A compilation of Chaos Dwarf articles from White Dwarf magazine

by Dave Gallagher, Black & white

by John Blanche and Mark Gibbons

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This book has been compiled from articles published over several issues of White Dwarf magazine. In it you will find all the features that normally go to make up a Warharnmer Arm ie: book including background history, a bestiary, special rules. a magic spells deck. battle report, 'Eavy Metal pages, and army list. In short, all the information you need as a Chaos Dwarf general! Although there is little newly published material, we have tidied up some of the presentation to make the material more aecessible. We hope that this book will provide Chao Dwarf player with a more a isfying option than buying 'orne half dozen back j ues of White Dwarf magazine. The Chaos Dwarf army lists were originally printed without a Special Characters section. We've added a few pedal characters into the limited space available. Players may wish to use existing model to represent the e characters, or, as an alternative, models can be converted to produce suitably individual pieces.


3 .

Probably it was a slov proces of warping and twisting. in lead it worked a dreadful change upon them. DWARFS CHAOS DWA By Rick Priestley Many thousands of years ago [he Dwarf race moved northwards from its ancestral home somewhere ill the outhlands. They moved along the high ridge of mountains known a the \1Cforlds Edge Mountains. the Dwarfs reached the upland region at the far north of the S This month sees the release of the first models in a brand new series of Chaos Dwarf miniatures by Alan Perry. others turned west lnto the cold lands of Norsca. and constructed runnels which carried them further north. but they were mistaken. Nonetheless [hey were changed. following the trail of mineral ores and precious gems. [hey sank mines deep into the mountain roots. bur some of the most adventurous turned east and then south along the bleak Mountains of Mourn. some time in the dim and di tant past. The Dwarfs spread amongst the mountains. oil and tar. THE CHAOS DWARF EMPIRE It i. Over a period of many hundreds of years they dug shafts arid excavated cavernous underground cities. THE DARK. In the plains [he stench of tar pits and oil pools hangs heavily in the air.CHAO. Chaos did nOI kill the hardy Dwarfs. To accompany these models. Amongst the peaks volcanoes spew black smoke inro the filthy sky. destroyed by tile tides of Chaos [hat came from the north. driven onwards by their lust for the secrets of rock and metal. The volcanoes and gaping pits bring up all kinds of minerals and gems from beneath the earth: gold and silver. Many turned ba south to swell the growing numbers of Dwarfs in the Worlds Edge Mountains. teaming lava from beneath the earth's crust cover the ash wastes wid} a blanket of bubbling magma. 4 . It is a land rich in the materials that Dwarfs especially covel. Rick has been delving into the background of this dark race. diamonds and sapphires. impossible to say for cenatn how or when me Dwarf kindred of the east became th Chao Dwarfs. for Dwarfs are stubborn by nature and more resistant to magic than other creatures. lANDS The Chaos Dwarf Empire is sited amidst the Mountains of Mourn and the adjoining eastern pan of tile Dark Lands. but tile ea tern Dwarfs strayed far and when the Time of Chaos came the northern regions were cut off forever. Here they found a vast and inhospitable plateau where the air wa thin and cold and the ro k barren. The dim light and choking air combine La ensure that the land remains devoid of vegetation except for a few itraggly black thorns. where nature has rent the ground and burst the mountains apart. as well as sulphur. The Dwarfs of the west believed their eastern kin dead. Almost nothing can grow in the Dark Lands. It is a stark and cheerless place. Eventually. Worlds Edge Mountains which they called Zorn Uzeu! or the Great Skull Land. iron and copper. At first these widespread Dwarf kindreds rnainrained contact with each other.

making him extraordinarily tou h. [be Father of Darkness. just one mighry city in all the empire. bur once it hegins. The Dark Land. It was Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers who constructed the city in past ages. They built engines down in me depths. creating lakes of sticky blackness over the land. laden with noxious sediments and its steaming water is thick and poisonous. As Chaos Dwarf orcerers lise magic it gradually seeps into their bodies. pock-marking the surface with ugly scars 0 endeavour. . I tis temple is guarded by Bull Centaurs. Then his lower' body and torso turn (0 stone. Though there are numerous mines. The north and south gateways are the river sluices through which the waters of tile River Ruin pour. Each Chaos Dwarf orcerer controls part of the city.\l. The cold river enter.ane machines fills the oily air. There is no leader nor formal heirarchy amongst them. On top of the temple stands the iron statue of Hashut. the study of machines and magic: combined to produce arcane engines of power and destruction. They dug for coal and piled it high into black mounds. CHAOS DWARF SORCERERS The Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers rule over the Tower of Zharraggrund as the lords and masters of the Ch!IOSDwarfs and high priests of Hashut. the creators of arcane machineries and horrific engines. foundries and fortresses throughout the Plain of Zharrduk and beyond. . The gates are almost as high a' [he walls and massive beyond any obvious need. smelling the metals that are the lifeblood of the city. probably no more than a few hundred amongst the whole Chaos Dwarf race. the City of Fire and Desolation. workshops. Starting with his feet. the city from the north and it is put ro use cooling the huge forges of the CI1<\05 Dwarf Sorcerers. groaning of huge wh el and grinding of ar . as are all Dwarfs after a fashion. each step hundreds of feel high and surmounted by battlements that jut upwards like" row of ugly fangs. evoking changes in them which are both unique and horrific. After many centuries of labour a Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer hegins [0 change: [he pace of change is slow. as pan of his personal dominion. throwing captives into cauldrons of molten metal to [he echoing laughter 01' the assembled Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers. red hot and anyone who touches its surface suffers earing wounds. [he Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer slowly begins to rum [0 immobile stone. Where it leaves the city the river is stained red and yellow with filth. The Tower f Zharr. From the east and west gateways roads paved ith labs of gold and brass lead to the Mountains of M urn and the Dark Lands. so that the plundered riches of the earth might flow all me faster into [heir gargantuan city. are shrouded in thick volcanic clouds and smoke from the work bop' of Zharrduk. and flushing the effluent of industry out to the south. creature mutated from Chaos Dwarf long ago. Around their dark city the Chaos Dwarfs sunk mines into the earth. using team power generated by' [he heat of the rocks themselves. In the Temple of Hashut the Chaos Dwarf orcerers meet in a great conclave of evil La make their plans of domination. bur they are not immune to its effects. so the Tower of Zharr-Naggrund exists in a timeless rwil ight. They built the Tower of Zharr-Naggrund i11 the shape or a mountain rising tier upon tier to its summit. as all he can do Is speak and watch their progress. creatures of many races captured in war or traded from the Orcs of the west. powering the steam-driven engines. In the mountains they quarried stone and used it to build roadways to connect all their lands together. THE TEMPLE OF HASHIIT AI [he pinnacle of the city is the Temple of Hashut.Iaggrund is built of obsidian. his fare is sealed. The noise and the labours never cease. delving deep into the rock and filth in pursuit of the treasure that lie b I w. At first his legs turn grey and solid so that be is unable to move. The entire city is buill in a series of tall reps. 111e god is the embodiment of the City. the bullhaped god of the Chaos Dwarfs. and for whom thou ands f slaves are sacrificed by fire and Furnace. Once his arms become stone he is entirely dependent upon his followers to perform his magic. They drilled for oU and tar. and the bottom step is pierced by four huge stone gateways bound in iron. The city is a hug living work h p full of smoke and noise. slaves and warriors. illuminated by the carmine f res of iISown forges. The huge and monstrous Tower of Zharr-Naggrund. They have [he body of a bull bur the torso of a Chaos Dwarf. DWARFS 1assive cauldrons of bubbling metal pour OUl their molten contents into twisted moulds of intricate onsuuction. lik a Ziggurat. its deity and its master. A foul yellow cloud hangs about U1e river and its banks are choked with drifts of spectacularly coloured pollutants. After a while his entire body turns to stone and he becomes THE TOWER OF ZHABR-NAGGRUND The Tower of Zharr-Naggrund lies at the centre of the Chaos Dwarf Empire and is the object of all their labours and enterprise. At irs LOp they built a temple to their evil god HaS/WI. Chaos Dwarfs are resistant to magic. Their lore is deep and ancient. work at me enterprises of the Chaos Dwarfs. whose power flows through the Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers. The refuse of thousands of years of labour fills the Plain of Zharrduk where industry tears at the arth. Its hollow iron belly contains a furnace heated by coals so that [he statue glow. This rnonstrou city is fashioned from black obsidian and stained with the red glow of a thousand diabolic furnaces. black volcanic glass whose light reflects the flames of the myriad furnaces that burn both day and night. The roaring of furnaces. Gigantic steamdriven hammers stamp OUl sheets of iron and bronze with rhythmic booms like the heartbeats of a cyclopean god. but the strongest voice belongs LO the oldest and most powerful.aggrund. illuminated by its inner fires and driven by machines of vast size and power. and hi followers ar obliged to carry him around or el e he bas them construct a mechanical engine to move him about.CHAO Their Dwarf instincts became perverted into a m )ckel)' of traditional values.7here Dwarfs shun magic the Chaos Dwarfs embraced it and became mighty sorcerers. and dug open pits in which to store it. for Chaos Dwarfs respect age and knowledge just as much as other Dwarfs. Inside the temple irs guardians perform bloodthirsty rites. Beneath [he llickerlng flames of countless forges untold thousands 0 laves. with its workshops and forges. A thousand massive furnaces burn within the vastness of Zharr. who carved its shape from obsidian and rai ed it dark towers and fashioned its massive gateways. They are f w in number. Each step is square. there i. with long snaggly tusks and exotically curled beards. who they caLI the Father of Darkness. arose on the plain of Zharrduk.


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a statue. The statues of Chaos Dwarf orcerers are lined up along the roadways around [he Tower of ZharrNaggrund. forming rank lipan rank of grey stones watchlng over the approach to the city.

There are relatively few Chaos Dwarfs, The vast numbers of slaves who toll in the Tower of Zharr-Naggrund and in [he Plain of Zharrduk outnumber them many Limes over. All [he Chaos Dwarfs belong to one of the Chaos Dwarf "cHcerers. they are his subjects and also his kinsmen, bonded by ties of blood-loyalty which all Chaos Dwarfs deem unbreakable. Bands of Cbao Dwarfs scour the Dark Lands searching for captives to bring back La ZharrNaggrund to work in the mines and forges. or to sacrifice at the Temple of Hashut, The acquisition of slaves is v ry important [Q Chaos Dwarfs becau e they are totally dependent upon captives to keep their city and industries going. Bands of Chaos Dwarfs will travel many hundreds of miles to raid Orc or Goblin stronghold in the Mountains of Mourn. and when they conquer a tribe they take as many prisoners back to their city as they can, The more captives they take the more successful the expedition is judged to have been. All wars of conquest are fought with the aim of raking slaves; the Chaos Dwarfs are not interested in expanding their territories further, for [he Mountains of Mourn and the Plain of Zharrduk contain all the wealth that they require. Sometim whole armies a Chaos Dwarf march against the Orc and Goblin tribes. subduing one tribe after another before returning to the Tower or Zharr-Naggrund laden Wi[}1 laves. The Chao Dwarfs also raid La the north, attacking the fierce horse-riding human tribes of rhe northern highlands, bur these are distant conquests for them and the horse tribes often flee rather than fight. The furthest west the Chaos Dwarf armi s have reached to elate is the verdant valleys of Farside: the province of Kislev which lies in the eastern foothills of the Worlds Edge Mountains. mailer bands of Chaos Dwarfs have penetrated as far as the lands around Death Pass, where they have encountered the many tribes of Goblins that live in the western part of the Dark lands. The Chaos Dwarfs trade slaves with the Goblin tribes, choosing (0 use the Goblins as intermediaries rather than advance further int the Old \Xrorld. In this way captive Dwarfs and Men from the Old \World have been taken prisoner first b), the Goblins and then sold on to the Chaos Dwarfs, only to end their days in the pits of Zharrduk or upon the burning altars of Hashut,

good slaves. Ordinary Orcs and Goblins were constantly riven I y disputes and so never had time to plot against their masters. Black Orcs, on the other hand, were too well organised, often starting rebellion and leading the other Orcs and Goblins into armed revolt. After several near disasters when Black Ore-led armies ravaged parts of the Tower of Zharr- aggrund the Chaos Dwarfs decided ro drive [hem from the city forever. '1any Black Orcs escaped into the Mountains of Mourn where their descendants remain to this day, while others undertook the long journey to the west and eventually reached the Old World. The Chaos Dwarfs destroyed many Black Orcs, but they left some tribes f'ree to roam the mountains so that they could recruit them as troops into their armies.

During rile height of the largest and most savage Black Ore rebellion the Chaos Dwarfs were almost overcome. Vastly outnumbered by their former slaves they were driven upwards through the layers of their city, fighting for each level, ascending ever closer to the Temple of Hashut itself. At the final hour the city was saved hy the treachery of the Hobgoblins, who, having rebelled along with the Black Orcs, switched their allegiance once more and turned [he tide against the Orc rebels. In doing so the Hobgoblins earned the enmity of the other green-skinned races who deeply dts trust them to this da . The Hobgoblins enjoy the favour of the CI1aoo5Dwarfs and care lrule what oilier greenskins think of them. Unlike [he Chaos Dwarfs' other slaves. they are not made to work in the pirs and workshops, but are used as warriors. They are a sneaky, evil-minded race, who remain as dishonest and cowardly in the service of the Chaos Dwarfs as they were when fighting for the Black Orcs. Oilier green kins despise them and would certainly kill them were it not for the power they enloy amongst the Chaos Dwarfs. Hobgoblins are distinctive in appearance. They look much like Goblins, but they are taller. though nowhere near as burly as Orcs. In facl their whole appearance j thin and sneaky, with narrow eyes and sneering mouths fu II of pointy teeth. They ride giant wolves and often G1J:ry bows to shoot the enemy from a distan e. The Chaos Dwarfs utilise many Hobgoblins in [heir armies but don't really trust them. The Chaos Dwarfs know that the Hobgoblins are despised by other greenskins, and need the protection of the Chaos Dwarfs to survive.

Many years ago the Chaos Dwarf orcerers tried to breed their own Orc race, a race of slaves that could work in the J]lOSI hostile parts of their realm. They a lready had thousands ofOrc and Goblin laves, but the Chaos Dwarfs found them unruly and. inefficient because they would often fight amongst th ms lves. Using evil rnagic and careful selection, the Chaos Dwarfs created a new type of Ore: stronger than an ordinary Orc but more loyal and not given to squabbling. This was how the race of Black Orcs came into being. The experiment worked at first, but the Chaos Dwarfs soon realised that although their creations were much tougher, they were far too lnd pendent-minded [Q make 7


Chaos Dwarfs are descended from the Dwarfs that inhabit the Worlds Edge Mountains and the Old World. Unlike their distant cousins the Chaos Dwarfs became warped by the lands in which they lived, their natural in tinct twisted and perverted into a mockery of traditional Dwarf values. The history of the Chaos Dwarfs is obscured by time and the harsh Dark Lands that separate their Empire from the Old World. Few have travelled through this barren, inhospitable wasteland and even fewer have escaped to speak of the horrors they have witnessed. Only through their relentless search for slaves to work in the foul mines and furnaces that litter the plain of Zharr are Chaos Dwarfs forced into contact with the outside world.

Imperial Year
The time of the Ancestor Gods. No written records of the e time survive although legend tells of the gradual colonisation of the Worlds Edge Mountains by Dwarfs. The most adventurous or Dwarfs journey across the barren up] and regions north of the Worlds Edge Mountains which they name 'Zorn Uzkul' (or ttie Great Skull Land) in [he plain r Zharr. Contact is lost between Dwarfs of the Worlds Edge Mountains and Dwarf ettlernents in the Dark Lands and Zorn Uzkul. The Dwarfs of the west believe their eastern kin have perished, destroyed by the tides of Chaos from the north. Abandoned by their gods. Dwarfs of the Dark -2600 Enslavement Mourn. of Ore and Goblin tribes


throughout the Dark Land and Mountains of



Experiments on captive Ore and Goblin slaves by Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer result in the creation of the Black Orcs. The Black Orcs prove unruly and difficult to control. After leading an armed revolt that ravages the lower levels of Zharr-Naggrund they are purged from the ziggurat. Fleeing Black Orcs escape to the Worlds Edge Mountains and the Mountains of Mourn. Rich volcanic deposits fir mined at Gorgoth.



Lands turn to the worship of the evil god
Hashut, the Father of Darkness.


Legend tells how Lhe mighty ziggurat, Mingol Zharr- aggnmd (lit, The Great City of Fire and Desolation) was raised from dark iron and black obsidian by the most powerful Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers.

500 1000


To fuel the ever increasing demand for slaves the Chaos Dwarf fleet cruises the River Ruin and Sea of Dread enslaving those unfortunate enough to cross its path. A great sea canal is constructed linking the Falls of Doom with the Sea of Chaos giving the fleet all exit in the north.


Battle of Anurell's Tomb: a Chaos Dwarf slaving expedition encounters a High Elf Army south of the Plain of Bones





By Rick Priestley
The Chaos Dwarfs generaHy fight with one of two weapons, both equally destructi e in their own way. The fir t is the double handed axe, a short hafted weapon with a heavy metal blade which can crack open armour and cleave a foe in two. The second is the Blunderbuss, a short ranged weapon of devastating effect. The Blunderbuss uses a gunpowder charge to fire shards of spiked iron at the enemy, although it an al a fire hot coals, lead shot, pieces of scrap metal, and even stones if need be. The weapon is so robustly made that it can be loaded with far more powder and shot than a simple handgun, and its effect is quite different. When a Blunderbuss regiment fires a volley the whole zone to irs front is filled with spinning razor harp pieces of iron which pread Out covering a broad front. As the enemy are hit and lain, more slicing metal ploughs into the ranks behind, cau ing untold devastation to all foes unfortunate enough to be cJose. Blunderbusses have only a very short range, a. all the energy of the shot is dispersed over a short distance, but within thi range they are deadly. The Blunderbuss armed Chaos Dwarfs are also ferocious hand-to-band fighters, Their preferred tactic is to give their enemy a single bla t and follow up by charging into close combat. Draw an imaginary line from the extreme left hand ide of the regiment which extends 12" directly in front of the regiment. Now draw a similar line on the right band side. Draw a line across to form an area which extends across the regiment's entire frontage and 12" in front of it. This zone is indicated on the diagram below. This i.s the regiment's fire zone.
All of the red models ore pOlential casualties regardless of whether there are other models ill from of them.


IJIIUHI"rhu, {"~i""'"1 1

eh,,,,, I "I


The green coloured models ore 0../ of the 12" fire ZOlle of the B I underbuss and cannot be hit.

A regiment of Blunderbuss armed troops shoots in a unique way. The weapon has a range of 12" and [he regiment may only shoot if it did not move during its movement phase. Work out the results of shooting as follows.

Every model within the regiment's fire zone is a potential casualty, even models which are behind other models, or behind cover. Only targets which lie on the other side of a hill or building are protected from the Blunderbusses. It makes no difference bow many Blunderbusse are firing. the important consideration i the fire zone covered by the unit. The number or ranks in the Blunderbuss unit also has an effect. It is assumed that the models behind poke their weapons forward and add their fire to [he volley. The effect of extra ranks of Blunderbusses is described later.


