Coxsackie B Project

Coxsackie B

Coxsackie B is the name for a group of six pathogenic enteroviruses that trigger illnesses ranging from gastric pain to pericarditis and myocarditis.

Symptoms include; fever, headache, gastric pains, sore throat and chest and muscle pain

Coxsackie B viruses are single stranded positive-sense RNA viruses. Coxsackie viruses are cytolytic and are thought to be related with ‘foot and mouth disease’.

There is no treatment for Coxsackie B viruses. However it can be prevented by basic sanitation. You should also take care in washing your hands and body after swimming. There is no proven cure for Coxsackie viruses.

the virus is most often distributed orally, and infection usually occurs after consuming contaminated food.

(being cork pattern on leafs) Infection In general citrus psorosis affects the upper epidermis of a leaf. prevention There is no known cure for citrus psorosis virus however measures can be taken to prevent it. Infected plants have less oil glands. dark stained nuclei and abnormally shaped nucleolus. transmission Citrus psorosis virus was initially transmitted from plant to plant by syringe and human touch. . It is considered to be the most serious virus that affects citrus trees. abnormally long mitochondria. Only 8/10 plants are susceptible and show external signs of infection. For example isolating infected plants from healthy plants and sterilizing equipment and washing hands before and after coming into contact with an infected plant.Citrus Psorosis Virus Definition Citrus psorosis virus is a pathogenic virus infecting citrus plants worldwide.

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