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Here are the lacking articles and pictures needed for the yearbook. If you have time, kindly

look for them, while we are attending our college classes (wohoooo! College!!!). We will give

the draft to the press come Friday. So, while the press is working on the available materials,

we can have time in looking for these lacking articles and pictures.


pictures of westbridge school

1. large westbridge school logos both colored and B&W

2. message of the pres. Of school board & his pic c/o sir lacaya

3. message of high school department head

4. message of intermediate department head

5. photos of faculty and staff

6. elementary graduation photos

7. elementary LOGO, NAME and BATTLECRY

8. high school LOGO, NAME and BATTLECRY

9. elementary PC speech

10. high school graduates pics : ALFABETO, BAYLON, NG, TIU

THANKS! See you soon...

~chris :)