Department of IT Subject: Fundamentals of Computers & Programming in C Faculty Name: Ms. Prachi Tutorial Sheet - 5 Programming Assignments

Class/Semester: IT/IA,B Session: 2009-10 Code: CSL 100

Question 1)Write a program to convert a decimal number into its hexadecimal equivalent. Question 2) Write a program to convert a octal number into its decimal equivalent. Question 3) Write a program to find 1’s complement of binary number (10111011)2. Question 4) Write a program that changes value of integer x rotated to right by n bit positions. Placement paper/interview questions Question 1) a.1000 c.1010 Which of the following binary numbers is equivalent to decimal 10 b.1100 d.1001

Question 2) a.256 c.240 Question 3) a. 4 bits c. 16 bits

The number FF in Hexadecimal system is equivalent to ------ in decimal system b.255 d.239 A byte corresponds to b. 8 bits d. 32 bits

Question 4) A gigabyte represents a.1 billion bytes b. 1000 kilobytes c. 230 bytes d. 1024 bytes Question 5)Hexadecimal number F is equal to octal number a.15 b.16 c.17 d.18

Question 6)110012 -100012= a.10000 b.01000 c.00100 d.00001 Question 7)1110112*100012= a.111101101 b.111101100 c.111110 d.1100110 Question 8)65. 23.6 10=……….2 a.11111.10011 c.00111.101

b.10111.10011 d.10111.1

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