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DEPARTMENT OF ARCHITECTURE with Programs in Architecture and Interior Architecture School of Architecture and Allied Arts University of Oregon,

Eugene and Portland

CURRICULUM OUTLINE: Master of Architecture (Option I Program)

The Option I Program is for candidates with a prior professional degree who want to earn a post-professional master of architecture degree. (M.Arch.) Candidates for the post-professional master of architecture degree must satisfy the following requirements:

MAJOR REQUIREMENT AREAS Research Thesis/Terminal Project Electives (in areas of specalty)

Year 1 Fall



Year 2 Fall

ARCH 5xx ARCH 5xx ARCH 5xx 12

ARCH 601 ARCH 601 ARCH 503 ARCH 5xx ARCH 5xx ARCH 5xx 12 12

ARCH 503


Total requirements for a post-professional, (M.Arch.) degree, in the Option I Program: 45 credits in residence, four academic quarters, minimum

Minimum Requirements:
45 Total Credits 36 graduate non-thesis credits 30 of the 36 credits must be in ARCH

The Option I Program of study must include the following courses:

6 credits, ARCH 601, Research (independent sponsored research), minimum 9 credits, ARCH 503, Thesis/ Terminal Project ( independent sponsored research)minimum

For more information or questions, please contact: Department of Architecture Admissions 210 Lawrence Hall 1206 University of Oregon Eugene, OR 97405-1206 541-346-3656 Email: archadms@darkwing.uoregon Department of Architecture Web site: