A Word on Joe Beef of Montreal

If you see a fat version of me in Montreal,
its me. 3 lunches today

w/@joebeef & @davidchang: Wolinskys,
Barros Luco, & Village Grec. RIDIC.
Aziz Ansari
30 Jun
@azizansari @joebeef so much food I

think we ate my passport Or Fred put
it in the foie double down. Somehow
made it back to NYC for dinner!

David Chang
30 Jun

Thank you @joebeef for hurting
us so magnificently. Great
food, awe-inspiring beverages.

Au revoir Montreal!
Belly full of smoked
Anthony Bourdain

meat and to the airport.

16 Jul

i once passed out @joebeef.
@fredmadeit covered me w/blanket,

said "You can judge a restaurant by
the way it treats its drunks" 4stars

Lucky Peach Magazine
13 Aug

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