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Assessment 1

Assessment 1

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Published by: David Bechara on Oct 07, 2011
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David Bechara Personality Psych - 8 am - Assessment 1 9.26.2011 A Personality Theory Potkay and Allen I.

Data Statement
1. Human behavior results from heredity or environment. 2. An important part of every person is a "self" 3. Personality is unchanging v. changing 4 . Most important influences on behavior is past v. future events 5. Most important characteristics, general v. unique.

5 2 7

Item Analysis
Rated it with 5 because I feel environment plays a big part in who you are. But one cannot ignore how genetics affects your behavior Don't Understand it, or I think I don't. I feel it's asking is it important to be your own person. And that's why my score is so close to the yes side. I personally feel I had a major personality change. I used to be very angry, and hated when people asked me questions, and had no patience for anything. I am completely the opposite now. In every way possible. The past shapes who you are. Goals help change your behavior a little, but I feel the past has a slightly greater influence. Because it's who you are, not who you will become like the future. I would hope that being more unique is important, no one wants to live in a world where everyone is the same. That's dull and boring. Uniqueness makes people more "human." Like, the difference between 2 Lebanese people is great, but what's the difference between 2 poodles? 100 poodles? It is possible that people do stuff for others because they want benefit them in some way or form, But there is always some hidden agenda. Whether helping people makes you happy, or something like that. It's still an action that is made to affect your mood or attitude, and its slightly self centered, but less self centered then other reasons



6. People are motivated to cooperate with others because, self centered v. altruistic


7. People learn best when they are motivated by reward, or punishment.


I feel people would be more open to learning, if it was a life or death situation, but it's not ideal for having people have the urge to learn.. How can you even focus if you're worried about getting smacked for each mistake, or getting electrocuted, or something. Being positively reinforced would motivate someone, maybe not to the extent punishment would, but it would help to actually want to learn in the future.

8. Main Reason you behave as you do is because personal v. social factors 9.Human nature is naturally constructive v. destructive 10. Humans have no purpose v. purpose Score: 39


2 2


Interpretation of Results (use this heading here)

Use double space format in this section to interpret your results. Refer to the second part of the inventory for instructions and ideas. Start out with your overall score (if applicable) and

e. you forfeit your grade and earn a 0 for that assignment. If the author(s) poses questions. . Assessment 1. Conclude with a summary statement. The standard font is Times New Roman. if you miss the deadline. Papers will not be accepted through the email in the course or my university address. Assessment 3 and Assessment 4. In order to earn a high grade. Page Length: 2 to 3 pages maximum Submit your papers as a MS Word Attachments to Assignment Drop Box on or before the noon due date and include your name and type of submission. size 12.reference any scores/statements that stand out and incorporate your item analysis comments. Assessment 2. be sure to address them. you must honor these submission requirements. I highly recommend that you submit your work a few days prior to the deadline in order to ensure my receipt of it. i.

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