you are perfect you are perfect.

stanza 1:changing hues the change of seasons will leave you no clues as desperation spreads within a broken soul life leaves you feelin' dead. stanza 2: just like mathis singin' on a lowdown sunday afternoon (on a sunday afternoon) the blues split apart, all my sense depart as i see you come into view. refrain: baby, as i look into ooh, you're perfect judging from the way you ooh, it's worth it perfect, it's everything perfect and everything i (repeat chorus) your eyes make me high you are to me am to you. gbm dm7 gbm c#m7 e a

stanza crossroads and bridges we've come through a lot of trying stages (trying stages) our love sets us free from the realms of our own self-made cages. (repeat refrain)bridge: (rain falling down) down g bm7-am7 (drowning me

ooh, seems like it could last for years c drowning in a sea of tears c and little did i know the sun would set my soul free (free). you are perfect. everything i am to you.

coda: chperfect, perfect baby, perfect it's worth it 'cause you're perfect. oooh, perfect, na na na na... perfect...(repeat to fade)

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