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Islamic Names and Meanings

Islamic Names and Meanings

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In The Name Of Allah
In The Name Of Allah

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Abdullah Men's Names Abdul Aziz Servant of the Powerful One Abdullah Servant of God Abdul Rahman Servant

of the Merciful One Adel Just Ahmad Most highly adored or most praised Fouad Heart


Omar Long life, first son, most high Rafiq Kind, friend Sa'id Happy

Habib Beloved Hani Happy, delighted, content Hassan Beautiful Hisham Generosity

Saleh Good, right Salim Safe, whole, flawless

Ali Hussein The greatest, excellent, Little beauty noble Amin Faithful, trustworthy Ibrahim Arabic form of "Abraham"; Father of a multitude Imad Support, pillar

Samir Entertaining companion

Saud Fortunate

Bassam Smiling

Suhail Gentle, easy; the name of a star Tariq Name of a star

Fahd Lynx

Kareem Generous, noble, friendly

Faisal Decisive Farid Unique Faris Horseman, knight

Khalid Eternal Khalil Good friend Malik Master, angel, king

Tawfiq Success, reconciliation Waleed Newborn Youssef Arabic form of "Joseph"; to increase in power and influence Ziyad Super abundance

Nabil Noble


Women's Names Aliah Leila Exalted, noble, highest (Born at) night social standing Amal Hopes, aspirations Aminah Trustworthy, faithful Ayishah Living, prosperous Lina Tender Maryam or Mariam Arabic form of Mary Mona Wish, desire


Saud Farah Joy Nada Generosity, dew


Fatimah Daughter of the Prophet Ghadah Beautiful Khadijah Haifa Slender, of beautiful body Hanan Mercy Hooda Right guidance Fatimah Iman Faith, belief Jamilah Beautiful, graceful, lovely Janan Heart, soul Johara Jewel

Nawal Gift Nuha Intelligence Jamilah Noor Light

Rana To gaze, look Reem Gazelle Leila Ruqayyah Gentle Salma Peaceful

Samira Entertaining companion Sana' Resplendence, brilliance; to gaze or look Suha



Silver pearl Khadijah First wife of the Prophet Khulud Immortality Latifah Gentle, kind, pleasant

Name of a star Warda Rose Widad Love, friendship Yasmine Jasmine


Jannah (Arabic: Jannah), is the Islamic conception of paradise. The Arabic word Jannah is a shortened version meaning simply "Garden".

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