WEAPO Blunderbuss RANGE 12" TRENGTH S3+lperrank up to S5 max AVE -lifS4 -2 if S5 FRIENDLY UNITS IN THE FIRE ZONE Thi is generally a bad shards of iron hot coals Dwarfs' Blunderbusses and foe It is therefore position his Blunderbuss idea as you can imagine. rolling once to hit with each Blunderbuss in the front rank. if you fire at a unit of 20 Ogres of which 16 are potential hits. Proceed until all potential hits have been resolved. rolling a handful of dice at one go. increasing to 4 for two full ranks and a maximum of 5 for three full ranks. applying the strength modifier for a econd or third rank. some judgement will be required. Dwarf behind the first up to a maximum of 5 (ie. Resolve all hits against [he target as you would for normal shooting with the addition of the strength bonuses for ranks as before. then the Blunderbusse may elect to COncentrate Fife on this target alone. No additional modifier applies asit does for hand guns on account of the rapid di persal of the blunderbusses' energy. only one dice is rolled and only a maximum of one wound is normally suffered. Any Chaos Dwarfs in a rank behind the third are too far back to poke their weapons forward. applying modifiers only for cover exactly as described above. None of the usual to rut modifiers apply. This may seem obvious. STAND AND FIRE A Blunderbus armed unit can tand and fire against a charging enemy unit if it starts its move more than half its own charge distance away as per normal. unit by unit. or 2) the closest target in the 10 3. In the case of characters and war machine. as it is never possible to exactly measure the proportion of a model's base covered by a template.J if S4 and -2 if S5). It is possible to concentrate fire against a ingle target if it is the only target in the fire zone or if it is the close 1 target. 5. If the models being fired at consist of a chariot. as you would for bow shots. but this is increased by + 1 for each Jull rank of Chao. Ranks which are not full do not count. Roll a D6 for each Chaos Dwarf front ranker ignoring the [0 hit modifers as usual for Blunderbusses (the -I which is generally applied to troops shooting at charging troops does not apply for Blunderbusses). Resolve damage as you would for normal shooting. fire zone measuring [rom the unit's front. Thi reflects the fact that the volley represents a massive wall of fire. three full ranks including the front). or course. or not. for each un it. may nOI move and fire in CHARACTERS AND MONSTERS Ln the case of enemy characters and single model with many wounds. or a war machine is either: I) the only model in the fire zone. The general rule is that a model is a potential hit if its base is at least halfway within the fire zone . The Blunderbuss bas a strength of 3. a war machine. Proceed with each potential target unit or indi vidual model until you have resolved all casualties. each crew member. and the machine or chariot itself are each potentially hit assuming they 1ie within the tire zone.ell os DW RF WAR MACHINES Roll a dice for each potential casualty to determine if you hit. Finally remove the appropriate number of casualties. The Blunderbuss armed Chaos Dwarfs hold their fixe until the last moment. So. 6. Chao Dwarf Blunderbusses the same rum. Of other multiple targets. Work out wounds and remove casual tie as normal. because the Chaos Dwarf wait until their enemy are so clo e that they absorb all the energy of the shot! TARGETS WITH SEVERAL WOUNDS Once the total number of wounds inflicted has been calculated remove casultie from target units exactly a you would for normal shooting from bows. roll one dice to hit for each Chaos Dwarf in the front rank. It is convenient to deal with. 4. Establi h fire zone 12" in front of the unit extending across the unit's frontage. Resolve each hit in the normal way using the To Wound chart.in the same way as a target from a war machine or spell template. roll 16 dice to hit. and then remove the total number of casual tie as appropriate. a character model. Roll to hit each model within [he fire zone. For example. each horse or wolf pulling a chariot. . When a Blunderbuss unit stands and fires it only shoots at its chargers. When tiring a concentrated volley. rolling the appropriate number of dice to establish hits. if there are J 6 potential casualties in an enemy unit. As Chaos Dwarfs have a B of 3 this will mean target are usually hit on the roll of a 4. remove casualties exactly as normal. Some enemy targets will inevitably lie only partly within the area described. a character and monster. 2. Once you have establi hed the total number of wounds inflicted on a unit. so if there is any doubt you will ha ve to reach agreement with your opponent or decide the matter with a further dice roll. in which case you must use your judgement to decide iJ they are potential hit. Thi is effectively the same a if the war machine or chariot were hit by a stonethrower template which covered them. appropriately. The flying and other debris fired from the Chao does not di criminate between friend vital for the Chaos Dwarf general to unit. not ar other troops within its fire zone. cribed for firing at isolated characters and machine.this would be unbearably tedious! SUMMARY 1. but it is an easy mistake to assume that JUSl because you roll a dice for each potential target that the wounds have to be distributed amongst all those targets . where individuals are hit because they are in the way rather than because they have been specifically aimed at. Roll to hit each potential target using the ballistic skill (BS) of the Chaos Dwarfs as normal. then resolving wounds and saves as normal. If a hero is mounted on a monster then both are potentially hit if they lie within [he tire zone. So. crossbow etc. and save modifiers are adjusted according to strength as per normal. resolve the number of wounds as normal. If a monster with several wounds. character riding a mOD ter. The trength of the rut is 3 for one full rank. each target unit at a time. if you cause 6 wounds you will remove 2 models (they have 3 wounds each) just. ThL is bad news for the target concerned as the concentrated volley is the most devastating of aU. except for cover (-I soft cover and -2 bard cover). randomly distribute hits exactly as you would with normal shooting. It is ea iest to do thi. Resolve saving throws for any casualties using the appropriate modifier (ie . roll 16 dice to determine bow many are hit. Then they concentrate fire all [he charging foe in the same manner de.

You must guess a distance of between 12" and 48" • au cannot guess less than I 2" because the barrel can only be depressed by a certain amount. A good rule of thumb i that a model may be considered a potential hit if at least half its base area lies under the template. Model whose bases lie under the rest of the template are hit on the D6 roll of 4+. while models whose bases are onJy touched or grazed can be ignored. or even to move. EARTHSHAKER! In addition to the damage il causes the Earthsbaker shell literally shakes the ground when it lands. Note that only one modeJ can lie within the hole and if there i any doubt. When the shell lands it smashe into the ground. dazed and confused.roll a D6 and consult the Earthshaker Misfire Chart below. If two crewmen are slain the remaining crewman may fire. . you must do thi without mea uring. It fires a heavy shell full of powerful explosive. a number simply indicates that the shot ha not misfired. however. Roll for each target to determine if you have caused. Flrsi pivot the cannon so that it is pointing in the direction you wish to fire. Loss of crew members reduces the movement rate proportionately. bULas most creatures have only one wound it is not always necessary to make this dice roll. You will need the tandard mis ile template with the hole in the centre. An Earthshaker cannon can be moved by its Chaos Dwarf crew at 3" per turn so long as it has a full crew of three. other than to pivot on tbe spot to ai m at its target. A misfire roll automaticalJy cancels out the rhole hot regard Ie. As a result it has a high Toughness and is difficult 10 damage. of the scatter dice result. hould all the crew be lain the weapon i useless and may not fire. If a single crewman is slain the cannon can continue to fire normally. then omething has gone wrong . Troops close to the blast will be far too shocked by the impact to fight. If you roll a number on the artillery dice then this is the distance in inches the shell veers off target as shown by the arrow on !he scatter dice. E CHAOS DWARF EARTHSHAKER CANNON The Earthshaker cannon i a massive weapon of de truction and one of the most deadly weapons in the arsenal of the Chaos Dwarfs. If you roll an aJTOW then the hell veers off in the direction indicated. A with stone throwers. the exploding hell has a Strength of 7. Move 3" Toughness 7 Wounds 3 EARTHSHAKER MISFIRE CHART 6 ~-l RoO Boom! The shell explodes as it is being loaded. If you roll a HIT on e carter dice then the numbers are ignored. It takes a complete tum to replace the hell and prepare to fire. the artillery dice. until they recover their ense . DAMAGE Once you have established where the hell lands damage can be worked out. If the catter dice rolJs a IDT then the sbell lands where you have aimed it. Once you have made _our guess place the missile template directly over the spot you have estimated. A damaging hit from an Earthshaker cannon causes D3 wounds. iow declare how far you want to fire the Earthshaker shell. As welJ as blowing its target apart. Maximum Range you rna guess 12-48" Strength 7 Wounds D3 Save -4 Modifier If the artillery dice rolls a MISFrRE The Earth haker cannon is massive and extremely solid. the shockwaves of the explosion are so strong that nearby model. 34 The fuse fizzles oULand the cannon fails to fire. This establishes the radius of the Earthshaker effect measured in inche from the point of impact.CHAOS DWARF WAR :'IACHI.. To see where the shell lands roll both the scatter and artillery dice. guessing the range as accurately as you can. causing troops to fall to their knees and drop their weapons. Any model that lies directly under the hole in the template is hit automatically. As with stone throwers this is a matter of judgement and common sense. and the scatter dice. but it takes him a complete turn to Load the cannon . Any troops within 2D6" are thrown to the ground as de cribed in the text. make the Earthshaker cannon extremely u eful against big monsters. If crew are lost the Earthshaker cannon' rate of fire may be affected. The Earthshaker cannon's shots are worked out in the same way as hots from a tone thrower. The area affected by the Earth haker shell is established by rolling 2D6. Once you have worked out which models have been struck by the exploding shell work out damage in the normal way. which may therefore only fire every other turn. This ability to inflict several wound at once on a large target does. The cannon is destroyed and the crew Jain. bu ryi ng itself deeply before j L explodes. This is in addition to any penalty irnpo ed by a misfire result. are knocked to the ground. All they can do is lie on the ground. damage. The Earthshaker cannon cannot move and fire during the same tum. Your shot has no effect tbis turn. 11 The shell explodes in mid-air causing no damage. creating devastating shock waves. Move the template the distance indicated in the direction shown by the arrow. it is the model under the exact centre of the template which is hit. so you not only fail La sJ100! his tum bot you cannot shoot again next tum either.

In this case the entire penalties that apply. they have achieved the greatest success with the small battlefield weapon known as the Death Rocket. but both sides. Any models wi thin the range of the Earthshaker effect may be temporarily thrown to the ground and di orientated by the blast. If a unit i broken while some of its member are suffering from a Quake or Rattle result then any model suffering movement penalties are destroyed automatically. It contain a small ex pia ive charge at its tip and is stabilised in flight by means of fins at the rear. shoot and fighting penalties cease to apply immediately. Roll a D6 and consult the Earthshaker Chart below. Troops may fight normally in hand-to-hand combat War machines such as cannons and stone throwers may shoot on the D6 roll ofa4+. their rockets have not proven very reliable. This may mean that some models can shoot or fight while other members of the same unit are unable to do so. shoot.CHAO DW RF WAR MACHINES within he Earthshaker's effect mage suffer the shooting or fighting penalties. One e pecially large 12 . Although the Chao' Dwarf ha ve built and The shock likely for others are movement wave affect models from some members of a unit not. while the rest flee at their normal rate. In the following rum movement i at half rate and troops may not shoot. If a unit pursues while some of its member are suffering a Quake or Rattle result then the pursuit is worked out as normal and the move. The result applies to all troops within the area. It is quite to be affected while unit is bound by any only models actually :"'1!rr~::~~-::--"I II unched some extremely large rocket. The propellant chemicals are highly unstable and extremely toxic. It consists of a tubular rocket packed full of a chemical propellant synthesised from the abundant raw materials of the Plain of Zharr. and the slaves that work in the rocket factories of Zharr rarely last for long. The poisonou fumes and deadly chemicals inevitably kill those lucky enough not to be involved in one of the regu lar explosions. fight or do anything at aJJ in their following turn. RA1TLE! Although 6 WOAH! Bracing them elves against the shock waves the troops suffer no U1 effects and are ready to move and fight as normal. De pile the grand ambitions of the Chao Dwarfs' experiments. This is about seven or eight feet long and is packed full of propel! an t. CHAOS DWARF DEATH ROCKET The Death Rocket is a fiendish invention of the Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers. QUAKE! Troops are thrown to the ground and may neither move. 2-5 everely rattled by the baking ground the troops stay on tbeir feet.

then declare how far you want to fi re the rocket guessing the range as accurately as you can. RolJ for each target to determine if you have caused damage. went d i astrously off course and almost I:Ut Zharr-Naggrund itself. ions the rocket will hit the ground and spin round madly before its propellant splutter into life once more arrying the rocket off in a new direction. As with stone throwers d me Earthshaker cannon models whose bases tie under rest of the template are hit all me D6 roll of a 4+. To ee where the rocket lands roU both the scatter and artillery dice.2 or 3 The rocket explodes. A damaging hit from a Death Rocket causes D3 wound . On e you have worked out which models have been struck the exploding shell work out damage in the normal way.5 or 6 13 . Goblin excepted. Maximum Range YOIl may guess 48" D"VARF WAR MACIiINES Strength Wounds D3 Save -2 Modifier 5 The rocket launcher itself is olidly built and difficult to damage. The rocket goes out of control and lands 4D6" in the direction you have aimed it. lies der the exact centre which is hit. but the Chaos 0\\ arf Sorcerers wi sely decided to confine their experiments to the distant and mostly uninhabited Howling W tes to the south. The machine i de troyed and the crew lain. The rocket lurches a further 406" through the air in arandom direction (U5e scatter dice). a huge thing a high as a tower and known as the Hammer of Hashut. Place a small token. On the score of a 6 the launcher explodes and i destroyed together with its crew. then something has gone wrong . [f you roll an arrow then the rocket veer off course and land in the direction indicated. Mark where the rocket land and roll another D6 on this chart (1-3 explodes. halved). The Death Rockel carries an explosive charge. dice. If you roll a n umber on the ani Ilery di e then this is the distance in inche the shell veers off target as shown by the arrow on the scatter dice. The fuse fizzles out and the rocket fails to fire. Fortunately on this occasion little damage wa done. 0 you not Qnly fail [0 boot this tum but you cannot shoot again next turn either. blowing a crater in the plain of Zharr hundreds of yards across. It has a profile as shown below and has 3 wounds.. hop and kip across the battlefield. Move 3" Toughness 7 Wounds 3 A Death Rocket launcher can be moved by its Chaos Dwarf crew at 3" per turn so long as it has a full crew of two. However. Place the template where the rocket land and work out damage as normal. If one crew member is slain movement i reduced proportionally (ie. changing direction everal times before it explodes. DEATH ROCKET MISFIRE CHART D6 1-2 Roll Boom! The rocket explodes as it is being loaded. Once you have established where the ker explodes damage can be worked alit. It takes a complete tum to replace me rocket and prepare to fire. The maximum range you are permitted to guess i 48". A rocket which goes wild in this way can sometime. If you roll a HIT on the scatter dice then a numbers score on the arti llery dice is ignored (a number snnply indicate that the shot has not misfired).uxos rocker. Contiaue rolling until the rocket explodes. The Death Rocket's shots are worked out in the same way as hot from a stone thrower or the Barthshaker cannon already de cribed. TIle Death Rocket cannot move and fire during the same turn. First pivot the launcher so that it is pointing in the direction you wish to fire. 4-6 spins off randomly 4D6"). every lime a wound is suffered roll a D6. Any model mat lies directly under the hole in the template is hit automatically. On other ceca. The rocket trikes the ground and pins like crazy before relaunching itself into the air.roll a D6 and can ult the Death Rocket '\fi fire Chart oppo ite. 1. Once you have made your guess place the missile template directly over the spot you have gu ed. DAMAGE The rocket only causes damage when it explodes. OJ' other convenient marker on the spot and TaU a If the artillery dice rolls a MISFIRE 3-4 5-6 Do. it inflicts 00 damage if it merely strikes the ground and shoots off in another direction. but rna l creatures have only one wound it is not always oece ary to make this dice roll. Sometimes the rocket will smash into the ground and simply bury itself without exploding. 4. because of the explo ive nature of the rockets. other than to pivot on the spot to aim at its target. Move the template the distance indicated in the direction shown by the arrow. Note that only one model can lie within the hole and if there i any doubt it is the model which.unpredictable nature it doe not always explode when lhe rocket lands. Should both crew be slain the weapon is useless and may not fire. IT tbe scatter dice rolls a H1T then the rocket land where you have aimed it. but due to . If one crewman i slain the weapon may continue to fire normally. eventually landing on a Goblin camp. The exploding shell has a Strength of 5.

at Strength 4. A crew of two is required [0 wind back the powerful torsion arms and position the huge bolt ready for firing. A model damaged by a bolt thrower sustains not 1 bur D4 wounds. The bolt travels rralght forward and (hopefully hits the first target in its path. If both crewmen are slain the bolt thrower may not fire! SUMMARY OF BOLT THROWERS 1. see the Shooting section in the Warhammer rulebook for details. 0 save is allowed for a If the target is slain roll damage against the second rank 14 . piercing each warrior in rum. The chart below haws its details. Continue (0 work Out damage as the bolt pierces and slay a model in each rank. They are so large that they are mounted on tbeir own stands. A bolt thrower cannot move and shoot in the same tum except to tum to face its target. RANGE 48" STRE 'GTB DAMAGE D6 Score To Hit o -1 SAVE o save is allowed 5 -1 per rank D4 WORKING OUT DAMAGE FROM HITS A boll thrower is a powerful weapon which can hurl its bolt through several. [f you score a rut work out damage as described below. Boll throwers are solid constructions made from wood and iron. because the missiles are so fast and deadly that any armour i pierced along with its wearer. To shoot your bolt thrower first rum it on the pOI so that it points towards your intended victim. which means that large monsters can be hurt or even lain by a hit from a bolt thrower.CHAOS OW ARF WAR MACl-IlNES HOBGOBLIN BOLT THROWERS Bolt or dart throwers are large crossbows which shoot a spearsized missile. On the whole these weapons are nowhere near as large or cumbersome as stone throwers and cannons. To determine iJ the boll strikes its target roll a 06 to hit using the crew's BS ill the same way as bow shots crossbows. If the second rank trooper is slain then a model in the third rank is hit: resolve damage with a Strength of3. The usual modifiers apply. Conunue rolling for damage until you fail to slay the target or run out of ranks. deducting -1 from the Strength for each rank pierced. If either of the cr w i slain the bolt thrower" speed is reduced proportionately. The move rate is the speed tile bolt thrower can be moved by its full complement of two Hobgoblin crew. If the model is slain then the bolt hits the trooper in the second rank directly behind: resolve damage on the second model with a Strength of 4. Resolve damage at Strength 5. Align bolt Lhower on target and roll to hit. The basic score needed to hit is therefore shown on the standard Missile Fire Chart (below). MOVE 3" TOUGHNESS 7 wou 3 'OS LOSS OF CREW A bolt thrower has a crew of two and if one crewman is slain then the remaining crewman can just about gel by without slowing up the machine noticeably. 2. They have a profile like a creature with a Toughness value and a number of wounds which they can sustain before they are destroyed. often with wheel so they can be pivoted easily. Bolt throwers are fired in the hooting phase along with other missile weapons. ranks of troop . Because saves are not taken. and other missile weapons. If you hit resolve damage against the target using the bolt thrower's full Strength of 5. a target with only one wound will be slain automatically if it takes damage. boll thrower. so there is no need to roll a D4 to decide the number of wounds. Armour saves are not allowed for hits from a bolt thrower. Deduct -1 from the Strength for each rank already pierced. If you miss then the bolt hits the ground or sail into the air and come' down harmlessly somewhere else. RANKS 2 3 4 5 f"'" BOLTTIIROWER 5 4 3 2 STRENGTH OF HIT MISSaE FIRE CHART BS PROFILES 8 9 -2 1 6 2 5 3 4 4 3 5 2 6 7 10 -3 The boll thrower hurls a sharp-tipped spear which causes considerable damage. 4.

who carved its shape from bsidian and rai ed its dark towers and fashioned its massive gateways. probably 110 more than a few hundred amongst the whole Chaos Dwarf race. © Copyright Games Work. These Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer tone tatues are lined up along the roadways around the tower of Zharr. Fold the card in half along the dotted Line and glue the two sides back-to-back. evoking changes in them which are both unique and horrific. for Chaos Dwarfs respect age and knowledge just as much as other Dwarfs. There is no leader nor formal hierarchy amongst them. All rights reserved. the rudy of machines and magic combined [0 produce arcane engines of power and destruction. Their lore is deep and ancient. with its workshops and forges.aggrund. This condition gradually spread upwards throughout the whole of the Sorcerer's body until be is made up entirely of stone. As Cbaos Dwarf Sorcerers use magic it gradually eeps into their bodies. To make them a little more hard wearing. In the Temple of Hashut the Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers meet in a conclave of evil to make their plans of domination. forming rank upon rank of grey stones watching over the approach 10 the city. They are few in number.CHAOS DWA F MAGIC CARDS By Grant Williams The Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers rule over the Tower of ZharrNaggrund as the lords and masters of the Chaos Dwarfs and high priests 0 Hashut. II was [he Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers who constructed the CiLY in past ages. but the strongest voice belongs to the oldest and rna t powerful. as part of his personal dominion. At. Starting with his feet. fi rSI carefully CUl out the front and back of each card a a single piece. "it's a good idea to insert some thin card between the two halves before you glue them together. the Chao Dwarf Sorcerer slowly begins to tum to immobile stone. and his followers are obliged to carry him around or el e he has them construct a mechanical engine to move him about. firs! hi legs tum grey and olid so that he is unable to move. Each Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer controls part of the city.hop Ltd t 994. Permission granted to photocopy for 'personal use only. slaves and warrior . To use these spell cards in your Warhammer games. .

