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Case Study Pg 3 Mbti0002

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Published by: tricia0910 on Oct 07, 2011
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Answer Sheet 1.

The combination of four which describes Michelle's personality is ISTJ(Introvert, Sensing,


=R'ttst+ng and Judging)
Reasoning: Quiet Serious, earn success by thoroughness steadily regardless of distraction. and dependability, practical matter

of fact realistic and responsible. Decide logically what should be done and work towards it Takes pleasure in making everything orderly and and loyalty. organized- their work, home and life. Value holidays, traditions


The combination

of four which describes Tim's personality

is ENTP. (Extraverted,


Trusting and Perceiving) Reasoning: Quick, ingenious, stimulating and challenging problems. them strategically. alert and outspoken. Resourceful in solving new

Adept at generating conceptual possibilities and then analyzing

Good at reading other people, bored by routine, will seldom do the same


thing the same way, apt to turn to one new interest after the other.


The combination

of four which describes Bob's personality

is ESFP.(Extraverted, Sensing,

Feeling and Perceiving) Reasoning: Outgoing, friendly and accepting. Exuberant lovers of life, people and material comforts. Enjoys working with others to make things happen. Bring common sense and adapt

realistic approach to their work, and make work fun. Flexible and spontaneous, readily to new people and environments,

learn best by trying a new skill with otherpeople.



\ \ kec +kc>..T-

c>.. e.:-s,o,..-"e-l.+y p ='"'c.e.. ..
",-<E!':""',,", '?
'VV' """ So

Sc:,...c. r e..

-t <oJ"••"'''-


References Reasoning retrieved from: (1) www.myersbiggs.org (2) Stephen P. Robbins and Timothy A. Judge.(2012). Essentials of orgarizalioflal Ed.) Chapter 4. Behavior. ","



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