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Calculus I (2)

Calculus I (2)

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Published by: Asad Salam on Oct 08, 2011
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Course Title: Credit Hours


Calculus – I 3+0

Textbook: Author: Publisher: Referred as:

Calculus and Analytic Geometry (9th Edition) George B. Thomas, Jr. and Ross L. Finney. Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, New York, 1998 Thomas

Reference book: Calculus (6th Edition) Author: Swokowski, Olinick and Pence Publisher: National Book Foundation Islamabad, 1962 Referred as: Swok Course Description: The course reviews the concepts of basic Calculus; including Limits, continuity, differentiation and integration. A brief account of vectors, three dimensional geometry and complex numbers is also included as pre-calculus review. Stress is laid on applications of differentiation and integration to practical problems. Convergence/divergence of the Sequence and series are included towards the end of the syllabus. Course Contents: The course comprises three main parts. The first part consists of pre-calculus review. In this part those topics of algebra, vectors and 3-dimentional geometry are covered which are necessary to study calculus. In the second part Differential and Integral Calculus are covered with special emphasis to their application to engineering and technology related problems. Related rates, maxima and minima, areas and volumes are treated as application of calculus. Sequences and series form the third part of the syllabus. Knowledge of sequences and series is required for study of Fourier Series and other related topics in the next semester. Course Evaluation: There will be five quizzes, at least three assignments, two one hour tests and one end semester examination. Evaluation will be on the basis of following criteria:

Quizzes Assignments Mid Term Total

10% 10% 30% 100

Final Examination 50%

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5 1st One Hour Test Rates of change.1.6. scalars and vector products.4. Left Hand and Right Hand Limits and existence/non-existence of Limits.4. Applications of De Moivre’s Theorem . hyperbolic functions.1.5.6 Thomas Sec 4.4 to 2. 4 5 6 7 Thomas Sec 2. Polar Coordinates. Introduction to Improper Integrals. Sec2. Method of Substitution.7. First and second derivative tests for local maxima/minima. Method of Parts and other techniques of integration. Finding areas between Curves in Cartesian Coordinates. Sect k 1 2 3 Notes/Hando ut Thomas Appendix A-3 Thomas Sec 1. Continuity at a point and continuity in an interval. Sec 2.3. Algebraic Functions.3. 4 Thomas Sec 3.2. Polar Form of Complex Numbers.5.6 9. Complex numbers. Techniques of Differentiation: Basic Rules. 1.1 Thomas Sec 2. Integration of Rational and Irrational Functions. Indeterminate Forms Indefinite Integration. Rolle’s Mean Value Theorem.2.7 Thomas Sec 5. Related Rates of Change Local and Absolute Maxima and Minima. Concavity and convexity Optimization Problems using differentiation. Argrand Diagrams.9.3. Concept of Limits. Continuity. Polar Curves and finding their areas using integration.4. Implicit Functions. 5. Definition of Derivative and its calculation by definition.6 and handout Topics Review of vectors.3. Disc Method and Cylindrical Shell Method. 15 Sec Arc Lengths of plane curves. Hyperbolic Functions.3.4 Thomas Sec 1. Volumes of solids of revolution using integration. The Chain Rule. Trigonometric Functions. 2. Three Dimensional Coordinate System and equation of planes and straight lines with vector treatment.9 Thomas 5.2 .3 5. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions. 6.3 and handout Swok Sec 7. 7. Geometric Interpretation of derivative. Page 2 of 3 . L’ Hopital Rule.Detailed Syllabus for Calculus – I Wee Ch. Rules and techniques of finding limits.7.7 Thomas Sec 3. 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 2nd One Hour Test Definite Integration.1 Thomas Sec 9.

6 Thomas Sec 8.16 Thomas Sec 8.3 to 8. Convergence/divergence of positive term series by Integral Test. Ratio Test.7 to 8. Absolute and Conditional Convergence. Power Series. Taylor’s and Maclaurin series 17 18 End Semester Exam Page 3 of 3 .9 Sequences and Series. p-test.1 8. Alternating Series. Root Test and Comparison Test.

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