Significance of the Study This study hopes to establish an understanding on the predictors of passing the nursing licensure examination

of nursing graduates of Union Christian College. Furthermore, the study could be of importance to the following: Future Researchers. The ideas presented may be used as reference data in conducting new researches or in testing the validity of other related findings. This study will also serve as their cross-reference that will give them a background or an overview of the predictors of passing the nursing licensure examination. Future Nursing Licensure Examinees. The results may enable them to assess and evaluate their own selves on their readiness and preparedness in taking the Nursing Licensure Examination that is with the higher possibility of passing the exam. This will also help them to make decisions on when to take the licensure examination, to recognize their strengths and weakness, the things, knowledge, skills and attitude they still need for them to surely pass the licensure examination. Nursing Students. The information presented will enable them to act accordingly on the different nursing subjects, because as early as now, through this research study, they will be able to see the effects, benefits and advantages of being active, diligent, and industrious in every academic endeavor, since the nursing licensure examination will just only measure the competencies and dexterities of every examinees with their four – long years of stay in a nursing school. Clinical Instructors. The outcome of the study will facilitate them to formulate efficient strategies and worthwhile approaches to make learning more comprehensive and retentive, since they are the considered as the backbones and pillars of knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to pass the licensure examination. Also, the results may signal them to realize their noble tasks in preparing the students as future board examinees to become confident, assertive and prepared in taking the licensure examination. Nursing Schools. The situation portrayed in this study will assist academic administrators, college curriculum and nursing program developers in assessing and evaluating the current status of Union Christian College with regards to the performance of the nursing graduates in the nursing licensure examination. In this manner, they will be able to make meaningful reviews with the current nursing curriculum, and if possible they can make some revisions or amendments with the current curriculum including the instructional strategies and activities so that it can improve and enhance the performance of nursing graduates in their licensure examination.

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