Permission granted 10 photocopy for personal use only. . All rights reserved. © Copyright Games Workshop ltd 1993.

CHAOS DW RF M GIC § o -:l U :c rn <:: ~ ~ ~ Z 0 ~ ~ .. All righis reserved. .. ! Permission granted to photocopy for personal use only... ! . S ~ © Copyright G(1n1e' Workshop Ltd 1993...


" As the sun crept higher. alerted 110 doubt by the sneering tales oj the Hobgoblins. the enemy is once again UpOII LIS. " From where he stood at the centre of the clearing Eldril could just make out tlie siihoueued forms of the sentries sian ding guard or the edge of the trees. bUI there was a hin: offear in his voice. His mind drifted back 10 the arduous journey from the coast. the fear and the Eldril comrades who had fallen. Itnrallion. Imrallion had turned back 10 guide the main body of the army forward 10 join them . Now Eldrit had come in the vanguard of Lord Dramalliei's army to recover Anurell 's remains and recover that ancient jewel oj power known as the Navigator Stone. At iII base. They fwd marched rel entlessiy for three days. the hills around their position had echoed 10 the thunder of drums and the braying oj trumpets. bill. To the west the broad lIaLley stretched away. following the treacherous pall! oj the dark river as it snaked its way throllgh the shadowy mountain peaks. Lord Dramalliel's chosen hero had flown above them all his war eagle silently scouting the land to warn them 0/ approaching dangers. 10 auack again.11 this coast. AI first he thought that it was lmralllon and Lord Dramalllel reuirned 10 aid them but as the creatures descended he realised that both oj the monsters lVere wreathed in smoke and flame and /lOW he did Indeed fear the worst. leering creature that Eldri! recognised as Hobgoblins. A II day Ihey had scoured the skies wailing for Imrallion '.. he heard a great shout come from the SOI/th.THE BATTLE OF A:\'t.I' return. "The sentries report movemelils 10 the north and west. He stretched out his fingers to touch the cold stone. and just before nightfall he had seen two great winged beasts flying high Oller the lomb. as with some ancient tapestry stood the granite pillar of Anurell 's Tomb. to lower over his small band of warriors.. Anurell the great High Elf mariner and explorer had been laid to rest here when he and his crew had been shipwrecked 0. He turned back 10 the messenger. The)' had driven the foul creatures off. have no fear and prepare 'your weapons. Centuries ago. the chill mist that had filled the valley and all night long seeped info th« bones and hearts of Eldril's warriors slowly burned away. They fear the dark ones are here and are preparing for battle. he posted sentries and settled down/or the night 10 wail for dawn . Eldril had immediately ent a messenger back to Lord Dramalliel to urge haste before the Hobgoblins regrouped was silent. shrouded in vines. As he strapped on his sword and prepared /0 sell his life. As the stars faded into the azure tint of daybreak he wondered whether he 100 was destined /0 die in this barren anti forsaken land. . Then ill the late afternoon. the High Elf ann)' had arrived . one of the sentries came running. a sheer cliffrose dark and craggy into the sky. 1 Can see their fiendish IvaI' machines being set tip on yonder Mil. From the edge of their camp. As they'd moved inland. My lord.. Tie gazed at the messenger and remembered yesterday'S battle. With a heavy heart. "My Lord?". Before him stood a young Ell His bright features marked him/rom a IlOblefami/y. the main High Elfforce led by the Silver Helms and Reaver Knights would soon come to their aid.and it was then thai disaster struck. As the small group of Elves approached the tomb. 10m from his thoughts. the blood. but not before many of his men had fallen under a rain of black arrows or been cut down by the surprise andferocity of the attack. there had been no sign of the mighty warrior wid his eagle Deathwing. It was the war cry of Dramalliel. He also knew that if he could hold his position. dipping gently to where it touched (he dark ribbon of the river. they had been attacked by a savage pack of wolves ridden by spiteful. The triumphant yell echoed tlp the length of the valley. Behind him. His scows informed him that a large army of Chaos Dwarfs was marching towards their positian.'REU: 10 HE B~ TLE OF ANURElL'S TOMB By Robin Dews and Gary Morley Eldril drew his cloak around him and turned his gaze towards the eastern horizon. "Go l1Iy lad. When they reached the valley of Anurell's lomb. He knew that the dark Dwarfs would have little idea oj his real strength and would be unlikely to trust {he tales of the Hobgoblins. Eldril nodded.. Eldril looked up.

Depending on who you normally play with. Contact was establi bed with the Dwarfs and the great era of trade and friendship began.THE BATTLE OF NURELL'S TOMB ill the days of Bel-Shanaar before the Dark Elf wars. Centuries later. bUI as he sailed north-east into the Sea of Dread disaster struck. Loathsome black tentacles and cavernous jaws crushed the Ships. the ragged group decided to strike north rather than linger on and die of starvation. or traver e the deep oceans and locate the narrowest of channels between deadly rocks and reefs. Mighty ships ailed from Ulrhuau carrying navigators. The Mighty Empire SETTING UP THE GAME 20 . Anurell was a great High Elf seafarer who sailed the ocean of Old World in his mighty Dragon ship. Gary and r agreed to create a scenario upon whicb to base the game. back to the main force in order to hasten [heir march before the Hobgoblins regrouped and attacked again.is body underneath with the famed avigation Stone at his ide. Hi Aeet was attacked by hideous sea monsters rising from the depths to engulf the fragile ships. A force was dispatched under the command of Dramalliel to discover whether this truly was Anurell ' Lomb and LO recover his body as well as the avigation Stone. After a bitter struggle. At thi time. with the aid of which he could scry the stars and sense the ebb and flow of the waters and the movement of the wind. As the months pas ed despair gripped the group. Their boats crippled and tiling water. his grief stricken kinsmen erected a huge monolith and laid h. Anurell and a handful of companions managed to haul themsel ves ashore on the sou Ihem tip a f the Dark Land s. A month later he rounded the southern lip of the South Land. they were attacked by a strong force of Hobgoblins. Wben we decided to fight this battle. He held ill his possession an ancient jewel of power known as the avigation Stone. Leaderles • demoralised and fearing for their lives. the Fortress of Dawn would be buill. sucking them down into the dark waters from where there wa no e cape.. only Anurell's crew and one other ship broke free of the horror and ned northwards. he could ride the tossing seas when other ship were becalmed. It's sometimes bard to judge exactly how the details and special victory condition. The weather and omens had looked fair.2739) Anurell set ail from Ulthuan in an attempt 10 locate the eastern route to Cathay . A messenger was sent. the beat of drums from tbe surrounding hi lis once again pounded our a message of doom . cartographers and warriors to chart the coasts of the new lands and establish settlements and colonies. the High Elves had ranged across the world in [heir great age of exploration. Sighting land. Drawing on its power. but with experience you will be able to play some exciting battle. the foul creatures were driven back but many of the Elves were lost... this can make for some highly entertaining game. an expedition from the Fortress of Dawn located the ancient monument. where they e tablished a settlement and readied themselves for the harsh winter ahead. A [he advance guard under the command of Eldril reached the site. In 1658 Imperial calendar . Goblin raiders cut down their numbers and disease and hunger to k their loll When Anurell was killed in battle. but as dawn broke. of a scenario will affect the outcome of the battle. where a thousand years later. The remaining Elf defenders waited for word tr m the main b dy of troops. In the spring of 1659 they headed north towards the Plain of Bone and were never seen again.

or for creating a narrative campaign within which each banle is fought. we both CHAO DWARF EPLOYl\'IENT ZONE HIGH ELF ENTRY POINT 21 . If the Chaos Dwarfs army prevented thi . we also balanced the advantage of speed that a High Elf army has over a Dwarf force. the High Elves would gain five victory points if Liley managed to have an unbroken unit within 6" of the Tomb of Anurell at the end of the game. Dwarf force. but in addition. VICTORY CONDITIONS The victory conditions for the game were irnple. The Chaos Dwarf army could then deploy anywhere in a zone stretching from the fiver to the half-bill on the north-west table edge and up to 18" onto the table. This set-up gav the High Elve the advantage of seeing the di position of the Chao. by allowing the Chaos Dwarf army to deploy up to 18"onlo the table. Having set up the terrain and agreed on conditions. However.THE BATTLE OF ANURELL'S TOMB campaign system is also an excellent way of creating Warhammer games with sl ightly unusual force . went away to elect our armies. THE DESOLATION OFAZGORH BACKGROUND AND DEPLOYMENT The banle was to be fought the day after the encounter between the advance guard of the High Elf anny and the Chao. anywhere within 12" of Anurell's lomb. AU of the normal Warhammer victory condition rules applied. Dwarf force before they com milled their troops to battle. or had their own unbroken regiment within 6" of the tomb. then five extra victory points would be given to them. We decided that one foot unit of the High Elf army could set up first. The remainder of the High Elf army would then be allowed to move onto the battlefield anywhere between the river and the half-hill on their table edge duri ng the movement pha e of Turn I.

This gave me a good balance of attackiug. [he earthquake effect was more than likely 10 imrnobifise them or disrupt their movement. the crew and prevent iL firing. Imrallion drew Tempest and Fiery Convocation.more than enough to rout even a large Dwarf unit. I therefore decided to deploy these archers opposite the Earthshaker cannon in order 1. The Glamour of Teclis. I knew their lines of fire would be restricted by the woods at the edge of the clearing. 1 THE PLAN My overall plan was basically very simple (and with hindsight. plus the ultimate weapon if ever I am under a serious magical assault. Finally. I equipped this character with The Amulet of Hoeth giving him a magic level equivalent to a Wizard Champion. The Chaos Dwarf army is relatively new and so I had a good idea as to what the core of the force would be. My first choice was the army General. to counter thi threat. we've added lots of new models (0 the Studio army and with the release of the Warhamrner Armies . able to destroy them with no save.Eldril' Arrow . my force were more than adequate for the job. However. From their position on the tabletop. fatally Ilawedl). This can be a great advantage if you are fighting a bigh level character who has a number of wounds. Even if it failed to score a direct hii on my regiments. At the earliest opportunity I would send both of my flyer up high both to threaten hi war machines and also hopefu Ily draw the Bull Taurus and Larnmasu up off the ground. My final two major characters were a High Elf Mage Lord and the Army Standard bearer. with their deadly ranged fire. I decided to use one of my archer regiments . my general and hero would be able to hold their wn. Over the last few months. before any other models were placed all the table. equent leadership re t. If a Chaos Dwarf unit got dose enough to charge them. Turning to my rank and file units. and I couldn't afford to get drawn into a long slogging battle. attacking the war machine and swooping down on the hapless Chaos Dwarf. Their job was to keep the Chaos Dwarfs away from the tomb until tile end of the game. I was allowed 10 place One of my units within 6" of the tomb.for this task.THE BATTLE OF A URELL'S TOMB THE HIGH ELF ARMY (Robin Dews) This was the first lime l'd fought a battle with the High Elves and I was really looking forward to it. 1 knew that tbe Earthshaker cannon was a deadly threat. First of all.to give him orne deadly triking power. My plan for both of these unit wa for them to clo e with the main body of the Chaos Dwarf army in order 10 engage them in hand-to-hand combat. The Skull Wand is a deadly close combat weapon thai ha the abi'lity to drain the oul from your opponent if you manage 10 strike them and they fai I a sub. which placed suitably de tructive forces in his bands. This was quite a tricky decision. It was also highly likely that he would include both the Death Rocket and the Earthshaker Cannon in his army. . Used properly. The other units in my army were a regiment of Phoenix Guard and a regiment of High Elf spearmen. I mounted the Mage Lord 011 a Unicorn (because I really like the model) and gave her the Skull Wand of Kaloth and the Hearl of Woe. giving him an extra +D6 to any combat resolution . I wanted him to be able 1'0 keep pa e wi til the Reaver Knight and Silver Helms but also be a powerful fighting unit in his own right. I would attempt to knock out the crews of his War machines u ing my second regiment of ar-chers and the Repearer Bolt thrower. movement. and [ spent the extra 100 points [0 tum the standard into a Battle Banner. My next choice was lmrallion. For my army standard r used the model of a Tiranoc Charioteer. a charging chariot can be a devastating weapon. then [ knew they would be more than able to take care of them elves. [ wanted this character to be my mobile strike force. The Reaver Knights and army standard bearer would wing around the wooded hill to attack the wolf riders and Blunderbusses before the latter could do lily real damage to my force. as a single hit i. was Iucky 10 get the Assault of Stone. a High Elf Hero mounted on a War Eagle. Gary was bound to choose both he Bull Taunt and the Lamrnasu. High Elf archers are also LOughfighters. With only four rums to play speed was of Ole essence. Both of these monsters cause terror and could easi Iy send my warriors running from the battlefield. The Coruscation of Finreir and Drain Magic. and a Blade of Darling Steel which give automatic hit in close combat. When I made the draw for magic items I picked all of the spells from the High Magic deck. I couldn't afford for this to happen as it was essential to my strategy that my army moved in quickly LO reinforce the archers located ar the tomb. If 1 could draw them away from the ground my army would be able to manoeuvre freely and I was confident that if it came to a battle in the skies.0 kill. When [ came to allocate my spells. and defensive spells. The econd unit of archers I placed with my main force. and so I fell thaI I would also need some flyers that could move around the battlefield quickly.High Elves book. Having flyers on my side would also give me the opportunity to drop down on these fearsome wur machines and kill or rout the crews. Although I had never faced nne in battle. I was confident that with the exception of the Blunderbu ses. I chose the model or Eltharion riding on the War Griffon Stormwing and armed him with the Sword of Teclis . 1 intended to send the Silver Helm cia hing for the clearing ln order to reinforce Eldril's Archers positioned next to Anurell's tomb. my fir t choice was two regiments of archers. there was a 101of background and inspiration to draw upon. Under the set-up rules for the game.

Anaryll bears the Skull Wand o[ Kaloth and wears the Hearl "jWoe. Her spells are: Conrscation of Fill reir. Gladaryll: Army standard bearer. The regiment includes 3 standard bearer. 6 Reaver Knights: Armed with swords and spears and wearing light armour and shield. EJdril's Silver Arrows16 High Elf Archers: Armed with longbows and hand weapons and wearing light armour. Gladaryll rides in a 111'0horse Chariot and carries the army standard which is also a BlIIIl1! Banner.16 High Elf Archers: Armed with longbows and hand weapons and wearing light armour. Drarnalliel also wields the Sword of Tee/is. The Silver Helms wear light armour und shields IInd ri de barded horses. the Glamour of Teclis and Drain Magic. ng heavy armour. The regiment includes a standard bearer. Anaryll: High Elf Mage Lord riding a Unicorn. 6 ilver Helms: Armed with swords and lances. Hand weapon. The regiment includes a standard bearer. are The Tempest and Fiery Convocation. 16 Phoenix Guard: Armed with halberds and wear. 1 Repeater non Thrower: The two-crew members are armed with hand weapons and wear light armour. The regiment includes a stu nd a rd bearer. Assault of Stone. Total Points alue 3002 1J . Heavy armour and shield. Hand weapon. The reg! men! j ncl IIdes a standard bearer. riding his war griffon ightwing. The regiment includes a champion and a standard beater carrying the Banner of wrath.THE BATILE OF NUR LL'S TO IB LORD DRAMALLIEL'S HIGH ELf COMMAND II Lord Dramalliel: High Elf Genera l. riding hi war eagle Deathwing. Imrallion: High Elf Hero. Imrallion wears the Talisman of Hoeth and carries a Blade of Darling Steel. lthrim Patrol . Hand weapon. heavy armour and hield. His spell. heavy armour and shield. Yvresse Emerald Company -16 High EU' 'peal'men: Armed with spea rs an d swords and wearing light armour ami shields.

