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TSH Knowledge Inn

First Name Age at Entry Nationality

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Why are you interested in this Course?

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Application Checklist:
Copy of Metric Result Card 2 Passport Size Photographs

Declaration (To be signed by Parent / Guardian)

1. We acknowledge that this application does not automatically admit the applicant to The TSH knowledge

2. We acknowledge that, should this application be accepted, our child and we (his / her parents or 3. 4.
guardians), undertake to abide by the policies and regulations of the TSH Knowledge Inn. We acknowledge that, upon acceptance, we agree to pay the applicable entrance fee and abide by the billing options outlined in the Fee Schedule. If a student wishes to withdraw from the College, a full terms notice of withdrawal must be given or in lieu of notice pay one terms fees to the school. We acknowledge that the school is not responsible for loss / damage to personal equipment brought to school such as laptop computers, i-pods, mobile phones and play stations.

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