An Introduction to MR

Topic 1

 MR Industry – Overview

 Why MR? Why Important?
 MR – Easier or Tougher now?  What Can you Research?  MR Defined  Steps in the MR process  Summary

5-1. Indian MR would be worth Rs. if 0.  Big players are ?  Worldwide the industry is worth several billion dollars     India is small fry but growing very fast Worldwide norm is 0.25% were spent.0 % of turnover In India.The MR Industry  In India the MR industry is worth a few hundred crores. 750 cr. say Rs. 3000 crore! What does that tell you? .

Why MR?  Why is MR important?  Why should you learn MR?  Why should companies invest in MR? .

Why MR?  Why do men buy Barbie dolls while buying Van Heusen shirts? .

would such a thing be foretold or explained?  What if they have young sons?! . retailers place Barbie dolls near expensive shirts  Without analysis of data.Why MR?  Men spend a lot on the shirt    End up being a little guilty Hence buy a Barbie doll for daughters! Hence.

information is vital  MR provides managers this info    Without this. all management revolves around decision making  For any decision-making. STP and issues like market entry  Essentially. managers will go by hunches Does this happen now? “In God we trust.Why MR?  Marketing management is all about making decisions relating to 4 Ps. for the rest we need data” .

it would be impossible to keep in touch  The stunning success of the Koreans here . we have just 260students.Why MR?  MR helps marketers stay close to the consumer  There is a danger of losing touch with consumers  At Great Lakes. so getting feedback is not a problem  P&G has a billion+ consumers worldwide  Without MR.

my research with a German pharma major  Why did the Tatas go in for a cheap car and not a 3-wheeler? . it is impossible to get certain insights which may be crucial  Managers take better informed decisions  For example.Why MR?  Without MR.

emotional reasons were key. not rational ones  3-wheeler was considered cheap .Why MR?  They did some MR  Asked people “why do you need a 4- wheeler?”  Answer was “it will improve my marriage prospects”  Thus.

useful for you all . No MR companies  In both. consulting jobs involve quite a bit of MR  Hence. knowledge of MR will come in useful  How?  An MR career is very rewarding by the way  Lot of variety  Plus intellectual content quite high  Also.Why MR?  You have two career choices – MR vs.

at Great Lakes. instructor has unique insights thanks to great Profs teaching him and doing tons of research projects . special reason to learn MR  This is the empirical study  This course will help tremendously in the ES  The tools and techniques  The application of the above in the project will be a good “practice match” for the ES  Hence.Why MR?  Plus. listen carefully  Plus.

MR – Easier or Tougher now?  Is MR easier to do now or harder?  Why? .

cars.MR – Easier or Tougher now?  Certainly easier now  Many consumers own cell phones. phones. companies nowadays no longer see MR as a waste of money   First budget to be cut in a recession Now they see it as a necessary investment . bikes. club memberships  Meaning what?  Also.

MR – Easier or Tougher now?  Plus. now MR companies are dime a dozen  Though quality is suspect sometimes  Statistical software is now sophisticated and user-friendly e. SPSS  Consumer literacy has shown dramatic increase in the last 15-20 years  Net has come in as a major boon as a tool  Keeps changing everyday almost .g.

small companies lack the resources as MR is expensive . time is a constraint  HLL had how much time to react to P&G’s price cut? MR possible?  Cavin Kare promos  Also. voter opinion polls  Prannoy Roy in 1984 started them  Oftentimes.MR – Easier or Tougher?  However. consumer apathy has grown  Widespread disinterest and downright lying e.g.

What Can You Research  What are some areas that you can do MR on? .

it should be “What Can You Not Research?”  MR is very important        Else.What Can You Research  Thus. the company/industry is in bad shape Like the film industry Vacuumiser. tactical and strategic  Thus. Lever’s Not chance that they are successful Neemazol is an excellent example of rural MR . Contessa were big failures Korean giants do assiduous MR As does P&G. almost everything is researchable.

MR Defined  So what then is MR?  How can it be defined? .

collection. dissemination and use of info for marketing-related decision-making  Note that it is “systematic” and “objective”  It is thus different from Marketing Intelligence  What is this? . analysis.MR Defined  MR is the systematic and objective ID.

vague and usually done in- house.MR Defined  MI is general. or should be . with focus on competition by and large  Some authors use MI as part or MR  But MR is always systematic and objective.

Steps in the MR Process  Defining the problem  Developing an approach to the problem  Just builds off first step  Research design  The heart of the MR process  Data Collection  Data analysis  Report Presentation  Feedback and Continue .

data collection and analysis  How many of you know SPSS? .Steps in the MR Process  We are going to take a look in detail at research design.

MR is very important  Good MR should be the basis of your decisions mostly  We shall take a look at some steps in detail .Summary  In sum.

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