Their Champion was wearing the Crimson Armour of Dargan. [ also chose II Giant Blade. a toughness of 4 and 2 wounds providing die Chaos Dwarfs with a powerful. which is my favourite and really . allowing me to have up to 5 spells from the Chaos Dwarf pack.I leader of at least champion level. J knew Robin was bound to include at least one Mage. is allowed to have up to 4 magic item.THE BATTLE OF A URELL'S TOMB THE CHAOS DWARF ARMY (Gary Morley) r really like playing scenario battle as [ am a keen Mighty Empires player. With [he scenario set. and considering the deployment condition. In the centre I positioned the Earthshaker. He was a very powerful character now raised to level 5. The second unit of Hobgoblins were Warriors led by a Champion wielding a Parrying Blade. one f which wa to be a unit of wol . my Anny General. Lava Storm. riders led by Glashruk. Probably the biggest advantage the Chaos Dwarfs have over High Elves is war rna hi nes. 1 bad diverted the slow but steady Cbaos Dwarf Warrior towards the Tomb of Anurell. supported by the Blunderbus es and Death Rocket. The Bull Centaurs were to provide support to the Earthshaker or counter any cavalry attacks. I wanted an army with plenty of backbone capable of holding and pinning Robin's forces whilst I made a dash for the Tomb of Anurell. these Bull Centaurs have 2 attacks. mounted and with a 101 of magic. Sorcerer's Curse. These great models can have a devastating effect and a good round with their weapon can cause many casualties in the enemy ranks. led by a Champion carrying The Blade of Slicing giving him a -2 save modifier. giving me +3 strength. spewing forth molten lava and a. Led by Lord Bzaark.urns up my image of a Chao Sorcerer at work. Ash Cloud and the last was Eruption. giving me the ability to move around [he battle field quickly. I mounted Lord Bzaark on a Great Taurus. mobile. they would be positioned and ready for action by the time Robin's troops caught up. This monster is certainly a powerful foe. armed with The Blade of Leaping Copper gi ving rum + I on his attack characteristic. forcing a -I Enemy attack. First was a Unit of Bull Centaurs led by Bultar. a great mi sile weapon to soften up your victim before you drive home your attack. r decided that I would give my army plenty of leaders and magic. being a level 4 wizard. allowing him to re-roll his attacks and give him +'1 save. a Hero armed with Heart Seeker and Enchanted Shield. Amulet ofFire increasing my chance of dispel and The Rod of Power allowing me to store power cards for future u e. to draw off some of his forces . I decided to deploy the Hobgoblin Warriors on my right flank. These models are brilliant and are certainly worth the points. The movements of my Lord Sorcerer were to engage and de troy the enemy Mage. breathing fire i. The unit of Blunderbusses was a must. High Elve are fast (especially compared to Chaos Dwarfs) and 'usually have plenty of High magic to wield. r just had to equip my army with at lea! one Earthshaker and one Death Rocket. and J fell very confident that J could beat him with my Sorcerer. 1 was really excited. Positioned properly on tbe battlefield they can turn the events of the battle dramatically. . Chaos magic is full of enraged volcanic de. hard-hitting unit to counier enemy cavalry. this unit to provide support for the Hobgoblin unit. Spellsnield (0 deflect spells. rna h them with missile fire and then make a sweeping right flank attack with the wolf riders. [ intended. When I came to pick my spell J gOI Flames oj k. and also make use of the Hobgoblin allie . A CUNNING PLAN! With my army worked out. wearing Heavy armour and armed with huge double-handed axes. hopefully to cause many casualties to the Elf ranks.gorgll. h clouds! Next. Here I hoped to entice Robin [0 attac k me. aI thought a powerful Sorcerer Lord mounted on a Lammasu would be a match for any High Elf Mage. to their left. truction. But with the new Chaos Dwarf army I knew 1 would have a force to be reckoned with. linking game" with a campaign can really test your generalshi p. Meanwhile. they are more Ulan a match for Elf spearmen. the only thing that could go wrong wa the dice! To give real backbone [Q my ground forces T decided [0 give each unit of troops . 1 chose the Book oj Ashur as one thereby increasing my magic level [0 5. My Sorcerer. or at least slow them down. I armed Lord Bzaark with 3 magic items.. [ also included a unit of Chaos Dwarf Warriors. a Healing Potion and the Obsidian Blade which would give me a chance at destroying any magical armour my enemy should be wearing.

ight armour and shields.ax e s and weari ng heavy armour. His spells are: Flames of Azgorgh. and an Amule. Ih hand weapons. The reg. Zhrazak ell aos Dwarf So reere r Lord: The Wizard is armed with an axe and rides II Lammasu. Total Points Value 2950 _:'> ~- . a Rod of Power. The regiment inc ludes a stan dard bearer and musician and is Jed by a champion armed with a Blade of Slicing. He is mounted on a Great Taurus and carries three magic items. a Spellshield. heavy armour. 12 Hobgoblin Waniof5: Chaos Dwarf Blunderbusses: 10 Chaos Dwarfs equipped with Blunderbusse s. He carries four magic items . 8 Chaos Dwarf Bull Centaurs: Armed with do ubi e. theObsidi(lH Blade and II Healing Porion 16 Chaos Dwarf Warriors: Armed with double-handed axes and wearing Iight armour. of Fire. 8 Hobgoblin Wolf Riders: Armed w i~h axes and short bows and wearing Light armour and shields. 1 EarthshakerCannem TIle three crew members are armed with hand' wellpons. Armed with axes and light armour and shields. The regiment includes II standard bearer and musician and is led by a champion Who wears Crimson II rmaur af Darga".THE BATILE OF ANURELL'S TO~m LO .han ded axes and wearing I. Asl! Clot/d. ment includes a standard bearer is led by a Hero equipped with an Enchanted Shield and Hearl Seeker. D BIAARK'S CHAOS DWARF A MY Lord Bzaark: Chaos Dwarf Lord: The General is armed with an axe and wear. wearing I Death Rocket: The tWO crew members are armed 1'1. The regimen! j nc Iudes a S tan dard bearer and musician and is led by a Champion equipped with a Parrying Blade. TIle regiment includes a standard bearer and musician and is led by a Champion armed with a Blade of Leaping Capper. Eruption. the Book of Ashur.II Glmll Blade. LaV(1 Storm and Sorcerer's Curse.

and the Hying beasts on both ides remained rooted to the spot. Their task was to seal the gap between the wooded hill and the river and prevent the Hobgoblin wolf riders from running round the flank of the Higb Ell' army. the Mage Lord. haker on the distant hill. unable to take to the air. the mighty Silver He 1m s sp urred on their steeds and galloped forward towards the copse of trees concealing Anurell'. Their champion. To his right. the High Elf army surged forward onto the battlefield. Eldrils men readied their bow and prepared to se II the iI' lives dearly. the Chaos Dwarf army advanced. their avage mount narling and training now that the scent of Elf was in their nostrils. fla hing polychromatic clouds spiralled madly around the sky and a crackling multicoloured rain sizzled across the battlefield. On the extreme right of the line. the High Elf General spoke calming words 10 hi mighty War . Along the valley Elves and Dwarfs cowered in fear. the army standard bearer. On the right. the Ithrim Patrol lei loose a volley of arrows towards the crew of the Earth. Gladaryll. Behind them. the skies Irnrallion drew upon the power of the Amulet oj' Hoeth and unleashed a magical storm of terrifying intensity. On the left flank. volcanic odour of the Chaos Dwarf army Meanwhile. as the great beast prepared for Hight. To his right.THE BAlTLE OF ANURELL'S TOMB Griffon as it . I rn [all ion gripped the neck of Deathwing. The only sound from their advance was the chink of armour and the slap of leather on metal. the Yvresse Sapphire Company strode forward. Further along [he line. drove forward hi chariot with the Reaver Knights galloping alongside. his eagle mount. The hail of missiles danced around the crew but failed to wound a single Dwarf. To their right. silhouetted 01) [he di tant hill. tbe Phoenix Guard gripped the hafts of their halberd in silent. HIGH ELF TURN I HIGH ELF 1 With a mighty hour. Drarnal liel. Gra hnak signalled LO his warrior' to To the rear. spurred forward her Unicorn. Anaryll. lomb and the wailing advance guard CHAOS DWARF 1 Amid the pounding thunder of their drums. Lurid. Taking careful aim. ensed and mel led the acrid. hidden amidst the trees. grim determination as Ihey marched forward towards the wooded hill. the lthrirn Patrol halted in their stride as the warriors Botched their bows and look aim at the huge Chaos Dwarf cannon. the Blunderbuss regiment shouldered their weapons and droning their dark battle cry advanced towards the wooded hill. Gaaing toward. Behind them the Hobgoblin wolf rider moved slowly forward.

black smoke and flames hid the Elves from view as the ground around them began to shudder and quake. Bzaark watched through narrowed eyes as the dark silhouette of the enormous missile tumbled towards the Higb Elf lines. the Hobgoblin regiment marched forward alongside them. there was a thundering roar and a thick cloud of black smoke erupted from the brow of the hill where the Earthshaker cannon wa positioned. watching with hale filled eyes. bickering and muttering dark threats to each other about what blood they would pill when they clo ed with the enemy. At tbe General's command they turned Face and began to march towards the clearing and Anurell's tomb. metal shards flew from the Death cannon and Earthshaker as both weapons began to disintegrate. the Hobgoblin fell silent as a black fear wept their heart. At the sight of the mighty Lammasu. To their right. In fran! of them the Bull Centaurs edged slowly forward. Behind them Zhrazak the Great Sorcerer Lord descended the hill to ensure that the treacherous creatures stayed in line. The Bolt Thrower was damaged and the chariot almost destroyed by a blast of thunderous energy. The Sorcerer Lord attempted to thwart the magic but was unable to stop the storm. On the left of the Chaos Dwarf Jine. the Yvresse Silver Arrows also steadied themselves and loaded their weapons ready to advance. the sight of the ilver Helms galloping across the battlefield on their swi ft EI f steeds. lmrallicn raised his hands to the sky and a! the word of command tile tempe t ceased. the warrior raised their mighty axes and let om a deafening cheer as Bzaark flew down from the hill on the great Red Bull of Hashut. Under this maelstrom of elemental force. The deadly missile flew hissing towards the High Elf chariot like a winged serpent and although the projectile flew straight and true it overshot the mark to explode with a great nash behind the advancing Elves.THE BATILE OF ANURELL' TO. 27 . To their left. Fearing further damage. The skies above the battlefield still flashed and crackled with blasts of energy. just visible through the trees. The Phoenix Guard gripped the hafts of their halberds as the very earth trembled but their nerve wa Lrong and they remained on their feet. IB The /11'0 great armies advance hold their hue and draw bows and ready to fire. In lID instant. However amidst the High Elves the same force was al 0 wreaking havoc.a t of smoke the Death Rocket crew fired their weapon. Amidst a bl. Huge gouts of earth were blown into the air as the shell ripped a great gash in the earth just in front of the High Elf line. As the Centaurs reached the trees.

the Boll Thrower crew loosed a volley of mi ssi les at the solid IUOSS of the Chaos Dwarf B lunderbusses. the Chaos Dwarf warriors. the Knights were caught in a rain of arrows from the Hobgoblin wolf riders directly in front of them . Its mighty wings beat the air as it carried the Chaos Dwarf General over the trees and into the midst of the clearing containing Anurell's Tomb With II thunderous blast. As they emerged into the gap. Shaken. On the left. On the left. (he Reaver Knights steadied their nerve. blinding their eyes and filling their throats with dust. Although severely rattled. No sooner had this spell been cast. As the Red Bull of Hashut thundered to the ground.THE BATILE OF ANVRELL'S TOMB spirall i:ng round them and holding them in its grip. the Silver Arrows once again Loosed their bows and aimed a volley of missiles at the distant Earthshaker crew. she began to trace a complex web of patterns and lines in the air. the two remaining Dwarfs grimly continued to load their weapon. than Anaryll sensed a surge of magical energy emanating from the enemy Sorcerer. Ithrirn Patrol and the Mage Lord all managed to stay on [heir feet. the Elf riders struggled to rei n in their horses as the evil smelling cloud engu I fed them. On the right. they saw.nted high on the Tiranoc chariot. As the Dwarfs dashed for cover.. Exhausted by this effort. Shaken by this assault. [he crew of the Death Rocket primed the fuse and aimed their weapon towards the Reaver Knights lined up below them at the foot of the hill. Drawing on but a small portion of her power. one of them was struck down by an arrow in the back. guard. . she was unable 10 prevent a further build up of magic. Immediately a mist-like haze engulfed the Centaurs. the Hobgobliu wolf riders and Chaos Dwarf Blunderbusses drawn up in formation. the High Elf army advanced.engulfing the High Elf Seeing the danger to the Reaver Knights.Four arrows struck home. the Bull Taurus surged across the battlefield. the missile Hew towards the Elf cavalry and great clods of earth and flame exploded in their midstkiUing one of the warriors. ready LO receive the charge of the Reaver Knights and the speeding chariot. Now that the magical storm had lifted. three others reared away from the devastation and avoided being caught in the blast. Anaryll gazed across the plain and focused upon the mutated forms of the Chaos Dwarf Centaurs moving forward atthe edge of the trees. the wolf riders. Choking and coughi ng. the Reaver Knights and Tirauoc chariot surged forward to close the gap between the river and the wooded hill. shouldered their axes and began to march in column towards the gap ill the trees . the grim Elves stepped over the bodies of the slain and closed their ranks.. With an evil hiss. great bursts of flame tore from its nomils. the ground beneath the Elf centre began to rumble and quake. As they closed their ranks. the Earthshaker launched another projectile across the plain sending it crashing into the midst of the Ithrirn Patrol. CHAOS DWARF 2 With a braying of trumpets and thunder of drums the Chaos Dwarf army advanced. inspired by the sight of their army standard mou. the Sapphire Company. the Reaver Knights were engulfed in a stinging Cloud of volcanic ash. As the blast subsided. the Phoenix. BI underbusses and Hobgoblins formed up in a solid wall. ready to receive the charge. t56 HIGH ELF TURN 2 IDGHELF2 Across the entire front. directly ahead of them. On the right. Twisting on her mount she focused her mind on the dark power and sent it surging back into the void. Witf a great roar.. With a hissi ng roar. Stepping over the corpse. the Bull Centaurs were unable [a move and remained where they stood. but to little avail. Entwined within the Glamour of Teclis. but all but one were stopped by the fine Elf armour. but resolute. . killing five of them The remainder were shaken but resolved 10 hold their line. Miraculously. Three of the bolts flew wide and the fourth thudded against the stout armour of one of the Dwarfs and failed to penetrate its target.

As they cowered from the heat and smoke. 29 . who had cast the spell. the Bull Centaur at last broke free from the magical effects of the Glamour of Teclis drawing upon their own grim determination and innate resistance to magic. CHAOS DWARF TURN 2 Drawing once again on the power of the Amulet of Hoeth. He too wa unable to counter the powerful magic of his foe. OF ANURELL'S TOMB Although their Sorcerer had been unable to relea e them. Zhrazak attempted to drive away the magical enchantment cast upon them by Anaryll. but the remainder stood firm under the steady gaze of Eldril As the winds of magic once more began to flow over the battlefield. AnaryLl attempted to dispel the dark ash cloud engulfing the Reaver Knights. twa of [he Elves were burnt La death.THE BAITLE archers. she was unable to counter the Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer's sinister magic. Irnrallion focused his energy on the entrapped Reaver Knights. Tile Red Bull of Has/lilt sweeps into the clearing /0 attack Eldril's command. Sensing the confusion emanating from the Bull Centaurs. he broke through the enchantment and the cloud dissipated. Despite the power of the Sorcerer Lord. Despite her efforts.

The great eagle beat down with his massi ve wings. the beleaguered Dwarfs broke and Aed. High above the battlefield. To thei r left. the High Elf General overcame his fear as be dived down upon the Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer mounted on the Lammasu As the two mighty war beasts clashed. The Griffon lei out II roar of pain as Dramalliel struggled to regain control of his wounded mount. but [be malevolent half-breeds refused to run and the bitter truggJe continued. Rearing back on his eagle. mounted on their narling wolves.THE BATILE OF A URELL'S TOMB HIGH ELF TURN J The Blunderbusses break and flee from the Reaver Knights bill are CIII down by ltnrallion mounted all his war eagle. and the Sorcerer and the Elf both steeled themselves for another deadly joust in the kyo This [Urn. but with a swift gesture An illy 1. but it was turned aside by the smoky black threads of sorcery emanating from the Larnma u's skin. As the two great bea IS tumbled a ross the skies. tearing and rending at each other the Lammasu gored the Griffon with his mighty horns. but the malevolent Dwarf struck back. the High Elf General and Griffon swooped down upon the Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer riding his Lammasu. the Reaver Knights drove home their charge at the Hobgoblin. a volley of arrows flew from the Hobgoblins. the mighry chariot scythed into the first rank of Blunderbusses. the Reaver Knights and Tiranoc chariot surged forward and charged into the wolf rider and Blunderbu es. GladaryU was cut down where he stood. On the left. Crackling celestial energies rippled up and down the blade. Tile four mis iles darted across the valley lind another crewman was impaled and CUI down. Before they could cover more than a few yard . His dead fingers still gripped the reins as the chariot crashed into the front rank of Blunderbusses. Dramalliel drew The Sword of Teclis and made a deadly thrust at his opponent. and deadly battle to the death began. cutting another knight from his horse.Jrnrallion once more wooped down on them and they were utterly de troyed. the Silver Helms formed up in a line and advanced towards the Bull Centaurs. wounding the Griffon and sending him rearing back. Nighrwing 'lashed out with hi beak and claw. cutting down two of them while the mighty Elf steeds champed and kicked OUl at the terrified Dwarfs. Ignoring their commander' ~ shouts. As they surged forward. the winds of magic blew strong across the battlefield. there was an ear-splitting roar from the Bluuderbu ses and the chariot was engulfed in fire and shrapnel. Jea ving the bodies of two more Dwarfs twisted and broken. At the same instant Imrallion swooped down on the rear of the Dwarf regiment. drained the energies away. lrnrallion yelled his battle cry as the beast ripped into the Dwarfs with beak and claws. Despite Gladaryll's death. leaving the spell casters with no power to work their sorcery. one of the Knights was pierced by a cruel Hobgoblin blade. the Bolt Thrower crew aimed their weapon at the distant Earthshaker and let loose a volley of boil . as Deaihwing clawed and ripped his way into their ranks. From behind them.1 the Mage Lord . they turned and ran from the clearing. Irnrallion. wielding his Blade of Darling Sleet cut down another Dwarf. At the edge of the trees. 30 . Eldril's command fled in terror from the apocalyptic form of the Red Bull of Hashut. High above the battlefield. Alongside this bloodlust. HIGH ELF TURN 3 HIGH ELF 3 On the right of the High Elf line. In the centre. Two of the evil greenskins fell under the force of the assault and a third was trampled underfoot by a rearing Elf steed. tearing at the Sorcerer and wounding him. In the bloody fighting. Assailed from all sides.

chopping through inew and bone and cutting down the two remaining. the Red Bull of Has hut propelled itself toward the centre of the baulefield to land in the very teeth of' the High Elf army. In triumph the champion leapt from his CHAOS DWARF 3 With a vast sweep of its leathery wings. knights. 011 the right. the Bull Centaurs galloped forward to charge into the Silver Helms. CHAOS DWARF TURN 3 31 . killing the remaining steed and blowing the war mach ine to smithereens: Once again acrid smoke and flame belched from the nostrils of the Great Taurus. but the remainder steadied them elves or the fight. or As it. engulfing me Silver Arrows in a blistering column of fire. and the Reaver Knight couti nued. ole crewman sweated and laboured to load another m issile. the Earthshaker cannon was unable 10 shoot. the Death Rockel crew fired their weapon at the now crippled chariot. the champion thrust with ills Heartseeker Blade. In reply. now empty but for the charred remains the dead Elves.THE BATrLE OF The Reaver Knight: and Standard Bearer charge towards she right flank of {he Chaos OWOl! army. On the left. while the Dwarf warriors moved forward iruo the clearing. One of the knights lashed out at the Hobgoblin champion. [he raging battle between the wolf rider. Three of the 1ve were burned to death. but over on the right. but the blade was deflected by his armour.

