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home, family & personal survey

Name: ___________________________________________________ Phone Number: __________________________

Do you work or go to school? If so, which one & in what field? ______________________________________ FT / PT Where did you grow up? ____________________________ How Many Children do you have? ___________________

Past Callings/Experience: _____________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Do you have a skill or craft that you would be willing to display at one Relief Society meeting this coming year?

Are you talented in the kitchen? Do you have a favorite recipe or special dish that youre famous for? _____________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ If so, would you be willing to bring it to a Relief Society meeting once next year? _______________________________

Is there someone in or out of the ward with a skill or talent that you would like to have taught at Relief Society meetings? Person: _______________________________________ Skill/talent: ___________________________________ Person: ______________________________________ Skill/talent: ___________________________________

Please circle which would you rather attend: Super Saturday (traditional). or .. Craft-the-Night Away (Friday Event) What type of new craft projects or techniques would you like to see at a Super Saturday/Craft Night event? __________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ What other workshops would you like to see offered in a Super Saturday type of event? ___________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ If the following seminars/activities were made available, outside of regular Relief Society meetings, would you attend? In-depth Couponing ........ Y or N In-depth emergency preparedness techniques & resource class .... Y or N Monthly Temple session for our wards Relief Society sisters... Y or N Weekly or monthly sports night (volleyball, basketball, or softball)...... Y or N

Please return this survey to a member of the Relief Society Presidency today at church. Thank you, in advance, for helping us better-tailor our activities to the diverse needs of our Relief Society sisters, with fun, fresh, and substantial ideas! Please remember our activities are not only meant for active sisters. They are meant to serve our community as well, which makes these meetings/activities a GREAT missionary resource. Thanks again!

In rows with multiple topics, you may wish to circle a specific topic to indicate your preference. Feel free to list any other ideas on here that come to your mind.
This interests me Quilting Tatting, Crocheting, Knitting, Embroidery Basic Sewing skills Camping Skills Building a successful marriage; Better communication with your spouse Family traditions; Meal time, family time Family fun on a shoestring; Rainy day activities for kids Family Home Evening kits & ideas Family councils; Making quality & quantity time for our children Recreational activities that build family unity Disciplining with love Book Club Canning Tips for giving great Church talks What it means to magnify your Church calling Getting involved in community service Serving our family: making home a service station Home Repairs Organize your home; Home filing systems; Organizing childrens rooms Automotive Skills/Maintenance; emergency kits for cars Cleaning your home; Spring cleaning Balcony vegetable gardens; Container Gardening; Square Foot Gardening Low-fat cooking; Vegetarian cooking; Diabetic cooking; Gluten-Free cooking Basic Computer Skills Resume Building/Tune-Ups DIY Living Wills/Estate Planning Digital Photography & Editing Supporting the arts (music, dance, theatre, etc.) in our communities & schools Importance of music in the home; Getting children interested in good music Dealing with stress & discouragement

Possible Class/Mini-Class Topics

(following current Enrichment guidelines)

I could teach this

Please turn this sheet ovet for more possible topics

This interests me

Possible Mini-class Topics

Exercise; regular fitness classes/videos Floral Design Cake Decorating Food Storage Skills & Organization (Inventory tips & Planning) Written personal histories & testimonies; Journals Visual histories (family photo albums, scrapbooks) Family History (including Extraction work) Card Making Organizing a local playgroup Sports (weekly Volleyball or Basketball play) Woodworking Advanced Couponing Childrens Activities (quiet games, party ideas, stories/storyboards, puppets) Finance Management (budgeting; Getting out of debt; Resource management) Lifelong learning: continuing education & other opportunities Interior Design Papercrafting Time management; Goal setting Stay-at-home-parents survival guide 72-hour kits for home; Home emergency plans Basic CPR; Basic first aid

I could teach this

Please circle your answers below: Would you feel comfortable teaching on most gospel topics, given sufficient advance notice and access to appropriate resources? Yes or No If you dont feel comfortable teaching a mini-class, would you be willing to occasionally help in other areas? Publicity Set-Up Dcor Clean-Up Music Refreshments