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Becoming a Hypnotist

Becoming a Hypnotist

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Becoming a Hypnotist

Fortunately, you DO NOT need to be a highly trained hypnotist to induce hypnosis in a woman. After all, women have been practicing self-hypnosis all of their lives. She has already had the experience of going into a trance when watching an engrossing movie or getting lost in a good book. Also keep in mind that ANY woman can become hypnotized. How suggestible she is has no relation to how gullible, trusting, submissive, compliant, or how much of an active imagination she has. An imaginative, submissive girl will not necessarily go deeper into hypnotic trance than anyone else. (However, if she is the kind of person that becomes easily “swept away” when reading, listening to music, or daydreaming you may have an easier time hypnotizing her.) However, although hypnotism is surprisingly simple once you get the hang of it, you must follow a few important rules to successfully and quickly hypnotize her. Hypnotist’s Rule #1. She must want you to hypnotize her You cannot hypnotize a woman if she does not want to be hypnotized. If you lack rapport with her she will not relax or be suggestible to your commands. Therefore, you must have RAPPORT with her. Rapport is the feeling between two people that they can relate to each other and the foundation of two people liking each other. The deeper the rapport you have with her, the more likely she’ll trust you to hypnotize her. Hypnotist’s Rule #2. She must believe she can be hypnotized and that you can hypnotize her Do not tell her you are studying hypnosis or that you are going to “try” to hypnotize her. The point of hypnosis in the first place is to remove her critical mind from the decisionmaking process, not excite it up by introducing doubt in her mind. BE the hypnotist. Act utterly expectant and confident that your suggestions will occur. Inspire confidence in her. She will be much more suggestible and follow your commands if you’re 100% confident in your abilities, no ifs ands or buts! As Yoda says, “Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.” Also, do not show her this book. If you do, it is more likely her critical mind will get in the way for one reason or another. It suggests to her that you are a student when she must believe that you ARE a hypnotist, and a good one at that. Hypnotist’s Rule #3. She must feel comfortable and relaxed She must be emotionally and physically comfortable and relaxed when you hypnotize her. Put her into a comfortable chair or sofa, not on the dusty wooden stool you found in the attic. Also, if she feels you are going to make her squawk like a chicken or make her reveal secrets to you she will be very uncomfortable. Part of making her feel comfortable and relaxed involves explaining the process of hypnosis to her. What you should say to her to make her feel comfortable is spelled out in the next section for you.

Hypnotic Script The Elman Hypnotic Script Part 1

Explain to her how hypnosis works Before you put her into trance the first time you should give her a brief explanation of what you’re going to do to her. and only then maybe you will hypnotize her again and give her the sexual experience of a lifetime. o All of her senses will be heightened. The second part of your mind is the unconscious mind. She must get use to the feeling of being hypnotized by you and see first hand how relaxing and enjoyable the experience will be. She cannot be made to do anything that violates her core beliefs or sense of safety. trusting. we can deepen this hypnotic script much more. I'm going to have you open and close your eyes. When you close your eyes. we can deepen this hypnotic script much more… in a moment. No more. and want to be hypnotized by you. o She will remember absolutely everything. That’s the part of you that’s usually listening. THEN. babbling conscious mind will go to sleep and she’ll feel completely relaxed. the first one is the conscious mind. In a moment. even under hypnosis. She should understand that you won’t give her any commands other than to relax her and to take her right back out and nothing more. o Her subconscious mind will always protect her. double the relaxation you now have. You have to make her feel comfortable. and the chemical reactions in your body. Make it become twice as deep. Then IF she is a good girl and falls into trance easily and deeply. “What do you think it would be like to be hypnotized?” She’ll tell you what she thinks and you can tell her.Rest your arms limply on your thighs like this. . That’s the part of you that makes judgments and criticizes whatever comes in. and then back out. Again. when you close your eyes. you should first ask her. your mind has two parts. your breathing. All you have to do is want it to happen and you can make it happen very easily. it controls your heart rate. that's your signal to let this feeling of relaxation become 10 times deeper. Your First Induction – The Elman Induction The first time you hypnotize a woman. o She cannot be hypnotized unless she wants to be hypnotized. you should only bring her deep into a relaxing trance. Hypnosis Preparation Pattern For simplified purposes. (Place your arms on your thighs to show her) Now. Now. I'm going to have you open and close your eyes one more time. o Her normally noisy. This is the part of you that’s on automatic pilot. To begin with. your blood flow. She may have fears that you’ll be able to take over her mind or make her divulge her deepest secrets against her will. that you use to concentrate and pay attention with. Here is a basic “Preparation Pattern” you can use to prepare her for hypnosis.