Although Graznak was sor Iy wounded. Crying revenge for their fallen comrades. Dramalliel plunged his weapon deep iota the hear! of the dark Sorcerer. the Silver Helm readied themselves and toad their ground. Tracing a delicate web in the air with her fingers. Drarnall iel desperately fought to drive his foe from the skies. issued his challenge to the Chaos Dwarf champion. in an attempt to impale their foes with a volley of bolts. Before the misty hroud could materialise about the monster. Prince Aenerion. the Bolt Thrower crew levelled their weapon at the exposed Hank of wolf riders. truck horne. high above. horse and seized the fallen Elf standard. Engraged. The magical enchantment emanating from the Lamrnasu's skin was unable to save the Sorcerer Lord and with a shriek he fell from his mount and tumbled to ground far below. Their hero. With the death of his master. With a bloodcurdling creech he raised the bloodied banner above his head While hi wolf mount began to feed upon the fallen Elves. grimly steeled themselves to face a vision of hell that was the Red Bull of Ha hut From the summit of the hill. tbe remainder of the bolts failed to penetrate their target. it kicked and gored at the Griffon. raking irs belly with its horns. Incandescent lightning bolts lashed the Bull Centaurs. Wielding his Blade of Leaping Copper. gouging out deep furrow of flesh. In the bloody battle between the Silver Helms and the Bull Centaurs the staggering power of the massive creatures began [0 overwhelm the Elf knights. Two knights fell before the weapons of their foes and though the Centaurs were wounded in return. IDGH ELF 4 On the right flank of the army. With his War Griffon now orely wounded. the Larnmasu let out its death shriek and tumbled to the ground to join its master. the remaining warriors of the WHim Patrol and the Silver Helm. the S i1ver Helms standard bearer drew upon the terrible power stored within the Banner of Wrath. but the lone crewman remained concealed behind his weapon and was unharmed. but only one of them tumbled 10 the "round amidst the smell of burning flesh and ozone. With a mighty sweep of his blade. HJOH ELF TURN 4 32 . Prince Aenerion wa cut From hi horse by the Centaur champion and yet other knight wa split in two by the avage blow of an axe. The Ithrirn Patrol once more attempted [0 prevent the Earthshaker from firing.THE SA TILE OF ANURELL S TOMB end the High Elf centre fleeing in terror. As the battle raged below. With a savage cry the two warriors locked their weapons in a fierce struggle to the death. the Larnmasu bellowed in fury. Oblivious to the battle around them they hacked and thrust at each other. Anaryll now turned her attention to the nightmare vision of the Red Bull of Hashut that threatened to Unable to withstand this deadJy onslaught. Eldril 's command overcame their terror and formed up in readiness LO rejoin the fight. the Grif on and the Larnmasu once again clashed in mortal combat. they ignored the pain and returned to the fray. mighty Elf hero and captain of the Elf knights. she attempted to crap the beast within the Glamour of Teclis. The razor sharp weapons. the champion of the Bull Centaur crashed into the Silver Helms with his warrior: beside him. Drawing upon the ancient magic stored in the Sword of Teclis he flayed the Lammasu with a hail of energised blow . killing the first rider but the Hobgoblin champion beside him took the full force of the missiles against his armour. Shouting above the din of battle. III the centre. the Chao Dwarf General held high his pell shield and the orcerou energies spiralled away lO once more ensnare the Bull Centaurs in the magical maze. Severely mauled.

High above tile battlefield. swinging the mighty Skull Wand of Kaloth high above her head. Anaryll the High Elf Mage Lord saw a vision of her destiny. the eyes on the skull opened and an ice cold voice hissed "You are mine!" With all anguished shriek. Roaring with anger and grief. the Silver Helms resolve failed them and they turned and fled. Lord Dromailiel and the Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer engage in a bitter struggle 10 the death. slicing through both the Great Taurus and the Unicorn to leave their ripped and shattered bodies strewn in pieces on the bloodstained ground. 33 . Desperate to pursue their foes.THE BATTLE In the face of this blood and slaughter. Still triumphant in their victory. Anaryll rained blow after blow upon the Chaos Dwarf General. rending her body and crushing her head on the ground like a smashed gourd. As the warriors clashed. Swivelling on his mount. With a blow from his taloned claw. Spurring forward her mount. Bzaark's evil soul was sucked from him and bis dead and broken body rumbled 10 the floor like a dry and lifeless husk. As the final blow fell. Imrallion drew upon the power of the OF ANlJR.EI__l_'S TOMB AII/ulel of Hoeth. Irnrallion swooped down on his eagle to attack the Death Rocket positioned 0[1 the hill. the Centaurs remained trapped within the sorcerous energies of the glamour of Teclis. the Hearl of Woe shattered into it thousand shards. and cast a Fiery COlivocation upon the hapless wolf riders. she charged at the Bu II Taurus. while his companion turned tail and fled. the great Bull Taurus drove at the Wizard. As the suo began to set in the blood red sky. Oblivious to this carnage. the WoIf Riders shrugged off the magical attack and prepared for [he charge. In response to the agony of her death. one of the gunners was swiftly dispatched.

CHAOS DWARF 4 As the UJl dipped towards the horizon. the Chaos Dwarfs licked their wounds and readied themselves for the final battle. onetheless. the shattering impact of the explosion rocked the ground beneath their feel. h alti ng their ad vance. Labouring alone to fire his weapon. CHAOS DWARF TURN 4 From the central hill. 34 . standing silent in the middle of the plain. the ground shook as the Earthshaker cannon once more lobbed its massive projectile towards the Phoenix Guard. In the centre. the Hobgoblins faced off against the Phoenix Guard while on the right.THE BATILE OF ANURELL'S TOrvm the clearing under the deepening shadow of the Tomb of Anurell. the Chaos Dwarf warriors occupied Tile High Elf Mage Lord and Chaos DwarfGeneral clash insingle combat. the gunner misjudged the range and the missile overshot its target.

lndeed I really did not think that the wolf riders would hold up against the Reaver Knights. On the High Elf side. then I think Glashruk would have been awarded a medal. and of course the Hero helped steady the ranks. one which wa very exciting and could have gone either way. I was confronted witb a horrible dilemma. Silver Helms. (11' they had not fled the field on the last turn. worked a treat. Whenever you play scenario games. I really think he would have been invincible. Even if I had been able to destroy both the wolf rider and the Blunderbusses with my charge. it is essential to keep in mind JUSt what it is you are trying to do. Both sides had been severely mauled ill this bloodiest of battles. Phoenix Guard.this weapon was able 10 completely counter the major advantage 1 had over the Dwarfs . and this affected my deployment and ultimately the outcome of the battle. so close. [ am glad I paid extra for short bow. the Hobgoblins fired a volley of arrows at Imrall ion silhouetted on the hi U above them.it was only a matter of time! However the Chaos Dwarf Warriors did manage to secure the Tomb of Anurell.that of speed. who could use his spell casting ability to attack my character. My General was in combat with the Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer. no one to fire the Death Rocket and the Earthshaker reduced [0 one crew member . and Tiranoc chariot had all been destroyed. In response. What I should have done. This effectively meant that the tomb was worth five enemy units routed or destroyed. together with the Red BuD of Hashut and the mighty Larnmasu.THE BATfLE On the left. plus there was also 3 uuu ed Power cards tared in the Rod oj Power. I could maybe have attacked the Earthshaker earlier on ill the game using my General or eagle rider. The background to the game meant that Gary deployed first in his set up area. My unit of Bull Centaurs nrca ELF SUMMARY Oh. rr certainly was a furious fight though. were twice hampered by the made short work of the Silver Helms. The wolf riders had routed and most of the crew of their war machines were either fleeing or dead. lrnrallion once again drew upon the power of the Amulet of Hoetb and cast the Fiery Convocation upon the hapless wolf riders. As night fell. the two armies disengaged. On the whole. if 1 bad engaged Robin's Mage. I therefore decided to play the Drain Magic cant thus saving my General but leaving my other units LO their [ate. I only just managed to pull it off. By rhe time these combats were resolved. the resuJt was a double six! With that much power available I knew that it could be a decisive phase that might see the end of Glamour oj Tee/is. victory was their. If I have to OWll up to my mistakes. Although Robin seemed to have the upper hand in the "control" of the Winds of Magic when he used the Drain Magic card in tum two. A lesson to remember. and two of the riders were killed. The Earthshaker cannon wa probably Gary's most powerful weapon in winning the battle.) If the Blunderbusses had not been attacked in the rear by the eagle then 1 may have been able to send the Wolf Riders off on a flank attack next turn. This laugh High Elf unit would have been more than a match for the Hobgoblins and Gary would have been unable to fight with both the wolf riders and the Blunderbusses on such a narrow frontage. CHAOS DWARF SUMMARY Phew! That was close. but again I used the latter to attack the Blunderbusses (a case of real overkilll) and then locked my General in combat with the Sorcerer on his Larnmasu. Following this plan would have enabled my Reaver Knights Tiranoc Chariot and the Silver Helms to race for the clearing where they would have been more than a match for the Chaos Dwarfs. For the Chao Dwarfs. My right flank held and both the Blunderbusses and wolf riders acquitted them. so close. elves well. and certainly arming their champion Bultar with The Blade oj Leaping Copper giving him 4 attacks. the benefit of hindsight! Doring the Magic Phase of tum two. Anaryll their Mage Lord was dead and many more warriors would never see the dawn. However the Tomb of Anurell was within their grasp and bloody but unbowed. The Phoenix Guard could have easily defeated the Hobgoblin regiment and with support from my two regiments of archers 1 could have seen off the Bull Centaurs with attacks from my General on his War Griffon and the Eagle Rider. but with my two main characters killed and the wolf riders routing off the table. This time. Ah. My General did fairly weI! and certainly the Bull Taurus pel-formed admirably. A pity because I could then have charged him into the flank of the Phoenix Guard next move. However the attack on the Blunderbusses probably saved the Barthshaker cannon from a similar fate. I think that I was mesmerised by the Chaos Dwarf Blunderbusses early in the game. and my Wizard to only move at half rate throughout the game. [ almost had the Griffon. When I rolled 2D6 for the winds of magic. Yvresse Sapphire Company. All ill all a very close battle. the once proud Blunderbusses had all been killed. Although it didn't directly kill many of my troops. the earthquake effects completely paralysed my centre by forcing the Silver Arrow.Lthink r may have gone another move. it would still leave two of my fastest and most powerful units at completely the wrong end of the table. bur neverthless I think my biggest mistake in the battle was the use of my Sorcerer. The Earthshaker Cannon could have caused more casualties but did manage to slow the Elf army down. and the Tomb of AnurelJ was in the hands of the enemy. Thu . the remainder fieeing for their lives. was deploy the Phoenix Guard at the extreme left of my line 10 prevent the wolf riders coming round my flank. and I was able to move my forces onto the table in my first turn movement phase. it was down to one wound before the Lammasu perished. instead of his General. my tactic worked roughly to plan. We had determined that whoever had an unbroken force within 6" of the Tomb of Anurell at the end of the game would gain live victory points. bu t the shots merely bounced off his finely wrought armour. my Sorcerer was about to unleash II whole fury of deadly spells against his General. At the same time I needed to try and cast the Glamour of Teclis onto the Bull Taurus 10 prevent it from flying in to attack the Silver Helms or charging and destroying Eldril's Archers. Another turn and I would have sent the evil scum funning from the field. losing on the la t attack. Their General and Sorcerer Lord were also dead. no sorcery could save them. it was too late for my forces [0 get into combat and the game was all but lo t. Ln combat with the Mage he survived the attacks from the Skull Wand of Kaloth. They held less than a quarter of the battlefield. the Reaver Knights. "Make II plan and stick to it!" 3S . OF A :uRELL: my General. then things might have been more decisive.


aggrund. STANDARD BEARER Sl'ANDARD BEARER DRUMMER LEADER WITH SWORD *~~ ~ ~ WITH AXE W1TH BLU DERBUSS LEADER WITH SWORD A REGIMENT OF CHAOS. DWARFS WITH BLUNDERBUSSES HORNBLOWER . Chao Dwarf armies scour the Dark Lands and beyond for slaves to labour in the mines and factories or as sacrifices to their dark god Hasher. the Tower of Zharr.Chaos Dwarfs are evil. caring nothing for (be life of others and directing aU their labours to the construction of their great city. self-centred creatures.

OF LAMMASU . .Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer riding Mighty Lammasu DETAJ1. .. x x_x x. . CHAOS DWARF ARMY STANDARD AND PE NANTS . .xxxx ...


These powerful creatures guard the great iatue of Hashut in the Temple high atop the Tower of Zharr-Naggrund. hen Chao Dwarfs were first twisted by the powers of Chaos some of their race were transformed into Bull entaurs. BULL HAOS DWARF BULL CE TAURS .CENTAURS Bull Centaurs are creature with the upper torso of a Chaos Dwarf but the body of a ferocious bull. Many centuries ago.

THE FEROCIOUS CHAOS DW AR~ DEATH ROCKET HOBGOBU BOLT THROWER THE MONSTROUS EARTHSHAKER CANNON . The Earthshaker Cannon and Death Rocket have been forged in the sulphurous depths of ZharrNaggrund.CHAOS DWARF WARMACHINES The Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers are masters at inventing fiendishly devastating weapons. The Hobgoblins rely on the tried and test.ed Bolt Thrower to pierce the strongest armour and ranks and destroy ranks of their enemies. ready to join the lave hunting warbands of the Chao Dwarfs.

STANDARD BEARER CHAlVIPTON HOBGOBLIN DRUMMER A HOBGOBUN REGIMENT HERO . their whole appearance is thin and sneaky. though nowhere near as burly as Orcs. In fact. and that they need the protection of the Chaos Dwarfs to survive. The Chaos Dwarf utilise many evil Hobgoblin in their armies but don't really trust them. The Chaos Dwarf know that the Hobgoblins are de pi ed by other greenskins. with narrow eye and mouth full of pointy teeth.HOBGOBLINS Hobgoblins are taller than ordinary Goblins.



With their long poisoned knive Sneaky Gits have developed a devious envelopment tactic typical of their back stabbing methods. Of all the Hobgoblin tribe the Sneaky Gits are by far the most treacherous and double dealing.HOBGOBLINS A UNIT OF HOBGOBLIN WOLF RIDERS HOBGOBLIN HERO The Sneaky Git tribe live east of Zharr Naggrund in the mountain cleft of Gash Kadrak. HOBGOBLIN SNEAKY GITS .


and four for a orcerer Lordj \Xlhen he examines his hand of card. CHAOS DWARf CH. nllke other Dwarfs.2 [ A 1 1 Ld 3 3 5 3 3 4 9 4 4 4 CHAMPION MASTER SORCERER S. CHAOS DWARF SORCERERS Dwarf. Chaos other Chaos same cards 41 . 2D6 -1" rather than 2D6". This makes them look even more ferocious and draws intention to their long snaggly tusks.3 .:aggrund. In the distant past some Dwarfs moved northwards into (he Great kull Lands or Zorn UZklll. To represent this they flee and pursue I" less than other troops.3 3 4 3 9 9 10 5 6 7 4 4 4 4 5 5 . three for a Master orcerer. Chaos Dwarfs wear armour made from metal scales bound together with flexible wire that makes a strong but pLiable defence. The Chaos Dwarf civilisation has grown up apart from the influences and developments of the Old World and has acquired a distinctive character of its own. Some develop bull-like features. This proviso does nor apply to Chaos Dwarfs.3 . MAGIC As described in Warhammer Magic. other Dwarfs benefit from natural magical resi lance and so magic Dispels always work on a 4-t.3 4 2 :3 5 - SPECIAL RULES ARMOUR Chaos Dwarfs are sturdy creatures who can bear the weight of armour more easily than [ragtle humans and other races.degree it has orne other creatures.3 T W I . the Chaos Dwarfs are extremely learned in magic. aring nothing for the life of others and directing all their labour to the construction of their great city. the Tower of Zharr-Naggrund.MPION HERO LORD 3 3 3 . They wear extremely tall helmets which are as much a symbol of status as they are for protection._4. Thi armour j usually painted red. self-centred creatures. PURSUIT AND FLEE Chaos Dwarf: are not particularly fast. Chaos Dwarfs resemble other Dwarfs. Apart from their long tusks th . Depending upon his expertise a Chaos Dwarf's helmet can be a distinctive shape Of may be decorated in a specific way. Physically. These explorers were undoubtedly the ancestors of the Chaos Dwarfs. ie. for all Dwarfs are resistant to the influence of magic and so Chaos has not warp d them to the gro . even cloven hooves and occasionally horns.3 10 Tr-oop Type SORCERER SORCERER M W 4 BS .even if there is no wizard available to cast [he Dispel.3 5 6 4 5 .3 . and then south along [he Mountains 0 Mourn.c AOS DWAR BESTIARY Troop Type M WS 4 B S T 4 W 1 I 2 I 2 A 1 [d CHAOS DWARFS The exact origin of the Chaos Dwarfs is not known for certain. two for a orcerer Champion. These mutations are rarely seen amongst Chaos Dwarf Warriors.3 S . A Chaos Dwarf therefore has a move value of 3" regardles of any armour he wears. The most important Chaos Dwarfs wear especially large and elaborate helmets. Chaos Dwarfs are evil. The great influx of Chaos has since worked terrifying changes on their bodies and souls. The)' are the masters of their race.3 3 . The iron statue of Hashut is wrought in the form of a gigantic bull which glows red hot with the hear of rhe burning furnace within its metal belly. they have their own pack of [en Dwarf spells. directing the labours of the slaves and the conquests of the armies. All Dwarfs have thick beards and Chaos Dwarfs curl their beards in exotic styles.3 2 . The Chaos Dwarf iorcerers run the Tower of Zharr. The pell cards are dealt in exactly the way as for colour wizards. Begin by shuffling the and then deal out the appropriate number to each orcerer (one for <I Sorcerer. it is Chaos Dwarf orcerers who are most likely [0 show the effects of magic. who e burning temple sits atop the mountainous city. Chaos Dwarf armies scour me Dark Lands and beyond for 'laves to fill their city and labour beneath the earth in the pits mat surround it. who utilise Dispels exactly like human or other armies. the Father of Darkness. orcerers do nor use the same spell cards as Chaos orcerers.oRCEREH LORD 5 5 4 9 9 10 . The Chaos Dwarfs sacrifice captives to thei r god by throwing them into cauldrons of molten iron or tossing [hem into roaring furnaces.y display few of the mutations that Chaos brings. The Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers are also the nigh priests of the Chaos Dwarfs' god Hasbut.the player may eho e to exchange any for a further random deal from the same deck. even in the frantic running combat of close pursuit.

