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Nego Nd Sell

Nego Nd Sell

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Published by Jasleen Kaur

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Published by: Jasleen Kaur on Oct 07, 2011
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Build a relationship and demonstrate your expertise. Recognize the point when you’ve won them over.

Communicate in the way (email, phone, in person) your client prefers, not the way you prefer. Appeal to both emotion and reason. DO match and mirror the speed, tone and volume of the other person's voice. DO call for a specific reason such as to provide some information of value. DO go the prospect's web site first to see if they fit your ideal prospect profile. DO tell the truth even if you do not have the answer to a question at that moment. DO ask for the business. DO leave your name, company name, area code and phone number twice in a row. DO get the person's name right before speaking with them or leaving DO use direct questions or statements such as "Maybe you can help me." DO write down an assistant's name if they provide it to you. DO develop different forms of marketing materials such as a one page Key Benefits fax cover DO leave a voice mail for of "What's In It for Them" compelling benefits. DO identify all the buyers and influencers. DO be polite yet respectfully persistent.

don't Don’t try to make a sale without first building trust. Don’t waste your time with clients who don’t fit you Don’t waste money (and paper) on marketing materials. Don’t set unrealistic expectations. Don’t nag, but don’t give up too early either. DON'T give up after one or two calls. DON'T rely solely upon one person who may leave for another job. DON'T let your mind wander. DON'T leave a voice mail to see "if they might be interested in what you have." DON'T rely solely upon printed literature. DON'T use wishy-washy phrases such as Might you possibly please tell me some information?" DON'T mispronounce their name. DON'T leave your name and phone number only once.

DON'T ask for their name and put them on the defensive since they might think you are going

DON'T speak in a monotone.DON'T mumble your message. DON'T call just to check in. DON'T assume an air of familiarity. DON'T try to fake like you know the answer to a question you don't. . DON'T randomly send out expensive (your time. material costs and postage) literature. DON'T assume you have it until the paperwork is signed.

me information?" .way you prefer. hink you are going to get them in trouble. enefits fax cover sheet.


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