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Published by: Kristin McGill Oldham on Oct 10, 2011
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Homework Extension Ideas Reading *write a summary *write in a new character *write an evaluation *write your own comprehension

questions (but not the answers) *write predictions BEFORE reading *write about the beginning, middle, and ending *draw a picture of the setting (where the story takes place) *find words in the story to highlight or mark with a post-it and then look up the words in the dictionary *compare and contrast characters *compare and contrast two different books *compare the story to your own life and write down your thoughts *continue to read your A.R. book Writing *write in a journal every day (maybe allow your child the opportunity to pick out a special diary or a fancy notebook with a cool pen or pencil) *pick a daily topic to write about and apply our Step Up to Writing skills *use transition words, conclusion words, and meaningful vocabulary Math *continue to memorize math facts *try Sudoku for kids – great logic and critical thinking games Spelling *write each spelling word in a sentence but try to use two words in the same sentence or three words in the same sentence *write the spelling words in question sentences *write the spelling words in a cohesive story with a beginning, middle, and end *make up your own Word Search puzzle using the spelling words *write clues for each spelling word as if each word was inside a secret box. Independent Study Project Complete a monthly independent study project (you can do more than one in a month)

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