SPECIAL RULES FLY The Grear Taurus has huge membranous wings which enable it [0 fly as described in the Warhammer rulebook. it is possible to set buildings on fire as described in the \Varhammer rulebook. The Chaos Dwarfs believe that the Great Tauruses were once Chao Dwarfs. When it moves across the ground sparks tly from its hooves and lightning plays about irs feel It breathes Fire in great snorting bursts and black smoke curls from its gaping maw. The Great Taurus therefore ha an armour saving throw of 4. Use the teardrop-shaped flame template from the Warhammer game and place the narrow end at the mouth of the Great Taurus and the broad end over me target. Any model lying under the template is hit on the D6 core of a 4 or more. The Chaos Dwarfs sometimes call the Great Tauruses the Red Bulls of Hashut. FIERY BREATII The Great Taurus can breathe names over its enemy. In addition.5 or 6. Damage and saving throws are worked our normally. so that it whole body is wreathed in fire and smoke. Each model hit suffers a single strength 3 attack. Powerful Chaos Dwarfs ride Great Tauru es into barrie. .CHAOS DWARF BESTIARY BULL CENTAURS Bull Centaurs are creatures with the upper tor 0 of a haos Dwarf but the body of a ferocious bull.creatures that cause terrorauromatically cause [ear as weU. Remember . and to cause extra damage on targets which burn easily such as Treernen and Mummies. Even though there are mighty individuals among t them.MP ION HERO LORD 5 6 7 9 10 10 5 6 5 5 3 4 8 GREAT TAURUS The Great Taurus is a huge and terrifying rnon ter with the body 01' a massive bull and membranous wings like a dragon. Although they are few In number they are more powerful than Chaos Dwarfs and much swifter in battle. TroopType BULL CENTAUR M WS 4 BS S 4 5 5 5 T W I A Ld 8 8 8 3 <I 4 4 2 2 3 4 5 6 2 3 4 5 9 C HA. and can tum weapons in a similar way to armour. Since those days the BuU Centaurs have guarded the great statue of Hashut In the temple high atop tile Tower of Zharrlaggrund. and often entrust [hem with complex or dangerous tasks. The Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers trust them completely. They are as keen wined and intelligent as Chaos Dwarf and completely devoted to the worship of Hashut the Father of Darkness. 48 . when the Chaos Dwarfs were First twisted by Chaos. some of their race were transformed into Bull Centaurs.FIERY SKIN The Great Taurus's bide glows red hot and nickers with sparks. and that they were mutated by the warping power of Chaos into living bull-furnaces like the statue of the god Hashut himself. there are no sorcerers in their number. The creature burns with a terrific inrenslty. the bull god of the Cbaos Dwarfs. Troop Type GREAT M WS B5 0 S 6 T 6 w 5 I A Ld 8 IAUR S 6 6 7 TERROR The Grear Taurus causes terror as described in [he Warhammer rulebook. Many centuries ago. These creatures are stabled in great pens beneath me Temple of Hashut.

drawing into itself the power of the winds of magic. a creature whose forebear' were once Chaos Dwarfs.!earas well. their whole appearance is thin and sneaky. . The Lamrnasu's ancestry is evident in its tusked head. If your army includes mobs of Hobgoblins plus other kinds of Orcs and Goblins. Only one such roll may be made against each spell cast against the creature. The Larnrnasu is [he favourite mount of Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers.d HOBGOBliN O-IAlvLPrON 4 4 4 3 4 :3 6 3 4 4 3 3 4 4 3 4 6 6 7 8 HERO LORD 5 6 4 3 - 3 4 Hobgoblins are not able to ignore fleeing Goblins (as Orcs '<111).f9 . and its considerable intelligence. An enemy armed with a magic weapon may hoose to use an ordinary weapon instead.CHAOS DWARF BESTIARY LAMMASU The Larnmasu has the hody of a gigantic bull. ugly head. The Hobgoblins must test for animosity <IS normal. enwrapping it with protective power. the smoky black threads of sorcery may entangle and foul any magical weapons wielded against the Lammasu and its rider in hand-to-hand combat. As it exhales the creature breathes out whirling clouds of black sorcery which wreathe themselves around the Larnrnasu. ihould you nor succeed then Dispel cards may be used exactly as normal..these would be cast ~IS spells and can be stopped by the Larnrnasu's basic dispel . It is a creature with magical properties. If a spell is cast on the Iammasu or irs rider then it will fail on the D6 roll of a .exactly as if a Dispel card had been played by a wizard. No dice roll is required . [hen these other kinds of greenskins will automatically pass their animo ity tests. In fact..5 or 6 . or nee past a unit of any other kind of no panic test is required. If an enemy attempts to hit the Lamrnasu or its rider with a magic weapon then the chance of hitting is always reduced by -1 regardless of any other bonuses or special considerations. because even a weapon which would normally hit automatically must roll to hit requiring a 2+. The Chaos Dwarfs know lila! the Hobgoblins are despised by other greenskins. HOBGOBLINS Hobgoblin are taller than ordinary Goblins. th ugh nowhere near as burly as Orcs . This is because other greensklns distrust [he Hobgoblins so much that they stop squabbling Black Ore Big Bosses and War Bosses can normally lead unit of adler greenskins. FLY The Larnmasu bas huge membranous 'wings which enable it to Rl' as described in the Warharnmer rulebook. The Chaos Dwarfs utilise many evil Hobgoblins in their armies but don't really trust them. It breathes not ordinary air but the power of magic itself. lightning bolts or other magic effects which a weapon may have . Ole that this special ability only applies [Q weapons wielded in hand-to-hand combat and not to fire balls. BLACK ORC LEADERS SPECIAL RULES ANIMOSITY Hobgoblins are affected by Ore and Goblin anlmosiry as defined in the Warhammer Armies book for Orcs and Goblins. Orcs and each other as described in the animosity rules. and a massive. a powerful mace-lipped tail. which hits and causes damage exactly as normal. [he funning away and being killed evokes of joy and who ps of laughter from Troop Type M ws 3 4 8S S T w L 1 2 1 A 1 2 I.it is simply assumed that the mobs have passed their tests. In fact. among r themselves and concentrate on keeping an eye on the treacherou Hobgobs. SORCEROUS EXHAlATION The Larnmasu breathes out whirling rendri Is of magic which enwrap it in a cloud of sorcerous protection. and who can blame them. with narrow eyes and sneering mouths full of pointy teeth. and that they need the protection of the Chaos Dwarfs to survive.. and may still attack or ShOOI at Goblins. The Chaos Dwarfs believe that the Larnrnasu is a rare mutation of [he Great Taurus. its thickly curled beard. The greatest chance of hitting is therefore a 2+. PANIC If Hobgoblins break Goblin or Ore chen sight of Hobgoblins nothing but cheers other greenskins. Remember creatures that cause terror automatically cause. an I must take a panic [est if otber Ore or Goblins break past them. I n addition. Troop Type LAMMASU M Ws 6 8S 0 S T W 6 6 - I A Ld 6 3 8 SPECIAL RULES TERROR The Lammasu causes terror zs described in the Warhammer rulebook. but which has become twisted by the powers of Chaos imo a huge bull-shaped monster. but will have nothing to do with Hobgoblins .1S described above.

Black Orcs do not expect other Orcs and Goblins to run away . thousands of slaves toil under the cruel lashes of their Hobgoblin overseers. SNEAKY GIT POISON DAGGERS The Sneaky Oils' daggers are coated with deadJy poison.CHAOS DWARF BESTIARY HOBGOBLIN SNEAKY GITS Hobgoblins are such an utterly evil and treacherous race [hat it is hard 10 imagine a tribe of Hobgoblins whose double dealing and back slabbing is renowned even amongst their own fickle kind. Because the unit is led by a Black Ore it wouldn 't dare start scrapping among t itself and so doesn't suffer from the normal animosity rules. they were ar too independent-minded to make good slaves. and are usually better armoured and carry more. They often carry two weapons. The experiment worked at first. Here. Far stronger and tougher than Orcs and Goblins. PROF1LE Hobgoblin M 4 4 WS 3 4 B 3 4 or not they are allowed to bring model from rear ranks to lap around the enemy formation. He may be armed with either a hand weapon and shield.J because the slightest scratch can kill. and better weapons. and never need test for animosity.le the rear ranks dash round the sides to attack the enemy from the side or rear. but the Chaos Dwarf con realised thar although their creations were much tougher. but left small tribes free to roam the mountains so thai they could recruit them later a troops ill their armies. where a normal unit can only lap round by a maximum of two models on each Flank. the Sneaky Gits as it is called. Whether the Hobgoblin combat is always fought as win the hand-to-hand combat BLACK ORCS Through years of selective breeding and the use of evil magic Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers first created the Black Ore race in the foul depths of Zharr-Naggrund. 50 PROFlLE Black Ore M WS BS S TWA Ld 44344 45454 2 328 8 Boss Ore SPECIAL RULES ANIMOSITY Black Orcs are not affected by the squabbling and in-fighting that characterises other Orcs and Goblins.when they do. ENVELOPMENT The first tum of hand-to-hand normal. This tribe. yet it exists.so they normally have two attacks rather than one. Black Orcs have skin which is black or extremely dark green. Black Orcs were intended as a race of super slaves. Note that because Black Orcs don't suffer from animosity they cannot be the victims of animosity themselves. SNEAKY GIT CHAMPION A Sneaky Git Champion has the same profile and points cost as any other Hobgoblin Champion. S 3 TWA 3 2 Ld 6 Champion 4 3 326 SNEAKY GIT ATTACKS As Sneaky Gits have an extra weapon they automatically receive an extra attack . Black Orcs will have nothing to do with Hobgoblins and may not be chosen to lead any Hobgoblin unit. SPECIAL RULES ANIMOSITY AND PANIC Sneaky Gits are affected by Animosity and Panic in the same way as normal Hobgoblins. fleeing to the Mountains of Mourn and across the Dark Lands to the Worlds Edge Mountains during the time of Sigrnar. After several armed revolts when Black Orcs led Ore and Goblin rebeU ions. In battle the Sneaky Girs rely upon an envelopment tact-ic to catch their enem y 0 ff guard. bigger. They are bigger than normal Orcs and pride themselves on being the best fighters of the Ore and Goblin races. BLACK ORC LEADERS Black Orc characters can join up with other Ore and Goblin units and lead them. This reduces the 3J1l10Ursaving throw of the enemy by . where their brute strength and determination makes them fearsome and powerful opponents. not even if they win the combat. one in each hand. ravaging parts of the lower of Zharr-N aggrund. ideally suited to their back tabbing methods. so tbey can strike their enemies two at a time. lives in the mountain clefts of Gash Kadrak to the east of Zharr Naggrund. This applies only 10 Black Orcs. it merely confirms the Black Ore ' conviction that they ar the best. Sneaky Gits fight in battle with two long curving knives. Many Black Orcs escaped the dire retribution of the Chaos Dwarfs. not to units of other Orcs or Goblins being led by a Black Orc character. The enemy may never lap round the Sneaky Gits. However. or IWO poisoned dagger. . Remember that if you have more than five models lapping round ill this way you will gel a combat bonus for ide or rear attack (+'1 side or +2 rear). like the re I of the Sneaky Gits. in the legendary Vale of Woe. PANIC Black Orcs think: so little of other Orcs and Goblins ilia! they do not have to rake a panic test if they break or Flee past them during the turn. rather than a shield. Black Orcs prefer to fight at close quarters. They take war much more seriously than other Orcs. With utter ruthlessness the Chaos Dwarfs purged the lower of their creations. The Chaos Dwarfs destroyed many Black Orc . The front rank of the Sneaky Gits' formation keeps the enemy busy whi. the Sneaky Gits can move an unlimited number of models from their rear ranks around the sides or rear of the enemy unit. the Chaos Dwarfs decided to drive them from the city forever. This enables the Sneaky Girs to surround the enemy quickly and stab them in the back.

In appearance Goblins are a far more diminutive race than their green skinned relatives. The brute strength and toughness of Orcs means they are ideally suited for work in the pits of Zharrduk or the Chaos Dwarf armies. PROFILE Ore M WS BS 3 4 S T W ] 2 A Ld 7 SPECIAL RULES ANIMOSITY Orcs are affected by Ore and Goblin animosity as defined in the Warbammer Bestiary or the Warhammer Armies book for Orcs and Goblins. Goblins are far more concerned with keeping an eye on the treacherous Hobgoblins than to waste lime squabbling amongst themselves. once a campaign is over the Chaos Dwarfs will quickly disband the Ore units and put them back to work in the furnaces and mines of the realm. The sight of Goblins running in fl ight does nOI upset the Orcs. Goblins are used by Chaos Dwarfs to fill out the army and are often driven in huge mobs towards the enemy battle lines where they are used to tire the foe and blum his attack. There is no way that big tough Orcs are going to panic j list because some weedy Goblins run off! 4 4 3 4 3 4 4 4 Boss Ore 3 2 7 GOBLINS Most numerous of all the slaves held captive by the Chaos Dwarfs are Goblins . massive shoulders and long powerfully muscled arms. If your army includes mobs of Hobgoblins then the Orcs will automatically pass their animosity tests. ANIMOSITY Goblins are affected by Ore and Goblin animosity as defined in the Warhamrner Bestiary or the Warhammer Armies book for Orcs and Goblins.CHAOS DWARF BESTIARY ORCS Orcs recruited or captured from tribes in the Mountains of Mourn are used as slaves and warriors throughout the Chaos Dwarf empire. partly because of the dire reputation of these form idable troops. there is no need for the Orcs to test for panic. Once caught by the fearsome Chaos Dwarf slave masters. Orcs are far mare concerned with keeping an eye on the treacherous Hobgoblins to waste lime with squabbling amongst themselves. The unit is affected by fear as described in the Psychology section of the Warhammer rules. Vast numbers are taken from tribes surrounding the Chaos Dwarf empire every year. no dice roll is required.. the Orcs. If your army includes Hobgoblin mobs. no dice roll is required. some are no taller than it man but most are substantially Iarger and the biggest Orcs stand well over seven feet [all. Goblin tribes will rry and barter for their freedom using captive Dwarfs and Men taken from the Old World as their currency. When not actually at war. but also because of the natural aura of Elves incites unreasoning fear "in Goblins. being happy 10 meet their end in banle so long as they get a chance for a good scrap.0 speak slowly and infrequently. Orcs vary in their physical appearance. A unir of Gobl ins fears any unit of Elves which it does not outnumber by at least two to one. Their voices are much higher pitched than those of Orcs. Goblins look rather thin and scrawny with gangly arms. The only escape offered to Goblins from their toil in the pits of Zharrduk is to be recruited into one of the many bands or armies of Chaos Dwarfs Teaming the Dark Lands. PROFILE Goblin Boss Goblin SPECIAL RULES FEAR Goblins strongly dislike fighting Elves. Orcs love nothing better than to fight. Where possible. there can be little hope of escape. PANIC Orcs expect Goblins to run away and it doesn't really surprise them when this happens. it simply reminds them why they are better! When a Goblin unit breaks or flees past them during the tum. then the Goblins will automatically pass their animosity tests. and they are extremely noisy and garrulous where Orcs are inclined [. They are also much broader than humans with big deep chests. Orcs have large heads with huge jaws but tiny foreheads behind which lurk a thick skull and nor very much brain. Orcs will attempt to spend all their time fighting each other. MWSBS 4 4 2 3 3 4 S 3 4 TW 3 3 I 2 3 ALd 5 2 S 51 . To prevent this.

or large monsters. small make poi urs difference between the opposing no difference La the outcome! armies THE ARMY The army list is divided into five sections from which you may choose your troops: Characters.It is or or Before the game both players agree upon a points value for the battle..CHAOS D\~'ARF ARMY LIST ® C AOS DWAR A M LIST BY RICK PRIESTLEY This month we present the Chaos Dwarf army list. there's still a bit more work to do on it. Of course. You are permitted to spend only a certain proportion of your total points on each of these categories as described under Army Selection at the start of the list. Mon ters and Allies. Like al! Warhamrner army lists [his one bas been designed so that you call choo e an army to a preset points value agreed upon by your opponent and yourself. a good idea to collect armies in blocks of a thousand or five hundred point. while three thou and point. The Blunderbusses will have special rules you can use the standard hand gun rules for now. This will usually be the same for both sides (eg 2000 point. IF you already have these annie you can buiLd up a u able force Chaos Dwarfs quite quickly. You may choose lip to the agreed points worth of troop from the Chaos Dwarf list. For example. Your opponent chooses his troops from the Warharnmer Armie: list for his army. and call all a use orne of the Ore and Goblin troops directly in the form of subjugated tribe. and finalising details. war machines. War Machine. . so if you'd like to write in with your comments it isn't too late! Next month we hope to publish the Chaos Dwarf magic cards which are curently under development. i: enough La fight a battle mal will last the be t part of a day. A 52 . starting with. the Chaos Dwarf army can spend a maximum 50% of its points on characters. and the rules for Chaos Dwarf Blunderbusses (no room in this issue sorry!). including up to 25% allies from the appropriate Warhamrner Armie lists if you wish. a one thousand point core force then adding blocks of five hundred points at a time. The total value of your army may be up to the agreed points total. Chaos Dwarfs can use Chaos or Ore and Goblin allies. testing out the new weapons. Two thou and points is su fficienl 10 gi ve you a battle that wi II las! an entire evening. a side). This allow you time to paint the model and try them out on the tabletop before deciding what to include next. and in practice it may be a few points short simply becau e it is impo sible to find something to pend the odd point on. but one thou and point L probably the smallest ize that will enable you to field a bauleworthy force. and then decide whether to expand the army with more Chao Dwarfs later. There is no upper limit to tbe size of a Warhammer army. These Limitations ensure that the armies are reasonably balanced and do not have a predominance of character . ay. Units.

who is completely distinct and uniquely associated with Chaos Dwarfs. Hashut. . They include captive monsters goaded into fighting and monsters which have been magically bound by spells of obedience.you must refer 10 the Monster section of the list or the War Machines section of the list for details of points values. Units. For example. profiles. A unir's Champion is always equipped exactly like the ordinary troopers except that he may also carry one magicitem. Champions always fight with the units they belong to and tbey are armed and arrnou red exactly like the ordinary troops in the unit. Chaos Dwarfs are permitted two types of allies: Chaos. Troops are organised into units which must be at least rive models and can be bigger. Heroes and Lords. 53 . Warharn:mer Battle Magic or which have been printed in White Dwarf or the growing number of Warharnmer supplements. chariots..ounts for characters are NOT included in the points allocation for monsters. Chaos Dwarfs cannot use magic items if they can only be used by Dwarfs . You can include either or both of these in your army iJ you wish. as indicated in the army list. and not units. See tbe Warhammer rulebook for complete rules on how these troops work. The points value of their equipment may be found on the Equipment List in the same way as other characters. Ln the case of the Chaos list you may also choose Daemons. AU units are assumed to have a leader equipped in the same way as his troops and with identical characteristics. their points cost does not count towards the points you are allowed to spend on monsters or war machines. Heroes and Lords may be gi ven any of the equi pment described in the Equipment List. Don't let this confuse you . The points values of magic items is printed on the cards themselves together with the rules. The size of the u ni t includes its J eader. Some uni ts are permi tted magic standards. as well as monsters. Chaos Dwarfs can use any items that can be employed by Chaos.('HAOS DWARF ARMY LIST CHARACTERS The points you are allowed to spend on characters includes the value of the characters' weapons and equipment. ALLIES Chaos Dwarfs may include a proportion of allies worth up to 25% of the army's points value. Standard bearers and musicians are assumed to be armed with the same weapons and equipment as the ordinary troopers and fight in the same way. The maximum number of magic items a character can have is restricted to between one and fOUT. etc. and includes magic armour.the magic of ordinary Dwarfs is completely opposed to that of the Chaos Dwarfs and will not work for them. UNITS The Units section of the army list describes the troops that form the bulk ofa Chaos Dwarf army. [( also includes any creature the character rides. Standard bearers and musicians cost double the points of an ordinary trooper. Slaanesh or Nurgle. Note that the points cost of the Champion comes from the points allocated for characters. a scroll can only be used by a wizard (called Sorcerers in the case of Chaos Dwarfs). A character can carry appropriate magic items chosen from the magic item cards in Warhamrner. are purchased to include in your units. The leader costs the same points as an ordinary trooper and no separate account is made of them in the army list. and Orcs & Goblins. and champion if it has them. To choose allies refer to the Warhammer Armies list for that race. You may not choose monsters or further allies from the allied lists. except that they may have one magic hem in addition. If you include a magic standard with a unit the points value of the standard is part of the unit's cost.heroic individual s amongst the rank and file troops. they are included in the points for characters instead. rnusician. Note that some magic items can only be used by specific races or by specific types of character. all you have lO do is choose the war machines you want up to a maximum of 25% of the points value of your arTIly. and War Machines sections of those army lists. There of two types of Chaos Dwarf character: Sorcerers and Heroes. and magic items as descri bed in the army list itsel f. whether a steed or a big monster. but no! items restricted to a follower of one of the four Chaos gods Khome. but remember you do not have a free choice. WAR MACHINES War Machines includes all the artillery and other machines used by the Chaos Dwarfs. Monsters chosen as m. These restrictions are indicated on the cards themselves. Of these three types. This section of rhe army list is completely straightforward. You may choose forces from the Characters. There are three types of Hero: Champions. Tzeentch. These are covered in the Warhammer Battle Magic supplement and are included as magic item cards.the points value of these monsters and chariots counts towards the points you are allowed to spend on characters. If the character rides in a chariot then the points value of the chariot and its crew is also included in with the Characters points allowance. however. magic weapons and other magic items. Note that if you choose a monster or a chariot for a character to ride . crew. MONSTERS Monsters are beasts brought along to fight beside the army. The Chaos Dwarfs have their own Chaos god. Un i ts are permitted Champions . standard bearer. MiJ10r differences in the actual equipment carried by the models may be ignored. Champions.

