabling than arthritis. A semicolon should be used instead of a colon in this sentence... Answer choice D differs from B in that it uses 'between' and answer choice B uses 'among. and E can therefore be eliminated. This means we can eliminate answer choices A and B. This question tests your knowledge of subject-verb agreement. the word "among" should be used. you had to find the meanings closest to it." so we can also eliminate answer choice D.captivity by many landlords in India on compulsion of -----a) endure.lost my wallet I had to go back home to get the money a) as I had b) though I c) even when d) because 2) the workers are made to ----. In the case of the 3 movies. Dr. The study is important because it shows which of the following best completes the passage above a) that arthritis is not that serious as was once thought b) mental disorders can be avoided c )emphysema may be psychometric d )depression is very costly affliction The passage is talking about depression. ulcers. so going by the elimination we can straight away reduce the 2nd option as undergo captivity is a mismatch . Fill in the blanks with suitable phrases 1) -------------------..' Answer choices A.. Inferential question: What season is it? The student comes to conclusion: summer! 2) Depression afflicts nearly 25 mn. For example: The girl is wearing swimsuit.. so the answer is (d) Word Meaning: The word was given and four choices are there. mere subsistence d) live in . not simple who/ where/ when questions. their family See in this kind of problems the way to solve is to go by the method of elimination. death c) bear. C. As far as limiting people in their physical functioning or causing them to stay in bed depression proved as bad as emphysema or back problems.Confidential 4) C. Indians. A comma is needed after the word "nonetheless.' 'Between' is only used when only 2 subjects are involved." 5) B. Answer choice E can be eliminated because it is too wordy. diabetes or high BP all of which have been considered more serious in past. Each of the two nouns used in the sentence is singular and should be followed by 'was' instead of 'were.similarly fourth is also not correct as it Page 4 of 5 . and incorrectly uses "my self" instead of "myself. life b) undergo .

. insentient b. upbraiding e. To provoke (v. the word mere subsistence well with the desperation shown in the sentence . 6. provoke c. The dress Ariel wore ______ with small. a. enthralled e. The movie offended many of the parents of its younger viewers by including unnecessary ______ in the dialogue. empirical c. 7. confutative c.. She hadn’t eaten all day.. modest Ans: b. slovenly e. a... advocate b. striated Ans: c. 8. glassy beads... Page 5 of 5 . Ravenous (adj. creating a shimmering effect.. vulgarity b... we say that harry can endure stress is talking something positive about harry .. a. scintillated d.) is to incite anger or resentment. tonality Ans: a. a. ostentatious e. and they stopped inviting him to backyard barbeques. pedantic The answer is choice c. A coup (n. feckless b. Steven is always ______ about showing up for work because he feels that tardiness is a sign of irresponsibility. perforate d. a. reiterated c. His neighbors found his ______ manner bossy and irritating. 10.. a.Which again is a mismatch .) means overbearing or offensively self-assured.) means to emit or send forth sparks or little flashes of light. To scintillate (v. expunge Ans: b. Vulgarity (n. a.. Punctual (adj. garishness e. General Monsanto declared himself the dictator of the country. a takeover. legible b. lamente e. ravenous d. a. What (the cause) led the general to declare himself dictator (the result)? Something brief and violent.. a coup. punctual d. magisterial c.” 5. literal e. tolerable c. an adjective that means “highly complicated and intricate. solicitation d. creating a shimmering effect. titillated b. 4) The city council formed a committee to simplify several dozen ______ city ordinances that were unnecessarily complicated and out-of-date.) means arriving exactly on time. and also if u check option to be filled in second blank . blighted b.. so the answer is (c) 3) After a brief and violent ______ that ousted the president.. byzantine. byzantine d. reparatory d.. Magisterial (adj. verbosity c.) is a sudden and decisive change of leadership illegally or by force. lament The answer is choice b..Confidential says on the compulsion of their family . belligerent Ans:c. 9.. vocalizations d.) means offensive speech or conduct. to call forth a feeling or action. now we start comparing the two remaining options . restorative e. coup c. nuance b. to sparkle.) means extremely hungry.. Here endure is normally used in a positive sense . blissful Ans: c. and by the time she got home she was ______. Candace would ______ her little sister into an argument by teasing her and calling her names.. that ousted the president.

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