And if she needs more relaxation. Delivering the first part to her may be all you need to send her into a deep. so we’ve broken it into three parts. or tying your shoes. might look like a bad thing to other people. becomes a belief. with a soothing voice. like your own personal assistant. #1: Willing and eager to be hypnotized by you. The subconscious mind tends to give you what you rehearse instead of what you intend so the only way it has to know what to do is according to what you pay attention to and what you repeat or do all the time. Make sure it’s cushioned so that if she slumps over she doesn’t fall flat on the floor! . you’re ready to move on to her first induction.” Once you’ve got the Elman induction in your head (you do NOT need to have it perfectly memorized… it is far more important that you speak confidently. After you’ve familiarized her with hypnosis so that she’s. It can’t. smoking. Lower your voice tonality. how can you expect to know what she’s feeling from the induction unless you’ve first experienced it for yourself? So grab a tape recorder. You can memorize the Elman induction straight out but most people have a far easier time by practicing the Elman induction on themselves until they get the hang of it. like eating junk food. Speak in a commanding voice. relaxed trance. Relaxation is useful because it allows the conscious mind to step aside and allow the unconscious to work. Most people always try to change things inside their mind on the conscious level. true or false. Your unconscious doesn’t know right or wrong. “…deeper relaxed…” squeeze the juice out of it like this – “…deeper relaaaxed…. You don’t have to really think about any of those things because you’ve done them so many times that your unconscious has learned to give them to you. So anything that gets inside your mind at this time becomes true. When you say.Before the age of seven you’re basically a learning machine. driving your car. Those repetitions could be persistent thoughts or actions . So what we’re going to do is I’m going to teach you how to relax your mind and body to the point where you have a direct communication line from you to your subconscious mind. Put some feeling behind your words. and #3: Is comfortable and relaxed about hypnosis and not nervous or fearful.for example. speaking deeply from your chest. the conscious mind is missing something called the critical factor. Do NOT speak in a monotone voice like you may have seen in the movies or the only trance you’ll go into is one of boredom. have her sit in a cushioned chair or sofa. But to your unconscious you’ve done it repetitiously for years so it doesn’t know that it’s a bad thing. #2: Believes that she can be hypnotized and that you can hypnotize her. Some of these things. deliver the third. creating new beliefs and behaviors so that they become automatic and you don’t have to think about them. and with authority in whatever you suggest to her). fantasy or reality. Speak slowly and in a relaxed manner with certainty and authority. deliver the second part. But that’s the level they make their mistakes on so the change does not occur. It’s long. read the script out loud and record it. Hypnosis bypasses the criticism of the conscious mind and makes changes directly at the subconscious level. washing your hands. The Elman Induction The Elman induction is fast and easy and will turn her critical mind off within a few minutes. And besides. If you need to take her deeper and more relaxed.

