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10-07-11 Pigskinpics

10-07-11 Pigskinpics

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8-A — LINCOLN TIMES-NEWS, Lincolnton, N.C., Friday, October 7, 2011
Sports Writer
West meets East in county clash
Keith Coward / Special to LTN
ABOVE: Rebel quarterback Nick Fisher handles the ball during the loss to Cherryville last week. BELOW: East
Lincoln’s Jesse Earnhardt (left) and Antwaine McLain (right) celebrate a touchdown against Lincolnton.
Mustangs host Rebels in Denver for homecoming
night; Lincolnton, North Lincoln travel in conference
Experts: Michael
W-L Record so far (62-20) (55-27) (67-15) (64-18) (49-22) (57-25) (59-23) (58-25) (61-21)
at Cherryville
LHS 42-10 LHS 42-3 LHS 42-14 LHS 35-14 LHS 42-17 LHS 48-7 LHS 31-21 LHS 48-14 LHS 65-10
West Lincoln at
East Lincoln
ELHS 40-14 ELHS 28-14 ELHS 35-21 ELHS 27-21 ELHS 35-24 ELHS 35-14 ELHS 28-13 ELHS 35-21 ELHS 49-17
North Lincoln
at LN Charter
NLHS 21-17 NLHS 14-10 LNC 28-21 NLHS 21-14 NLHS 30-28 NLHS 21-17 NLHS 7-3 LNC 21-14 NLHS 20-6
Bessemer Cty
at Highland Tech
BCHS 21-7 BCHS 10-7 BCHS 49-16 BCHS 27-6 BCHS 31-7 BCHS 24-0 BCHS 28-7 BCHS 28-14 BCHS 31-12
at Panthers
Saints 38-24 Saints 23-21 Saints 31-21 Saints 30-24 Saints 28-21 Saints 31-21 Panthers 27-24 Saints 28-21 Saints 34-17
at Ga. Tech
GT 20-14 GT 38-24 GT 41-24 GT 38-21 GT 35-20 Md. 19-12 GT 21-14 GT 35-14 GT 27-19
at UNC
UNC 35-14 UNC 30-17 UNC 27-24 UNC 31-21 UNC 28-17 UNC 24-10 UNC 24-20 UNC 28-14 UNC 21-16
at S. Carolina
USC 21-6 USC 28-21 USC 24-17 USC 35-14 USC 38-20 USC 28-10 USC 35-21 USC 35-14 USC 25-8
at Wake Forest
FSU 28-17 FSU 23-14 FSU 34-20 FSU 28-14 FSU 40-28 FSU 24-6 FSU 17-14 FSU 28-7 FSU 44-28
Boston College
at Clemson
Clemson 35-14 Clemson 38-21 Clemson 37-27 BC 31-14 Clemson 44-21 Clemson 31-14 Clemson 30-21 Clemson 35-14 Clemson 56-3
at LSU
LSU 35-21 LSU 45-24 LSU 31-17 LSU 35-27 LSU 49-35 LSU 28-17 LSU 30-24 LSU 28-21 LSU 99-0
at Va. Tech
VT 21-10 VT 42-10 VT 24-17 VT 21-14 VT 38-31 Mia. 35-31 VT 28-13 VT 21-14 VT 28-7
Cent. Michigan
at NC State
NCSU 20-7 NCSU 21-14 NCSU 31-21 NCSU 35-21 NCSU 33-24 CM 21-17 NCSU 21-6 NCSU 28-7 NCSU 19-17
at Tennessee
UT 21-20 UT 35-21 UT 24-21 UGA 30-27 UGA 24-21 UT 21-13 UGA 20-17 UGA 28-24 UGA 24-15
at Houston
Houston 21-14 ECU 42-23 Houston 35-20 Houston 45-21 Houston 24-17 ECU 21-20 ECU 27-14 ECU 28-26 Houston 17-10
Pigskin Prognosticators’ Picks from LINCOLN TIMES-NEWS Panel of Experts
Week #8
Lincolnton travels to Cher-
ryville at 7:30 p.m. today.
