Individual Observer Rating Form

Select an individual you know least well in the team you are observing. In addition to observing the team's performance as a whole, you are asked to observe the individual assigned to you. After the group has completed its task, you will be given the opportunity to give performance feedback to this individual.

How Did This Member Of The Team Perform?
Reference: Joiner, The Team handbook, Second Edition, pp. 6-21 to 6-22; C-25 to C-26.

1. Personal commitment to accomplishing the task. Demonstrates a "can do" attitude toward accomplishing the group task. Sustains a positive attitude.

2. Enables the group to stay on task by facilitating appropriate structures and processes. Suggests ways of doing things.

3. Seeks opinions and information from others. Draws out information from others. Includes all. Asks questions, invites others' ideas.

4. Gives information and offers own opinions. Openly shares knowledge, relevant information, suggestions and ideas.




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