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Usl Participation to Acm Programming Competition

Usl Participation to Acm Programming Competition

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Published by: Roy Melad on Oct 07, 2011
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USL’S PARTICIPATION IN ACM PROGRAMMING COMPETITION (SY 2008 – 2009) University of Saint Louis, particularly the School of Information and

Computing Sciences, joined the 2nd ACM Inter-Collegiate Programming Competition held last November 22, 2008 at the University of San Jose Recolletos (USJ-R) Basak Campus, Basak Pardo Cebu City. The competition was organized by the USJ-R in cooperation with the Computing Society of the Philippines (CSP). The university sent one team which consisted of three students – Mr. Jefferson Gonzaga, a 4th year BSCS student, Ms. Sophia Darsie Reyes, a 3rd year BSIT student, and Mr. Christian Roy Melad, a 2nd year BSIT student. Their coaches are Mr. Bernard Juan and Mr. Mark Alvie Baltazar, both are faculty of SICS. The team arrived in Cebu on November 21, 2008, a day before the programming competition. The team settled at the CICM District House of St. Louis School of Mandaue for the rest of their stay in Cebu. The contest was participated in by 39 teams coming from 26 prestigious schools like University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila University, De La Salle University, and other competitive schools nationwide. Registration took place on the morning of the contest together with the orientation about the competition and about the rules and regulations before, during and after the programming competition. A team is required to have a group name and the USL GRPL in the registration counter group named their team as GRPL – short for GRuPong Louisiano. Each team member was required to bring a binder to put their reference, and some sheets of bond paper and graphing paper for their scratch during the said competition. Each team was given 6 problems to be solved in 3 hours. The contest started at 1:30 pm with each team using a single computer unit. They are only allowed to use C, C++, or Java as the programming language for solving the given problems. GRPL’s analytical and critical thinking was triggered by the set of problems given to them. They each contributed for an algorithm to solve each problem. The team was able to answer 1 out of 6 problems in the competition. As an ACM custom, The GRPL after the contest proper. the team was given a balloon for the problem they had solved. The contest ended at exactly 4:30 pm. The awarding ceremony happened at 5pm. The team was given a special citation for being the only school in the region to actively participate in the ACM Programming competition.

The GRPL together with their coaches. From Left: Christian Melad, Jefferson Gonzaga, Darsie reyes, Bernard Juan, Mark Baltazar

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