Hypnotic Induction Once you’ve brought her in and out with Elman hypnotic induction she’ll understand the powerful effect hypnosis can have on her and she’ll trust you that you can hypnotize her and take her back out of it. . allowing the new. Follow the steps to hypnotize yourself exactly as presented.. Choose an alternative positive image. Have her sit down in a chair. Take your time. Put her into a deeply relaxed trance with the Elman hypnotic induction. You will be temporarily stepping outside of your body in a trance state. feelings. The Dreaming Self Exercise Choose a negative image. feeling. belief. thoughts. Relax and hypnotize yourself with the Deep Relaxation Exercise and remain in trance… as you…Begin to imagine that your consciousness is safely floating above you." Open your eyes. Locking her hands together so that she cannot take them apart will give her a taste of the amazing things she’ll experience without going in an overtly sexual direction just yet. and beliefs. put her into a deeply relaxed trance using the Elman hypnotic induction. You are now able to hypnotize yourself. or persistent thought you’ve been trying to shake off. "Now… I am going to count from one to five… and as I count from one to five. belief. positive dream to forge itself permanently into the neurons of your mind… as you…Allow all the feelings you’re having to circulate throughout your entire body… and then… Go ahead and slowly state in your mind. For the second hypnotic induction you’ll do exactly what you did the first time. slow down and relax into the experience. where you’ll find yourself in a place unencumbered by negativity and can be free to program your mind with new images. I will awaken… alive… refreshed… feeling much better than I ever have before… and it all begins with… 1… 2… 3… 4… and… 5.. But this time you want to show her that anything is possible with hypnosis. Find a comfortable couch or bed and make sure that you’re free from all distractions. looking at your physical body below… and just allow this image to fully arise in your mind… Now go ahead and float back into your body. Don’t rush. Repeat this exercise until it becomes second nature to you. thought. she should drop into trance extremely quickly. Since you’ve already successfully put her under using the Elman induction before. feeling. or behavior that you’d rather in place of the negative feeling. How To Hypnotize Yourself This exercise is based on the principle of externalization to hypnotize yourself dissociating from the problem state so that you can manipulate it.

all you have to do is take a deep breath. Feel how the fire is fuel for the most powerful change. Water of the deepest blue… water of calm and balance… within this water is all the positive energy of the universe at your command. bathing you in pure. And if at any time in the future you suspect any unhelpful emotion or feeling or thought has snuck back into your mind somehow. Now I am going to count from one to five… and as I count from one to five. This is the energy of the natural woman underneath… the kind of woman you really want to be. close your eyes and relax all the way down and you can create the bubble of protection all around you and disintegrate those negative thoughts away and keep them out forever. “I’m too fat. Now swirl these energies together… the warm red fire… the refreshing blue water… the rejuvenating white electricity… swirl them all around you until their colors are swirling together… mixing… creating all sorts of colors… swirl these energies together until they create a bubble made of clear energy all around you. bright.. With enough belief and practice on her part a bubble of protection will exist enough to keep any negative thoughts from occupying her focus… nagging thoughts. fear. In front of you imagine red fire leap and dance from out of the ground. Notice how you can feel it tingling against your skin… notice how this energy is free from guilt. maladaptive beliefs about sex into positive. shining brilliantly. unhelpful emotions. making any seduction easier. or confusion. white light coming from the top of your head (tap her head) all the way down to the tip of your toes… filling you with beautiful. Imagine this bubble of clear energy protects you from any negative or unhelpful emotion or feeling… here the rules of society don’t apply… here you can be or believe anything you want… here any unhelpful emotion or feeling disintegrates instantly when it comes in contact with the protective bubble that surrounds you. Hypnotic Protective Bubble Induction Do the Elman Induction on her. bad feelings. Feel the heat… notice how you can feel the heat against your skin. critical mind that may otherwise resists positive suggestions. The point isn’t whether a bubble of protection really exists “out there”. protective energy.Hypnotic Seduction Hypnosis puts her into a deeply relaxed state and quiets her distracting conscious. whatever she practices seems real to her unconscious mind. and insecurities. powerful and protecting. expanding ones. right and left imagine fountains of blue water shoot from the ground. To either side of you. In this hypnotic seduction induction you create a bubble of protection around her that keeps any pathological trances from entering her mind during lovemaking. Notice how the negative feeling. And imagine in front of you a field of white electricity. because in trance.” (mention her particular issue here) comes flying toward the protective bubble surrounding you and CLAP (clap your hands) gone forever! Notice how another negative feeling comes flying toward the bubble and CLAP (clap your hands) gone forever! Now this is where you get to feel really good… imagine the energy of the bubble coming down like rain. Feel it spray against your skin like a thousand warm raindrops refreshing you. Through hypnosis her subconscious mind will take in your positive suggestions and overtime you can quickly and effectively reprogram her negative. relaxing. warm. Once she’s deeply in trance say to her. you will .