North Lincoln travels to
Lake Norman Charter at 7:30
p.m. today.
West Lincoln travels to East
Lincoln at 7:30 p.m. today.
Lincoln Charter defeated
Challenger 5-1 on Tuesday.
Austin King, Lucas King,
Zach Bluhm, Seth Yarber and
E.J. Morphew all scored goals
for the Eagles.
Lincoln Charter defeated
Challenger in four sets (25-
23 C, 25-10, 25-15, 25-10) on
Tuesday. Sarah Kenley scored
17 points, Savannah Dishman
added 10 kills and Victoria
Morgan logged 11 assists.
East Lincoln Middle School
(5-1) defeated Burns 4-2 on
Tuesday. Booth Braswell was
the winning pitcher, and add-
ed two singles and two runs
scored at the plate. Braswell
struck out eight batters, and
gave up fve hits and one walk.
Sarah Thompson had one
single, one double and all four
of the team’s RBIs.
East Lincoln (7-6, 3-2 SPC)
defeated Highland Tech 6-3 on
Tuesday. Brielle Mattner, Ci-
ara Mattner, Mackenzie Mack-
el and Jade Loendorf won their
singles matches. The Mattner
sisters took the Lady Mus-
tangs’ lone doubles win.
Sports Writer
Game of the Week: West
Lincoln (3-4, 2-1 SPC)
at East Lincoln (3-4, 1-2
Lincoln County is host to
another rivalry game this
week as the West Lincoln
Rebels travel to Denver to
play the East Lincoln Mus-
Both teams lost their games
last week, West Lincoln 13-7
to Cherryville, and East Lin-
coln 55-35 to Lincolnton.
East Lincoln’s game with
the Wolves was the frst time
this year that senior running
back Marcus McDowell
hasn’t had the same kind of
success that he has typically
shown. He carried the ball 17
times for a total of 124 yards
last week, with 12 of those
carries resulting in gains of
2 yards or less. The Mus-
tangs switched to their pass-
ing game in the second half,
running only nine plays on
the ground.
“We were behind at least
two scores the entire second
half, playing catch-up,” East
Lincoln head coach Mike
Byus said.
“Every run runs the clock
and we were having more
negative run plays, so conf-
dence in calling the run play
was a little shaken there.”
See FOOTBALL, page 9
Sports Briefs
Softball Tryouts
The Carolina Comets Teal
are looking to add players to
their team. They are holding
open tryouts to fll these spots
on October 16 from 2-5 p.m.
at Lake Norman High School
in Mooresville.
Questions may be direct-
ed to Roger McGuffey at rd-
mcguffey@yahoo.com or by
phone at (704)236-7428. The
Carolina Comets website is at
Cam Newton doesn’t like
At least, according to the
Charlotte Observer, he’s not
too happy about the Panthers’
1-3 start. Maybe he thought
he was going to set the sports
world on fre in his NFL rook-
ie season, but football games
can’t be won alone.
The Panthers’ numbers
prove that you can be third in
the NFL in passing, and still
get beat like a gong Sunday
after Sunday. The Carolina de-
fense is giving up 143.8 rush-
ing yards per game and has al-
lowed its opponents to convert
on a third of their third down
Newton came here to win,
but no one in Carolina’s man-
agement expected him to do it
in his rookie year. He is doing
exactly what they wanted him
to do — get people into the
Carolina is ranked seventh in
the NFL for home game atten-
dance. That number is slightly
lower than last year’s fgures,
but will probably match them
as the season progresses.
I somehow doubt that trend
will persist if the Carolina de-
fensive line’s aversion to hit-
ting people continues. In a
sport where fan allegiances,
players and teams are some-
what fckle, a team can only
withstand so much before
players fall into the kind of
slump the Detroit Lions were
in from 2001 until, possibly,
this year, when they’re 4-0.
With the likelihood that the
Panthers will once again have
one of the frst picks in the
2012 NFL draft, shoring up the
defense is essential, and they
can do that with a top defen-
sive prospect.
Offensive players may sell
tickets, but defense is where
games are won.
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