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Book Report Project

Book Report Project

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Published by: kmschauncey on Oct 08, 2011
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Book Report Project Name: ______________________ Book Title: Author: Genre: Page Total: Period: 1st 2nd

______________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________ _________ pages

Directions: Students will read a book of their choice. All books need to be preapproved by me in order to count. All information can also be found on http://kmschauncey.blogspot.com along with additional examples. The second project is due Wednesday, November 2, 2011. Which projects they will do must be chosen on Monday, October 17th (the day we return from Fall Break).
1) Scrapbook – Create a scrapbook of the story. Minimum of 10 pages. May include pictures, photos, words, souvenirs, memories, letters, diary entries, etc. 2) Glogster (http://edu.glogster.com/) – Online multimedia poster maker. If you are interested in this, you will need to get an account from me. Include general information about the book, pictures, videos, text, etc. Glogster projects must be published when you finish them, and then you must send your link to me via my blog. 3) Podcast Book Talk – Create an audio recording talking about your book. Plot, characters, review. Podcasts must be done either before or after school with Mr. Chauncey. 4) Triorama – Create a 3d triorama that highlights three major scenes from the book: beginning, middle, and end. 5) Comic book – Create a comic book illustrating a summary of the book. Minimum of 5 pages. Must be full color and put together like a comic book. 6) Book Trailer – Create a trailer for a book using Animoto (http://animoto.com/ ). The trailer must give a preview of the book and make people want to read it. It must include dynamic pictures, good music that works for what you are trying to tell, and videos, if appropriate. Submit your Animoto link via blog. 7) Soundtrack – Write and perform three songs/raps that summarize the book and talk about the characters. Students may either come before or afterschool to record it or record it on their own at home. In this case, they will need to provide a CD with three different tracks on it, for each song. Songs must have titles. 8) Sequel – Write what happens after the book ends. It must be an additional 3 chapters, a minimum of 8 pages (handwritten) or 4 pages typed. You must include characters from your book in your sequel. It must either be typed or neatly handwritten. 9) Create your own project – All projects must be preapproved by me. I have the right to turn down any project suggestion. Please have a back-up plan in place.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Book Report Project Student Name: _______________________ Student Signature: ____________________ Parent Name: ________________________ Parent Signature: _____________________

Book Report Project Rubric Name: ______________________ Book Title: Author: Genre: Page Total:
Expectation Demonstrate knowledge of the book, characters, story line, setting, climax. Included title and author of book

Period: 1st


______________________________________ ______________________________________ ______________________________________ _________ pages

20 points each 15 points each 10 points each 5 points each Score Clearly Included some Missing many It is not clear demonstrated information points about the that you read understanding ofabout the book, the the book, characters, story characters, story book. Informatio characters, story line, setting line, setting n is largely line, setting, and/or climax. and/or climax. missing or climax. incorrect. Included title Included title or Included title or Neither title nor and author. author author but author included. misspelled or incomplete Followed All directions Most directions Most directions Presentation directions for were followed were followed were followed was missing chosen and you went but it was but little or no many elements project. above and missing creativity was of the chosen beyond what I something. Som included. project. expected. (Creat e creativity was ivity…) shown. Grammatically Grammar and Grammar and Grammar and Too many correct written spelling errors spelling errors spelling took grammar and presentation may have been were a problem; away from the spelling errors to and spelling present but they many took away project and left make reading was correct. did not take from the project. the reader easy, clearly this away from the feeling as if they needed to be project. were reading a edited. rough draft. Project is Your project is Your project is Your project is Your project is attractive and attractive and attractive or well plain and may poorly put organized, well put together but have together and/or includes organized. It it is missing organization messy. It is appropriate includes something like issues; it has no missing art or art, graphics, appropriate art, art or graphs. art or graphs to graphs. graphs, etc. graphs, etc. help tell the story. Total points Grand total/Grade

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