This free hypnosis online exercise by Derek draws its power from teaching your mind to energetically locate and manipulate unhelpful or negative thoughts.awaken. This free hypnosis online exercise. Now when you’re ready. channels the neutral energy into it’s opposite thought. will allow you to manifest the opposite of whatever you’re feeling that is hindering you. only this time make it a protective bubble of the color of your choice. alive.." 12. by Derek Vitalio once you have practiced the Magical Ring of Protection. Practice this free hypnosis online exercise in preparation for the exercises in LegendaryLover and Seduction Science. feeling. ALL the way down through your body. Take some time to figure out what would be the OPPOSITE emotion. Hate into Love. For example: Stress into Relaxation. . I will awaken. or feeling to the negative thought. by Derek Vitalio." That concludes the hypnotic seduction pattern. it loses ALL of its negative meaning and charge and becomes neutral… just raw energy… waiting to be given a new task… 9. The Free Hypnosis Online Externalizer Exercise by Derek Vitalio 1. alive. and feeling much better than before…1… 2… 3… 4… 5 (snap fingers) eyes open. and integrates and roots it deeply into your body. Do the free hypnosis online exercise. 10. Now allow the shape to begin to rotate in place. the Deep Relaxation Exercise by Derek Vitalio 4. And now allow the neutral shape to begin to enter your protective bubble by dropping in from the top… only this time. a silver beam of light that is so bright. faster. faster. notice where in your body the negative feeling starts… 5. as deeply as possible. Notice how as this shape spins. the externalizer. and emotions. "Now I am going to count from one to five… and as I count from one to five. imagining silver roots coming out of your legs. into the ground. Come out of trance being grounded in the new feeling.. 7. When you have ANY type of negative thought. and feeling much better than before…1… 2… 3… 4… 5. 2. strips them of their negative charge. or emotion. And at this level of trance. And then notice what direction it moves to from there… 6. that it begins to fill your body from the top of your head. Go into trance using the second free hypnosis online exercise. and Anger into Joy. as it builds on it. it transforms into the OPPOSITE emotion as it drops inside of your protective bubble and drops right into the crown of your head as a silver beam of light. wide awake and feeling fine. go ahead and say to yourself in your mind. refreshed. through your feet. which surrounds you entirely. 11. imagine in your mind the Magical Ring of Protection. Take a deep breath and allow this newly created feeling to circulate and reach into every pore of your body. directly above your head… notice how you can feel it up there… allow your mind to turn it into a shape… give it color… notice it’s stationary movement. so lucent.. When you have this firmly in your mind… 3.. 8. rooting you deeply. feelings. state. refreshed. AND FASTER. the Externalizer. Externalize this feeling from yourself by moving the negative feeling away from your body… imagine it moving outside of your protective bubble.

the feeling of hypnosis is similar to the feeling you have when watching a movie. However. Scientific studies show that peoples’ brain waves under hypnosis have more lower frequency waves associated with dreaming and sleep. Putting the critical mind to sleep So really how hypnosis works? A woman’s conscious mind would normally filter new information as true or untrue. You can think of hypnosis as more like daydreaming. and less in the higher frequency waves associated with full wakefulness. Her conscious mind is effectively “turned off” allowing her to become extremely suggestible. women didn’t always have a critical mind that uninhibited them. how hypnosis works has nothing to do with sleep. It’s in charge of putting on the brakes from doing anything outside of her normal experience. When watching a movie. Under hypnosis like in a movie. Hypnotized subjects are like kids. you begin to tune out your immediate surroundings like the people sitting right next to you and you begin to accept the events and characters in the movie without question. like when you become engrossed in a good book or your favorite television show. . Deep physical relaxation and focusing exercises subdue the conscious mind so that it takes a less active role in her thinking process. relaxed. you choose to be “transported” to another time and place and accept that reality as real and true. at least for a while. but her subconscious mind will do all the leading. just as when she was a little girl… just as when her conscious mind had not developed yet. you experience hypnotic trance everyday. The subconscious mind is the home of her imagination and impulse. Rather. She’ll still be aware of what's going on. or the feeling of “losing yourself” in another reality. In fact. they’re playful and imaginative and can fully embrace all kinds of suggestions they’d normally be embarrassed at. uninhibited and imaginative. She’ll accept all of your commands as true. This is a more accurate representation of how hypnosis works. Engineering her reality How hypnosis works is by putting her critical mind to sleep.How Hypnosis Works Contrary to popular myth.

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