For example. See the Warnammer rulebook for details. inclusion of pecial troops.y silly 10 allow players to include. If the normal army selection percentages were followed the points available for specific characters or IVaI' machines would be impossibly lill). Note. When choosing allies you may ignore the normal restrictions on army selection. An allied General does not COUn! as the army's General and i. say. though you may choose a General character if you wish. Cavalry have two profiles: one for the rider and one for the mount (giant wolves in the case of Hobgoblins. This is the sectional the star! of each lis! which defines the proportion of points which may e spent on the army. PRESENTATION OF PROFILES Profiles are pre ented in the normal way for Warhammer creatures. etc. The army selection restrictions ignored when choosing allies. Saving throws for armour are not included on the profiles as these may vary depending on what armour you choose to buy. On the other hal/d. treated as if he were a subordinate character. it would as= Ballistic T = Toughness I = Initiative Skill = Strength W=Wound A = Attacks Ld = Leadership S4 . In the case of allies these proportions are ignored. it would be unfair to allow a player /0 have two units oj Big 'UIlS when an are army call only have one! III tile case oj Orcs and Goblins you must include at least one Mob of a greenskin race before you can bu)' either characters or war machines of tha! race (see the arc & Goblin Warhommer Armies book). you are still bound by any other restriction regarding the number of units. The paragraph above abont choosing allies is true of all armies which tnav ha I'e allies. for example). and extremely irritating to work 0111 (eg.CH as DWARF RMY LIST be \ler. in the Ore & Goblin list you must have a Mob of Savage Orcs to entitle you to a Savage Ore character. characters would be tip 10 25% of 25% of your army's points value). You do not need to include a General for your allies. in the ca e of an Orc & Goblin army you can normally spend 0-50% of your points on characters and 25%+ points on units (called Mobs in the case of greenski n ). are alway M = Movement WS = Weapon Skill S This is common sense really if vall think about it. Goblin Fanatics without buying the Mobs they normally belong 101 Similarly. For example. However. including the Empire and High Elves. you can spend your points freely between t~e categories. The movement characteristic (M) does not take into account any deductions for armour which may apply. although other internal restrictions and conditions do continue to apply.

etc A double-banded weapon including double-handed axe.1' bow 3+ Repeating Cro 4** 1* 1* 3 2 EQUIPMENT LIST The following in the Warhammer game. This does not include the cost of Champions. Javelin Sling Hand Gun Pi rol lis! gives all the usual weapons ARMOUR Shield Light Armour Heavy Armour Barding for Steed : I 2 3 4** ARMY SELECTION Character Units 0-50% 25%+ Up to half the points value of the army may be spent on character cost of man ters ridden by a character. 55 ._ Long Bow Crossbow None Shield or light armour Shield and light armour or heavy armour onJy Shield and heavy armour 2* t= 3** 3*. for your character model without consulting the Warhammer rulebook. points allocated for characters. or characters you can buy." Flail Halberd Spear ARMOUR The savi ng throw of troops is not gi ven on thei r profile as it is inclined to vary in some cases. and Chao. Bull Centaurs or Hobgoblins. This does not include the co t of monsters ridden by characters.units. Items marked with an asterix (*) are not available to Chaos Dwarfs or Bull Centaurs. axe. single sword. Saving throws are summarised below. EQUIPMENT LIST HAND-TO-HAND COMBAT WEAPONS Free I A. . We have included this list a you can choose weapon. sword etc . For example. Up to a quarter of the point value of the army may be spent on war machines. However. you may only ever include one General model regardless of how big your army is. mace or other hand weapon An additional word. Allies 0·25% Up to a quarter of the points value of the army may be spent on allies cho en from either or both of the following lists: Orcs & Goblins. those marked with two asrerixes {**} are nOI a ailable to Chao Dwarfs. We have provided a complete list for the ake of reference and cornpari on. axe. but Chaos Dwarf characters are not permitted to u e all the items on it. which must be paid for out oftbe War Machine Monsters 0-25% 0-25% Up to a quarter of the points value of the army may be spent on mall ters. who count as characters and are paid for out of [he points allocated for characters.CHAO DWARF ARMY LIST LIMITATION OF CHOICE For the most part there are no extra limits imposed regarding the number of tTOOpS. 2 I 2 1 2** Armour Save None 6+ 5+ 4+ Cavalry Save 6+ 5+ 4+ A lance for a mounted warrior MISSILE WEAPONS Bow Short Bow . Thi includ [he At least a quarter of the total points value ofthe army must be spent on units. there are orne Limitations and these are indicated along with the pertinent army list entry..

club etc. The u ual mount of a Chaos Dwarf of great importance i either a Lammasu or a Grear Taurus.axe. He represents a mighty ervant of the Masters of Zharr-Naggrund. In the case of Chao Dwarfs the General can be either a Lord or a Sorcerer Lord. be armed WEAPONS/ARMOUR: Your army must include a General to lead it. BULL JO EQUlPMENT: Hand weapon . ICHAOSDWARFGENERAL LORD SORCERER LORD 160 points 328 points EQ IPMENT: Hand weapon . and battle standard. PROFILE M WS 5 BS 4 S T W J A Ld CHAOS DWARF 3 4 329 BULL CE T UR 854542439 . 0-1 BATTLE STANDARD CHAOS DWARF BULL CENTAUR 98 points 156 points WEAPO . club etc. WEAPONS/ARMOUR: 0-1 BULL CENTAUR LORD 368 points Your army may include a Bull Centaur Lord . PROFILE CENTAUR LD M WS BS 8 7 6 S 5 T 5 W 4 1 6 A 5 Ld MAGIC ITEMS: If the General is a Lord character he may carry up 10 three magic items. The Bartle Standard Bearer is a Champion character and is therefore entitled to one magic item as described in Warharruner Battle Magic. MA Y RIDE: The General may ride a man ter (see the Monster Li l for points values).the most powerful of all the mighty race of Bull Centaur and most tru ted of all captain of the Masters of Zharr. The Battle Standard Bearer may witb any combination of weapons/armour allowed La any of the troop type in the list and included on the Equipment List.axe. cho en from the Ii t below. The General may be armed with any combination of weapons/armour allowed to any of the tr op type in the army Ii l and included on the Equipment List.aggrund. See the Equipment Li t for points values. PROFILE LORD SORCERER LORD M 3 3 7 6 3 1 4 4 5 5 3 4 5 A 4 ) Ld 10 MAY RIDE: If the Battle Standard Bearer i a Chao Dwarf he may ride a monster (see the Monster Li t for point values).axe. This may be a magic standard. ee the Equipment L' t for point values. M GIC ITEMS: 4 5 10 EQUlPMENT: Hand weapon . effectively turning the army's banner into a magic battle banner. See the Equipment Li t for point value. If he is a Sorcerer Lord he may carry up to four items. The usual mount of a Chaos Dwarf of great importance is either a Larnmasu or a Great Taurus. mace. but therwi: e you are free to chao ea. or perhap even one of the Mas ter them elve . The bearer can be either a Chaos Dwarf or a Bull Centaur. Magic items are chosen from the appropriate cards a described in Warhamrner Battle Magic. mace. mace.")6 .CII OS DWARF f\RJ\IY LIST c F CHARACTERS Your Chaos Dwarf army may include up to 50% of its point value a character. IAGIC ITEMS: As a Lord character he may carry LIpto three magic items chosen from ihe appropriate cards as described in Warhammer Battle Magic. /ARMO R: The BuU Centaur Lord may be armed with any combination of weapon /arrnour allowed to any of the troop types in the list and included on the Equipment List. Your army must alway include a General. If you wish your army may include a battle standard together with its bearer. club etc. many or as few character as you wish.

AR\1'r LI~T HEROES CHAOS DWARF B LL CENTAUR HOBGOBLIN . A Hobgoblin Hero may ride a giant wolf (+4 points). iLis they who organise and direct the Chaos Dwarfs. See the Equipment List for details of points costs. mace. tinct for survival mark them OUL from the bulk of their era en race. Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers are important members of their race. club etc. MAGIC ITEMS: A Hero character may carry up to two magic item chosen from the appropriate Warhammer magic item cards. MAGIC ITEMS: A Champion may carry a single magic' item chosen from the appropriate magic item cards. Heroes represents great captains among t the Chaos Dwarfs. The most powerful of all are the Masters of Zharr-Naggrund who meet at the Temple of Hashut to make thei r plan s of conquest. and a Sorcerer Lord four items. PROFILE SORCERER SORCERER CHAMPION MASTER SORCERER SORCERER M "'S BS 3 3 3 S 3 4 4 4 T 5 5 5 5 W I 3 A Ld 9 9 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 2 3 4 3 4 5 2 3 9 10 CHAMPIONS CHAOS DWARF B LL CENTAUR HOBGOBLIN ORC BLACK ORC GOBLIN 48 points 106 points 27 points 33 points 42 points 4 3 LORD EQ IPMENT: Hand weapon . Your army may include any number of Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers within the limits of the points available. In the case of Hobgoblin Heroes these represent tri bal leaders amongst their treacherou: kind. and many players prefer to have a separate leader and Champion model. MAY RIDE: A Chaos Dwarf Hero may fide a monster (see the Monster List for points value. WEAPONS/ARMOUR: A Hero may be armed with any of weapons/armour allowed to any of the troop types in the list and included on the Equipment List. PROFILE CHAOS 3 3 8 5 3 2 EQUIPMENT: A Champion i always armed and equipped in the same way a the rest of the unit. See the Equipment List for points values. See the Equipment List for points values. MA Y RIDE: Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer may ride a monster ( ee the Monster List for poi nts value ).axe. literally the best tighter in the unit! A Champion can be the unit's leader. WEAPONS/ARMOUR: A Sorcerer may be anned with any combination of weapons/armour allowed to any of tbe troop types in the Iist and included on the Equipment List. Champions represent especially strong or skilled individuals. A Sorcerer may have one item.axe. The favoured mount of i ruportaru Sorcerer is either a Larnrnasu or a Great Taurus. the most trusted and the mightiest of all the servants of the Sorcerer Lords who are the Masters of Zbarr-Naggrund. ). dub etc. See Warhammer Battle Magic for details. M WS BS 6 6 5 4 5 5 S 4 5 4 3 T 5 5 W 2 3 2 4 5 4 3 A 3 Ld DWARF 3 10 10 7 CHAOS DWARF SORCERERS SORCERER SORCERER CHAMPION MASTER SORCERER SORCERER LORD 59 points 121 points 219 points 328 points BULL CENTAUR HOBGOBLIN GIANT WOLF 8 4 9 4 3 5 0 4 3 3 EQUIPMENT: combination Hand weapon . See the Equipment List for points values. 1U4 points 232 points 59 points PROFILE CHAOS DWARF BULL CENTAUR HOBGOBLIN ORC BLACK GOBLIN ORC M 3 8 4 4 4 4 W 5 5 4 4 5 B 4 4 4 4 4 4 STWIALd 4 5 4 4 5 4 4 4 3 4 4 3 2 329 4 3 3 3 2 2 2 9 6 7 The army may include as many Heroes a you wish within the uormal limitations of the points available.CIIA( S DW'ARJ. mace. but doesn't have to be. if your army contains no Hobgoblin units then it may not include Hobgoblin Heroes. 15 points Any unit may include a Champion armed and equipped in the same way as the rest of the unit. a Master Sorcerer three items. individual. 57 . whose sense of cunning and in. Hobgoblin Heroes may only be included if your army also has at least one unit of Hobgoblins. MAGIC ITEMS: A Sorcerer i entitled LOmagic item chosen from the magic item cards as described in Warharnrner Battle Magic. a Sorcerer Champion two items. See Warharnrner Battle Magic for details.

OPl IONS: Any units of Hobgoblins with light armour at a cost of + I poi nt may be equipped per model.. They form the backbone of the army: sturdy. it may include more if you wish.WSBS 843442329 S T W A Ld BULL 58 . Hobgoblins are sneaky. 14 points ". PROFILE CENTAURS M. Hobgoblins are cunning and malicious fighters too.". OPTIONS: Dwarfs shields with at an BULL CENTAURS " 41 points per model Your army may include any number of units of Bull Centaurs. Hobgoblin Warriors carry a band weapon Your army may include any number of units of Chao Dwarfs with blunderbusses. Your army must include at lea lone unit of Chao Dwarf Warriors and may include more if you wish. Bull Centaur are arrogant and cruel creatures. SAVE: 6+. OPTIONS: One unit of Bull Centaurs may carry a magic standard. Thi may be chosen from the appropriate magic cards and its cost is indicated on the card itself. distrustful creatures who rely upon the protection of Chaos Dwarfs to prevent other greenskins attacking them. The blunderbuss is an unusual and deadly weapon with a short range but devastating effect. See Warhammer Battle Magic for details. They are armed with brutal double-handed axes with heavy cleaving blades.." 3 3 6 per model EQUIPMENT: and hield.]-lAOS DWARF ARMY LIST UNITS The Chaos Dwarf army is built 'from a core the lesser races of the world. 1+ UNITS OF CHAOS DWARF WARRJORS 14 point per model EQUIPMENT: Bull Centaurs wear light armour and carry shields. Till may be chosen from the appropriate magic cards and i ts cost is indicated 011 the card itself. Although cowardly. OPTIONS: One unit of Cbaos Dwarfs may carry a magic standard. SAVE: 5+. utterly dedicated to the Masters of Zharr-Naggrund and their horrifying deity Hashut the Father of Darkne . SAVE: 5+. Your army below. they are bigger and meaner than ordinary Goblins. Any units of Chaos blunderbusses may be equipped with additional cost of + 1 poi nt per model. See Warhamrner Battle Magic for details. Your army may include any number of units of Hobgoblin Warriors. They are armed with a blunderbuss and hand weapon. they regard all foes with contempt and are utterly loyal to the evil Masters of Zharr-N aggrund. PROFILE CHAOS DWARF M WS BS 3 4 3 S T W I 2 A Ld 9 3 4 EQUIPMENT: Chaos Dwarfs wear heavy armour made from metal scales. but in other respects you are free to choose of Chaos Dwarf warrior: grim and cruel. amongst the units as indicated. especially against massed unarmoured targets. PROFILE HOBGOBLINS MWSBS 4 3 3 S TW I 2 ALd CHAOSDWARF BLUNDERBUSSES .. and in large numbers they are dangerou opponents.. PROFILE CHAOS DWARF M 3 WS BS 4 3 S T W 1 2 A Ld 9 3 4 EQUJPlVIENT: Chaos Dwarfs wear heavy armour made from metal scales and carry shields. Tbey carry hand weapons and brutal double-handed axes with heavy cleaving blades. confident in their superiority over must contain at least 25% of its points value as units chosen from the List ate that your army must include at least one unit of Chaos Dwarf Warrior.. arrogant and dependable. HOBGOBLIN WARRIORS 5 points per model SAVE: 4+.

" We'll say no more about it then and we'lJ be 'avin another game tomorrow night. See the Sneaky Gil rules for details. RULES: Envelopment. In fact. Sneaky Gits can lap round any number of rear rank models in combat. most Hobgoblins bore deep scars between their shoulders. Poison Daggers. Tarka. Champion. Fortunately for Tarka the shoulder blades of Hobgoblin-kind had long since evolved into a bony hump. Gorduz narrowed his eyes to tiny slits and fingered his dagger. and wobbled 10 reveal a slightly uncertain double crossed daggers." cried Tarka as Gorduz' curved dagger buried itself between his shoulders. -1 for a 53 attack). Lucky at dice. Sneaky Oils fight using two long. The other players sniggered with poorly concealed amusement as Tarka scooped the enLire pot and brashly swapped the entire pot whil t Gorduz wasn't looking. The other Hobgoblins shuffled uncomfortably and tried hard to avoid Gorduz ' accusing gaze. Sneaky Glts are armed with deadly poisoned daggers." said Gorduz.." "None of you lot knows "Ocops?" gaped Gorduz. With a guilty clatter two other dice fell out of his sleeve." 59 . The wounded Hobgoblin howled like a beaten cur. won't we lads. unlucky at gettin' back to your own teru without 'aving a nasty accident. They tried bard La look puzzled and outraged. They are the mOS1' treacherous and conniving of all their twisted self-serving race. Gorduz Backstabber squinted at the worn dice and cursed his ill fortune for the fifth or sixth time that evening. Any wounds inflicted by these impose an additional -I armour save modifier (ie.ice and cursed the foul trickery that had almost robbed him of a small fortune. Whether this was fortuitous or a remit of natural selection wa hard 10 The Hobgoblins frowned and shook their heads vigorously." Tarka grinned nervously and cast the dice. and staggered backward out through the door and into the night. Gorduz began to go purple. "Ooops!' said Tarka . say. SAVE: None. They succeeded only in looking even more shi fty than normal . HOBGOBLIN SNEAKY GITS 6 points per model Your army may include any number of units of Hobgoblin Sneaky Gits. Gorduz fixed each of his companions with a withering glare. Gorduz scowled at the loaded d. this being the way amongst them. making a mental note ro sort them out when tile opportunity arose. as he cunningly pocketed the crooked dice. "Yunno what they say. ''1 suppose. did a little pirouette. hand weapons). "Fair do' s.E SNEAKY GITS MWSBS 4 3 3 S 3 TW 3 [ALd 2 6 EQUIPMENT: curved daggers Sneaky Girs are armed with two long.CHAOS 0\\ ARF . The dice span crookedly. anything about this. Such wounds rarely proved fatal.. curved daggers which are ideaUy suited for Slabbing their enemy in the back. Sneaky Gits Champions are an exception to the normal Champion rules. "Arrgh. OPTIONS: SPECIAL None. Tarka hurriedly reached over to retrieve his dice." calmly annouced Gorduz. They can be armed with 2 daggers Iike the other Sneaky Gits (+ I point for 2 daggers) or they can be armed with shield and hand weapon (+1 point for shield). "Dice not runnin ' wiv ' ya tonight Gorduz!" sneered Tar)<a as he spat on the bone cubes for luck and made ready to throw them across the crude wooden table. PROFll.

ell os DWM~Ft\R. SAVE: 6+. and since that time the Chaos Dwarf have chosen to rely upon the craven but easily led Hobgoblins rather than the powerful but independently minded Black Ore . Any units may be armed with one of the following weapons: either a double-banded weapon (+2 points per model). PROFILE HOBGOBLINS GlA T WOLF M 4 9 WS BS 3 4 0 3 3 Orcs carry a hand weapon. though they are not permitted to enter we city itself. Hobgoblins favour the bow as it allows them to attack their enemies from a distance. and the Tower of Zharr-Naggrund. Any units may be equipped with shields at a cost of + I point per model. nearly destroying the Chao Dwarf. a spear (+1 point per model). T 3 3 W 2 3 A Ld 6 3 QUlPMENT: Hobgoblin Wolf Riders carry a shield and are armed with hand weapons. Some of the tribe which Ii e in the . The experiment went wrong and the Black Orcs rebelled. pear (+112 point per model). Any units of Hobgoblin WoH Riders may be armed with hart bow at a co t of + I point per model. and a few remain in the service of the Masters of Zharraggrund.E HOBGOBLINS M WS 4 BS S 3 T 3 W 1 A Ld 3 2 6 OPTIONS. SAVE: None. may be equipped with a hield at a cost of + 1/2 point per modeL The Chaos Dwarfs keep many Ore and Goblin tribes enslaved in their dark work hop. and mines.ot all we Black Orcs were wiped out. Any units of Goblins may wear light armour at an additional cost of + I point per model. Dwarf master . SAVE: None. a halberd (+2 point per model). PROFILE BLACKORC M WS BS 4 4 3 2 EQU1PMENT: Goblins carry a hand weapon. or short bows (+1/2 point per model). SAVE: 5+. They are poor warrior. or a bow (+2 point per model). PROFU. OPTIONS: Any units of Goblin may carry shield. The unit of Black Orcs may carry shields (+ I point per model). Dwarfs drive them into battle in their thousands.fountains of Mourn guard the mountain pas e for their Chao. 4 3 3 3 4 Your army may include any number of units of Hobgoblin Wolf Riders. OPTIO : Any units of Hobgoblin Wolf Rider may be equipped with light armour at a cost of +2 points per model. a halberd (+1 point per model). per model). Though these tribes are rebellious the Chaos Dwarfs employ tile Hobgoblins (0 keep them in line. OPTIONS: Any units of Ore may be equipped with light armour at an additional cost of +2 points per model. Black Orcs wear light armour and carry a Your army may include any number of unit of Hobgoblins armed with bows. GOBLINS 2112 points per model Thousands of Goblins labour in the mines of the Plains of Zharrduk and throughout the prawling Chaos Dwarf Empire. but their live are of such little consequence that the Chao. PROFU. at an additional cost of +1/2 point per model. pear (+1 point per model) or an add iti on al hand weapon (+ 1 poi n t per model). archers carry a hand weapon ORCS 5112 point per model OPTIONS: An y uni lS of Hobgobl in archers may be equipped 'with light armour at a co t of +1 point per model. throwing them upon the enemy battle lines merely to Lire the foe and blum his attack PROFILE GOBLIN M WS BS 4 2 3 S 3 T J W J A 0-1 UNIT OF BLACK ORCS 9 points per model Ld 5 Black Orcs were bred by Chaos Dwarfs in an attempt [0 i 111 prove the Ore breed and produce II race of sla ve warriors. S 4 T 4 W I 2 A Ld 8 60 . an additional hand weapon (+1 point per model). EQ IPMENT: Hobgoblin and bow. Only the betrayal of the Hobgoblins halted the Black Orcs.\IY LlS1 HOBGOBLIN ARCHERS 5112 points per model EQUIPMENT: band weapon. halberds (+2 POLnt. The unit of Black Or may be armed with one of the following: double-handed weapons (+2 points per model). SPEClA.E M WS BS S T W 2 HOBGOBLIN WOLF RIDERS A Ld 7 14 points per model OR EQUIPMENT: SAVE: None. Any units may be armed with one of the following weapons: either a double-handed weapon f+ I point per model).L RULE : Hobgoblin Wolf Rider can skirmish as described in the rules for skirmishing troops in the Warharnrner rulebook. ny units of Hobgoblin archer.

Dwarfs are great artificers and sorcerers and their war machines are huge and powerful. EARTHSHAKER CANNON . CANNO DEATH ROCKET 'CHAOS DW ARF 3 4 3 3 4 2 9 75 points each Maximum Range You may guess Strength Wounds Save Your army may include illly number of Death Rockets. Each bolt thrower has a crew of two Hobgoblins to operate the weapon and defend it if necessary.CHAOS DWARF ARMY LIST WARMACHINES The Chao. Your army may include up to 25% of its points value as war machines chosen from the list below.E BOLT THROWER MWSBS - S TW I AI. Each rocket ha. 4 SAVE: 5+ (Heavy Armour). l'RQFll. Maximum Range You may gues LAUNCHER 48" Strength 5 Wounds D3 Save -2 EQUIPMENT: The crew are armed with hand weapons.. 6l . a crew of two Chaos Dwarfs to operate the weapon and defend it if necessary. HOBGOBLIN BOLT THROWER 42 points each Your army may include any number of Hobgoblin bolt throwers. Each Earthshaker has a crew of three Chaos Dwarfs to operate the weapon and defend it if necessary. 140 point each Your army may include any number of Earthshakers.d 7 3 3 3 2 HOBGOBLl 4 3 3 6 Maximum Range You may guess BOLT THROWER 48" Strength 5-lperrank Wounds D4 Save one EQUIPMENT: SAVE: None. SA VE: 5+ (Heavy Armour).. PROFILE M WS.BS S T 7 W 3 I A LeI. EARHIPROFll.E M WS BS T 7 W 3 I A Ld SHAKER 12-48" 7 D3 -4 LAUNCHER CHAOS DWARF 3 4 3 3 EQUIPMENT: 2 9 The crew are armed with hand weapons. The crew are armed with hand weapons..

CHIMERA PROFILE M WS B 640766468 S T W 250 points 1 A Ld HYDRA PROFILE HYDRA MWBS 630567356 225 points S TW I ALd CH1MERA COCKATRICE PROFILE COCKATRICE 150 points GIGANTIC PROFILE GIGANTIC SPIDER SPIDER M 5 so points S 5 M WS BS 4 3 0 S 4 T 4 W 2 ] 4 A Ld 3 6 ws 3 BS 0 T 4 W 4 J A 2 Ld 7 DRAGON Dragon Great Dragon Emperor Dragon 450 points 600 points 750 points M WS BS 660667877 LAMMASU PROFlLE LAMMASU 200 points M WS BS 660675638 S T W I A Ld PRon E S T W A Ld DRAGON GREAT DRAGON EMPEROR MANTICORE 0 7 7 8 200 points M WS BS 6 6 0 6 6 7 808 8 9 788 699 PROFILE MA TlCORE S 7 T 7 W 5 I 4 A Ld 4 8 DRAGO WYVERN PROFILE WYVERN M WS B 650564435 S T W 180poinls I A Ld GIANT SCORPION PROFILE GIANT SCORPION so points S 5 M WS BS 5 3 0 T 4 W 4 I A 2 Ld 7 GREAT TAURUS PROFILE GRTTAURUS 225 points T 6 6 W 5 I 7 A 4 Ld 8 M WS BS 6 6 0 SWARMS PROFILE RATS 100 points M WS BS 6 4 3 3 0 0 S 3 3 T 2 2 W 5 5 1 A 5 5 Ld 10 10 GRIFFON PROFILE MW BS S T W 150 points J A Ld FROGS LIZARDS BATS SERPENTS 4 8 3 3 0 0 3 3 2 2 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 10 10 10 10 La GRIFFON 650655748 3 4 4 3 3 3 0 0 0 4 3 4 2 2 2 5 5 5 IllPPOGRIFF PROFU.CHAOS DWARF ARMY LIST MONSTERS Up to a quarter of the points value of the army may be spent on monsters. This does not include the cost of monsters ridden by characters.E H1PPOGR[FF M WS BS 8 5 0 S 6 T 5 W 5 ]45 points I 6 A 3 Ld INSECTS/ SPIDERS SCORPIONS 8 ('2 . which must be paid for out of the points allocated for characters.

. Zhatan serves the Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer Ghorth the Cruel. Zbatan MWSBS 3 8 6 S 4 T 5 W 4 I 6 A 4 Ld 10 WEAPONS/ARMOUR: carries a warharnmer. Under the dark tower of Zharr Naggrund a million evil souls labour to the glory of Hashut Father of Darkness. Gorduz Backstabber has outlived most of the other tribal leaders thanks to a naturally distrustful disposition and la. and is affected by the rules For haired as described in the Psychology ection of the Warhammer rulebook. SPECIAL RULES Fated .. Acts of the most cruel and heartless nature are everyday occurences in the lands of Zharduk.5 or 6 on a 06. most potent of all Iiving Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers.. It is said thai when Ghorth presides over the sacrifices of Hashut the only sound louder than the screams of his victims is the gloating laughter of ZhaLan. MAGIC ITEMS: Gorduz Backstabber is a Hobgoblin Lord and can carry up to three magic items chosen in the usual way. poison or 'nasty accident'. All the Goblin tribes between the Plains of Zharduk and Mount Grimfang have bowed before his armies. Commander of the Tower of Zbarr.E Gorduz MWSBS 4 6 6 S 4 T 4 W 3 I 5 A Ld 4 8 WEAPONS/ARMOUR: Gorduz Backstabber wears light armour and carries a shield and axe. Zhatan is kept busy by his master'S insatiable demand for fresh slaves. that he may carry up to four magic items. such is his stature amongst his kind and such is the power of his master Ghorth. The Chaos Dwarf has led many successful slaving expeditions to [he west. The Hobgoblin overseers in the Vale of Woe beat their pitiful charges so that their esh hangs from their backs like bloodied rags. Lucky . ending thousands of their kind in tribute to the Lords of Zharr Naggrund. It is the greatest city in the world and it is ruled by the most black-hearted lords of all. When he suffers hi last and (generally) fatal wound. In the workshops of Zharr Naggrund untold slaves are worked to death in their chains so that their masters can enjoy a lifetime of ease. The renown of Hobgoblin chieftains tends to fade more quickly than mo t. Sneaky! Call it what you win. Even amongst such wanton cruelty there is one whose deed of brutality are remarkable: Zhatan the Black. He i the most pitiless warrior to tread the blackened earth of Zharr. PROFll. crushing every Ore anny that has dared to stand up 10 him. the Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers. SPECIAL RULES Zhatans cruelty knows no bounds. he is therefore allowed an extra unmodified saving throw of 4. Every expedition he undertakes brings further laves who e labours fuel fresh conquests.SPECIAL CHARACTERS SPECIAL CHARACTERS ZHATAN THE BLACK 172 points COMMANDER OF THE TOWER OF ZHARR Your army may be led by Chaos Dwarf General Zharan the Black. usually with the help of a dagger. From a thousand burning forges comes weapons of burnished iron and cor lets of ruddy bronze. mining Out the poisonous wealth amidst choking fumes and impenetrable darkness. To represent this Zhatan hates all enemy.. hing of low cunning. 63 . Zhatan wears heavy armour and MA Y RIDE: Zhatan may ride a Lammasu (+200 points) or a Great Taurus (+225 points). MAGIC ITEMS: Zhatan is a Lord character which would normally emilie him to carry up to three magic items. However. The workshops and mines of Ghorth can scarce keep pace with Zhatan s demand for weaponry. All fame is fleeting and all glory ultimately fades away. Thousands of slaves endure unimaginable agonies in the pits of Zharr. He can take and pass this save every time he loses his last wound (so long as he stays lucky). MA Y RIDE: Gorduz Backstabber may ride a Giant Wolf (+4 points). Commander 0 the Tower of Zharr. his General. He has also been lucky as [he hardened car tissue that criss-oro ses his massi ve bony shoulder hump testifies. Gorduz Backsiabber has an enduring talent for survival. PROFILE GORDUZ BACKSTABBER HOBGOBLIN CIllEFT AIN 93 points Your army may include Gorduz Backstabber as a Hobgoblin character subordinate to the army's General.

hi" machine enables him LO move no faster than this rare. WEAPONS/ARMO R: MA Y RIDE: Because of his elaborate body Astragoth may not ride any kind of creature. His body is slowly succumbing to petrification. When he was at the height of [lis powers he was the most potent sorcerer to walk the Plain of Zharr in a thousand years. PROFILE Astragoth MWSBS 6 6 3 S 5 T W I A 3 Ld 10 5 4 5 SPECIAL RULES MOVEMENT: Astragoth can move faster than an ordinary Chaos Dwarf because of his remarkable semi-mechanical body. he can also make a Death Blow special attack. These are randomly dealt before the battle begins as described in. 64 . As well as boosting his strength as shown by his characteristics. pounding. His legs have long ceased to work and even his hands have now turned 10 stone. is a Sorcerer Lord and may MAGIC SPELLS: Astragorh is a Sorcerer Lord and may have up to four Chaos Dwarf magic spells. Now his powers have begun 10 wane. lf A tragoth uccessfulJy hits the same target with all three of his attacks. Astragoth is encased within a machine that enables him [0 walk and which power his petrified limbs. This engine was constructed by his slaves to plans created by Astragoth himself. Consequently Astragoth can only charge up to 6" and he cannot make a faster march move. the Warhamrner Bartle Magic supplement. DEATH BLOW: The steam-driven pistons that have replaced Asrragcth's muscles and sinews allow him to strike his enemy with mechanical force. However. A decade ago he constructed a mechanical device by which he is transported from place [0 place. The exception to this limitation is that be will still pu ue and flee at the normal rate of2D6". then his mechani ed arm goes into verdrive. He can immediately strike all his blows once again against the same target. MAGIC ITEMS: Astragoih carry up to four magic items. sma hing and stabbing faster than flesh and bone would permit.SPECIAL CHARACTERS ASTRA GOTH IDGH PRJESTOF HASHUT 358 points Astragoth is the oldest living Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer. and combines the undoubted skills of the Chaos Dwarf race with twisted dark science. To an extent these have been replaced by the machinery grafted to his body. This machine combined with armour gives him an armour saving throw of 3+.



.ATURES ARE SUPPLIED WITH THE APPROPRIA T'E PLAsllc SHIELOS AS sr ANOMO 0! 'ti .. 0:: . e CHAOS DWARF BA. A COMPLETE CHAOS DW... i: 0 'i <I ". C.NNER 758801l HERO WJTH' AXE I 7&880/2' ~ ~ iii "'2 .!2 "i:...g 0.2 :11 E Q. '2 <= Q " . 'iii . <= I..OES ~ Designed by Alan Perry . ~ . ."' ~ ~U :::i '3 g.. i 2- ill ~~ 0> .LET'ED CHAOS DWARF HER..<I ~ i: '" .CAOSDWAR-S CHAOS DWARF HEROES "0 !!! .. ".: "" . :> C> . ~ . 'ti CD '" ~ Q.. "" 0 '" @ Q.E :E "i . " ClTADrL.§ -g 'g ...l'l .ARF HERO CONSISTS OF: 1.<." HERO WITH AXE 2 7Sa!)OJ4 SORCEREfl1 7&66013 " Ci ~ nlESEMINI.::: ..C . ..: ~ ci Z II: <01: 1 . B~~ ...J...(!". " <> :ii . ::::I jl " Q. CI c.c .-..:. '" ..l: ..- '<. . ~ .". HEROISORCERER 1 x CHAOS DWARF BANNER 'E u " "8 :E f'Z '" 0 a ..c: ~o:: u CJ E ... E E B "0 r.-.. " s ... . m~~ ~ EXAMPLES OF COMP.. ...







~ .: ~ '<. '" '" ::... GOBLIN WITH SPEAR 07543212 GOBLIN STANDARD BEARER 075432117 GOBLIN WITH SPEAR 07543211 GOBLIN STANDARD BEARER 075432118 GOBLIN STANDARD BEARER 1 075432116 < 11 2 10 3 GOBLIN WITH SWORD 075432112 27 GOBLIN WITH AXE 4 07543214 GOBLIN WITH CLUB 075432115 1 GOBLIN WITH MACE 1 07543215 GOBUN WITH SWORD 07543216 21 ~---------- GOBLIN WITH SWORD 07543. g to G) '" '" <:! .2113 28 GOSLIN WITH SWORD 075432111 26 GOBLIN WITH CLUB 2 07543213 '0'''' WITHwoao " s 07543218 '0'''' ~-=~ ~ WITHwoao s 07543219 _J~~~~ ClTAU([. mg <I> CD =r e bi !" "'- lii 5' P.. E ~ :or 3 ::l 3 0 "'C Ke ~~ ="a r: c:::J" '" g '" f" '" ~~ 0:> .OBGOBL NS HOBGOBLIN HERO ON WOLF THE COMPLETED HOBGOBLIN HERO ON WOLF CONSISTS OF: J x HOBGOBLIN HERO BODY J CLOAK 1 xOUIVER 1 x WOLF HEAD 1 X PLASTIC WOLF SPRUE THIS MODEL IS SUPPLIED WITH A PLASTIC WOLF SPRUE AS STANDARD x CLOAK 7586312 EXAMPLE OF COMPLETED HOBGOBUN HERO ON WOLF QUIVER 7586313 HOBGOBLIN HERO BODY WOLF HEAD 75863/1 7586314 Designed by Alan Perry GO GOBLINS S @ f? ~ -o ':!.. i e.

075Z2M ORC WITH SWORD 2 0752201'5 ORC WITH SWORD $ 07522019 ]i <: o E "'0 :l ~ " o Q. 0752ll5t2 ORC BOYZ p ORC WITH AXE . c: .C W1THSWORD7 075220110 ORC W1.ORCS ORC COMMAND GROUP • CHAMPION' 075235/1 STANDAADBEARER 07523S1S 1 DRUMMER. C.. !!! . :l l:.<: • OR. a c. ri o 1:' Ci WITH SWORD 4 07522017 ORC WITH SWORD I 07522012 ORC " ~ £! a <0 c. ::l :ii ~~'L- CfrADEL ~ ORC WITH SWORD 3 075220J6 AXE AND DAGGER 1 07522011 ORCWlTH OAe WlTH SWORD S 07522011l _J .Tli SP IKY C'LUB I 7522014 >- ci z Z II: ~.


: I ' • n • 'l~J- .~ _. I ~. =~~.£/ . AU rights reserved. xxxx xxxx © Copyright Games Workshop Lid 1994. . x x_x x x_x Perrulssinn granted to photocopy for Personal use on ly. ' .CHAOS DWARF BANNERS ? ~.V ~ ~'X _ .

playsheets. self-assembly card buildings.the game of fantasy battles . templates and counters. armour. including a election of special characters. war machines and colour 'Eavy Metal pages. bestiary (which describes the races and creatures of the Warhammer world). Thi boxed set contains all you need 10 get started in the Warbarnmer hobby including rulebook. scenario book. WARHAMMER ARMIES The ever-expanding series of Warhammer Armies books has been designed 10 complement Warhemrner . spells and magic items to the Warhammer game. chaos gifts and chaos reward .the game of fantasy battles. ~'m!iirnt'lc The €. one of the major races of the Old World. Each book deals exclusively will. dice. plus many magic item cards. maps. This upplement contains all illustrated rulebook.WARHAMMER FANTASY BATTLE In Warhammer . over 100 magic item cards. over 100 plastic Ciradel Miniatures (40 Elves and 64 Goblins). The magic items include powerful sword . etc. bestiary.mpire Warhammer Armies Chao is a boxed set which contains a complete 8S-page book in the style of the Warhamrner Armies series as well as over a hundred cards detailing spells. which enable you to elect YOUT forces and assemble your army ready to take on your enemie . Warhammer Battle Magic adds wizards. and contains extensive background and history information. special rules. . At the heart of each book is a complete army list.mighty annie clash in mortal combat. talismans and rings. 135 spell cards. card templates.


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